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This Year's Model Updates:

A rearview camera is now standard on all 2014 Nissan Leaf models. Also, the Leaf's EPA-estimated driving range has increased from 75 to 84 miles. This is due to the way the EPA calculates range, however, as the Leaf's battery and drive systems are unchanged.

  • Spacious, quiet cabin
  • Long cruising range
  • Ample features
  • Established in terms of reliability and availability
  • Affordable base price.
  • Slow acceleration.

User Reviews:

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  • Not for cold climes or if you plan on ever moving - 2014 Nissan Leaf
    By -

    It is tough admitting to a mistake, but the Leaf in IL may have been one. I say "may" because the lease payment vs. my Avalanche is so much less, that it will still probably pay off my solar panels with the difference, but I probably should have held out for a Volt to be available locally. What don't I like about the Leaf? It's COLD. I call it my carcicle The stereo is not good enough for music (does fine with audio books) The battery life in the winter stinks, and no one told me it would be this bad...real world: ~75 miles/charge in warm weather; ~45 miles/charge in the winter...and it's freezing in the car! I can't move farther than 75 miles from where I live now without towing

  • Amazing city car - 2014 Nissan Leaf
    By -

    Everything about this car impressed me except for the difference in highway mileage range and the city range. Unlike the gasoline cars, this one gives you very good city range but in freeways it consumes power 1.5 times more than average, so if you wanna take the freeway for a far distance, don`t rely too much on the "Range Estimation" that car gives you.

  • Great choice for around town use by family. - 2014 Nissan Leaf
    By -

    This vehicle is proving itself to work very well for the specific purpose we had in mind - to be used to get around our town, school PUDOs, sport, groceries ... all family oriented activity. Charging is really easy as we have a lot of options in the town we live in as well as at home. The range is even good enough for us to use it for short trips to nearby trailheads when we're out hiking. The vehicle drives well, is compact so it's very easy to park, and the interior is simple and comfortable. Plenty of storage in the back. ECO mode is our normal use case while we switch this off when we need a quick burst of speed. We're shortly going to be charging the vehicle from the new solar array on our house - so it's a nice and complete scenario there!

  • Two Years -- No Gas - 2014 Nissan Leaf
    By -

    I have had my 2014 Leaf SV for two years and have put 11,780 miles on it. My wife is the primary driver and "loves it." We easily beat EPA ratings spring to fall; mileage drops off in the winter. We usually drive in the "ECO" mode, which provides adequate acceleration for local driving. The car is roomy and comfortable with good visibility all around. It handles well and has a very short turning radius. We charge it overnight on 110 voltage. We didn't get leather, because we didn't want a black interior in South Carolina. I wish it had memory seats and light leather. The physical finish and quality of the car are more like a $22,000 car than a $32,000 car. That is its only drawback. I recently took it in for its two-year battery check. While there, the intelligent brake control was reprogrammed under a recall. Now the car doesn't always decelerate when I take my foot off the accelerator, even when in the "B" setting. I will be contacting the dealer about this issue.

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