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  • Love hate relationship with my Sentra - 2016 Nissan Sentra
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    Fuel economy and CVT are my only issues. Ride quality and comfort are great.

  • All Grown Up! - 2016 Nissan Sentra
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    I have owned three Sentra's. A 2004 2.4 SR which would move pretty well, but did not get good mileage. A 2012 SR which had a smaller engine, got better gas mileage, handled better and was a good step up from the 2004. And the 2016 SL I have now which is really a nice car. I have owned the Lexus 300 series, 400 series, Camry XLE V6, Nissan Altima V6, 4, Toyota Avalon XLE, Nissan 300ZX, Corvette, just to name a few cars, but this Sentra is really a good upscale feeling car with a touch of luxury and I can't believe I said that. I know that feeling goes away when you push the accelerator to the floor because then you know it is underpowered a bit, but until then and while driving on the highway and around the city it can make your think at least in the leather of the SL that you are in a little luxury sport car. Not bad for a Sentra!

  • just bought my 1st sentra - 2016 Nissan Sentra
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    Ok , so i decided to trade in my 2012 pathfinder ( I know .... smack me ... sigh ) ... for a more affordable vehicle... which is this sentra ... well i can honestly say its nice and comfortable , much leg room ... rides nice ( in town ) ... but taking it on Hwy today.... I felt as though it was all over the road ... didnt grab onto the Hwy as much as i thought it would ... Other then that , seems to be nice .... Maybe i was too used to my heavy pathfinder snugging the roads ... lol

  • Most Who Review For A Living Lose Touch Sometimes - 2016 Nissan Sentra
    By -

    I read reviews on cars in this category before I went searching and, unlike Edmunds review, most have the Sentra as a near last "resort". I went to a Nissan/Kia dealer and drove a Sentra after being shown one. It was attractive enough and felt comfortable so I drove it and ultimately bought one. I was proud of the deal , but before taking delivery was wondering if I made a mistake given the reviews I read. Now that I have owned it long enough to be objective enough, I can say that I made a good choice, not just because the price. It is not flashy by any stretch but, again, looks good. The compliments I have got on the look (gunmetal with the tinted windows) have been surprising. The interior has really grown on me. For me, it is give and take with net "take". The radio display is not the largest and does not have the best display (with the radio on), but sounds very good (it processes the XM radio signal very, very well). The reverse camera is very clear. The climate control area does not have a fancy layout and that has grown well on me. No having to examine the area to figure out how you want to set it. The drivers display has grown on me, too. The large speedometer and tach are great for driving. The 5" drivers display is a standout. The SV doesn't have all of the functions, but is enough and the color display is pleasing. The gas mileage has been better than I expected. Pretty darn thrifty. It is a slow accelerating car with a small gas tank, but the cost of driving it has neutralized the lack of acceleration. I am a bigger guy and find the seats very comfortable. I found them comfy when I drove it relative to other cars I drove. They are not sport seats, but for me do not need to be. Just nice cloth and really comfy. The one thing that stood out when I drove it and has remained my favorite part of the car is the steering wheel. This is a car I paid a little over $16,000 for and considering the price the steering wheel is of a sport diameter and thickness. The steering and handling are not sporty but the car it rides smoothly. Quiet in the city, quite a bit of road noise on the highway. The Conti tires may be part of the reason. i had them on my previous car and interior noise went down a lot when I got new tires. Overall, my Sentra is quite the nice car to spend my days in. I drive quite a bit. A lot of car magazines rip the car for what it is missing. My perspective is, it deserves kudos for what it does give, quite a bit of passenger room, nice ride, maneuvers well, a feeling of safety, comfortable seats, simple dash and controls (a stately look), great instrumentation, very nice gas mileage and a fantastic steering wheel (the first time I have ever admired the feel of a steering wheel on a car). The ease on the pocket book when buying one is a bonus.

  • Buy this car NOW! - 2016 Nissan Sentra
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    I live in southern california and drive for work, 2,000 miles a month and my sentra has been the most comfortable of anything i have ever driven. My company is buying 5 more based on the cost of ownership, comfort and reliability. Its amazing, the only other cars that compare are 3x the price. And my dealership was so helpful, they asked all the right questions and found me a car that fits what I need. No complaints.

  • INTERIOR NOISE - 2016 Nissan Sentra
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    great car for the price , but upon driving this vehicle on the highway at approxamently 70 mph there is a wind noise ,,that is very load and annoying ,, had the dealer take a look at it ,,they said it was the seal around window and fixed ,, so they said !! two days later same thing happened , noise so load I could not hear my wife talk .. again dealer said they fixed it ..WELL GUESS WHAT ??? TAKING IT BACK FOR THE THIRD TIME ...if the dealer can't fix it this time I guess I'll be looking for a lawyer.

  • If I just would know this upfront - 2016 Nissan Sentra
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    This vehicle has serious transmission issues, only a year with It and already transmission problema are popping up. The finishing also is poor. Not sure what is the sound on the trunk, but very antique way of closing and opening (check the trunk inside). Also the door handler are very weak easy to break (driver side already getting loose).

  • Love my Nissan - 2016 Nissan Sentra
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  • My First Nissan - 2016 Nissan Sentra
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    My boyfriend and I decided to lease a 2016 Nissan Sentra SL after our Volvo left us stranded a couple of times. The price was right at $210/month with a 36,000 mile lease. The car has a sporty look to it and is definitely an eye catcher. It stands out from other compact sedans in its' class in my opinion. The cars performance is pretty great too. The acceleration could be a little better but I guess that's the sacrifice you make to get 30+ miles per gallon. The handling and braking are phenomenal. Speaking of braking, did I mention the car stops itself? The safety features on this thing are insane! The intelligent cruise control and frontal collision detection have saved me from an accident on more than one occasion. The back up camera and blind spot monitors are also quite helpful. The Sentra's audio system is amazing. Our's came standard with Bose speakers and bluetooth. I think our Sentra has a better quality audio system than my relative's brand new BMW! We have already put 3,000 miles on our Sentra and have experienced absolutely no problems. This car is unstoppable! And that is a hard thing to say about a car when you live in a place like Vermont where the harsh winters are enough to stop a 4WD SUV. We might even buy it out at the end of our lease.

  • Piece of Garbage! - 2016 Nissan Sentra
    By -

    I bought the Sentra new from a shady dealer in the Southeast. Soon after, the car started having multiple issues including door locks not functioning, AC stopped working, tire pressure light always on, among many other performance issues. I took the car to different dealerships service departments in the Atlanta area, and they all failed to repair the defects once and for all, which led me to believe that it is a "Lemon" and should not have passed the Quality Control at the manufacturer.

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