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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2012 Nissan Maxima gains a Limited Edition package that adds some of the SV Sport's features and flashier styling to the base model. This year's model also has freshened styling (grille and taillights) and updated interior trim.

  • More features than similarly priced luxury sedans.
  • High-quality interior with high-tech features
  • Excellent iPod integration
  • Precise steering
  • Strong acceleration
  • Optional equipment stuffed into expensive packages.
  • Lacks the brand cachet its price tag implies

User Reviews:

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  • My Wife wants to drive my Maxima, I don't want to driver her Lexus ES 350! :-) - 2012 Nissan Maxima
    By -

    So I just traded up for the 2012 Nissan Maxima here recently at the end of October. I went with a Black/Black 3.5 SV w/. Premium, Premium Tech and Cold Pkgs as well as the Spoiler, Window Tints, Pin Striping, Wheel Locks and Nitrogen filled Tires (I'm in the Dallas, TX area). I traded in my previous car, a 2007 Hyundai Sonata Limited V6 w/. about 75k miles (got around $8k back for it) and let me tell you I'm not regretting it one bit. I regretted getting a Korean Car more as with the age, the ESC light started to periodically light up and everytime it did, the evergreen Microsoft methodology came to the rescue (i.e, LOL, Shutdown and reboot). I got sick of it after a while.

  • Knock at low speed. - 2012 Nissan Maxima
    By -

    I Hear a knock at low speed, its one time after you start and move the car. It looks that nissan doesn't car enough to fix this issue. hoping that nissan takes this issue serious, as Maxima is nissan's flagship sedan. if the reputation is spoiled its difficult to gain it back.

  • LOVIN' it to the MAX - 2012 Nissan Maxima
    By -

    Have about 2000k on my 2012 Maxima. Traded it for a 10 Altima. Boy what a quality difference. Max is much more solid and quiet, faster, comfy, bose is amazing, and just a great car. Looked at similar cars in the class Infinity, BMW, Mercedes but all wouldn't deal much on price. Rolled out with Tech Package and premium for 37k oto. We will see long term how things go but my last 3 rides have been nissan's Titan, Altima, now max. Been reliable and great vehicles. Read almost 100 reviews before buying and so far most the complaints I haven't noticed.

  • 2012 Maxima review - 2012 Nissan Maxima
    By -

    My comments only apply to the Maxima with the Premium package - totally different car than the base model - upgraded leather, double moon roof, heated/cooled drivers seat, Xenon headlights, driver seat, mirrors and steering wheel memory, power tilt/telescopic and heated steering wheel, reverse tilting/heated side mirrors, rear window sun screen, USB and Ipod connectivity, etc. - it is a front wheel drive Infinity and since we have winter in Oregon, we need FWD. We had a 2010 previously and the 2012 has significantly reduced torque steer and vastly improved low speed transmission performance - they got the CVT dialed in finally. It is a very comfortable road car for long trips also.

  • Six month to decide - 2012 Nissan Maxima
    By -

    I took a long look at Avalon, Acura TL and Buick before buying a Nissan Maxima. I was influenced by the sportiness of the car based on son's inputs in comparisons to all 3 other choices. I liked the Avalon a lot but it felt like an old man's car and overly lavish. The Acura TL was great but the trunk was tiny and it would not hold 2 sets of golf clubs. The Buick had lots of possibilities but it just felt to bulkish and not as well thought out. Shaq's commercial made me look at it twice. It is early but performance has been great, wife loves it and gas mileage is much better than the Volvo XC 90 I traded in. I have only bought Volvo's in the past 5 cars but the XC 90 was terrible.

  • Thought I was getting good deal. Nope. - 2012 Nissan Maxima
    By -

    I now have 15,000 miles on mine. Car would not start over 12 times now. Dash freezes and car does not respond to anything. Dealer told me to keep wrench in car and disconnect battery when it happens. Said they spoke to nissan and nissan is working on a fix. Called Nissan customer service and they have no record of dealer calling. Volume knob does not work some times, nav resets randomly, radio does not work randomly, passenger seat is completely loose, very loud on highway speeds with windows up and Nissan does not stand behind their products. Called them to say swap me out, get me into something else. Both dealer and Corp will not talk to me until 12 months into lease.

  • Good bang for the buck - 2012 Nissan Maxima
    By -

    I am leasing a 2012 SV, with one year left. I like this car is many ways - engine power, handling, interior styling and quality, exterior styling. I'm very happy with my color choice - white exterior w/ rich looking tan leather interior. I would be hard pressed to find a comparable car with this balance of luxury and performance, at this price point. Interested to see what the 2015 will look like, as I probably will lease another. Hope the MSRP doesn't spike!

  • Bad Resale - Buy it if you want to keep it - 2012 Nissan Maxima
    By -

    I was considering a TSX, TL , Passat V6 and maxima and walked out of the door with $30k for an SV. I thought it was a good deal. I guess not. The car that stickered for $37k is now worth $24k miles with 10k miles on the clock. Its a good car if you want to commute and keep for a while as the car is very reliable, interior materials are above average. CVT is not really responsive until in Ds mode. Seats are good for long drives and offer plenty of room. you get a lot of standard features for $30k . Considering base 3 series and A4 are smaller and slower. Steering feel is very good and precise. spend a little more and get a base TL , better in every way .

  • One of the best cars for the price - 2012 Nissan Maxima
    By -

    Didn’t plan on buying a Maxima. I looked at it because a friend who owned one said I should. Couldn’t get it out of my head after I took a long test drive. It was a fun car to drive – really fun! The engine sounded great as soon as it turned over. Moving through traffic was effortless. All I had to do was press on the accelerator and the car went as fast as I needed it to go. There’s more than enough power to move this car and it’s got the handling so that you’re always in control. It’s also very comfortable. The interior is put together so that the controls are where you expect them to be. They’re handsome and easy to operate too. Seat is firm and comfortable. Go see one for yourself.

  • shame on nissan - 2012 Nissan Maxima
    By -

    Am leasing 2012 maxima sport after turning in my 2009..Shame on Nissan! The 2009 Maxima was all class inside & out.Appealed to young & old alike. Handling was exceptional as well. I don't know what Nissan was thinking when they changed this once beautiful car.What made the car an eye-catcher,a pleasure to drive and to own is now gone. Smaller interior, no real room for a third person in the back,extremely uncomfortable for rear passengers.Exterior..smaller lights, smaller sloping hood, smaller rear light fin. Smaller everything. No longer catches the eye & no handling improvements (as claimed) that I see.Obviously gearing toward younger generation. What was once a class car in now just a car

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