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  • UNDER-RATED!! - 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander
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    I traded my 2007 mitsu galant in for this gem and fell in love all over again! I searched for months for the perfect SUV upgrade from my sedan, and even test drove a few (rogue, rav4) but I could not get this car out of my head! The standard options that it comes with, no other car in its class offered... and not to mention its pretty! And the gas mileage on this truck is crazy good! Ive taken a couple of road trips, and have rode in comfort each time! This car company gets such bad/mediocre reviews, even the other dealers were trying to tell me that Mitsubishi is a bad brand to invest in, but I thought about it... every used car lot I went to was filled to the walls with Rogues, Rav4's and Escapes, but I could very rarely find a Mitsubishi... anything. Take that how you want, but to me (from my own experience with my 07 galant), that meant the owners are happy with their car and didn't need to get rid of it.

  • HIDDEN GEM OUT THERE - 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander
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    I currently own a 2014 Rogue and 2013 BMW X3 Msport. Comparing the ride quality, this suv beats both vehicle. Even if its a CVT, comparing it to my Rogue, when accelaration is needed, it does not hesitate and I dont hear the engine rev so much as compared to the Rogue. The CRV and RAV4 are overated. There is nowhere that they are up to par with this vehicle. I believe the only reason why consumers out there dont even consider Mitsubishi when shopping a car is because of their bad reputation for the past 10 years but I will honestly admit that they have come a long way to improve it. I am so thankfull that I went to a Mitsubishi dealer "just to see" what they got and boy!!! I was in for the ride that instant. If you are shopping for a vehicle that fits budget and have the basic perks especially....""ride comfort and style...Then I highly recommend to check this vehicle "no kidding" they say that the exterior style is ugly? I dont think so! Iit better looking than a CRV or RAV4 and it looks bigger too! If you look it sideways, its similar to a BMW X5 although..They could have done better in the vehicles front fascia. Overall..Im a very pleased to own a 2016 SEL.

  • Better than Reviewed - 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander
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    I read a bunch of reviews but wanted something specific: a car that could hold an extra smaller kid when I needed it and 30 mpg on the highway. Alternatives were a minivan...nope. A ton of cash...nope. Or a Journey or a Rogue. The Journey with leather seats and AWD came out with less mileage and more $. Plus they have not been reliable and have a short warranty. The Rogue back seat was ridiculous, plus no leather with that extra seat option. -So I went back and forth on the Outlander because it got middling to poor reviews, particularly with Consumer Reports. But I realized the poor reviews came in areas I do not care about because I drive like a grandma. Acceleration slow? So what. Some lean on corners? Who cares. I stick the thing in Eco mode X 2 (AWC Eco and the Standard Eco) and get 34 on the highway with an AWD vehicle on a nice day. -It's also comfortable and quiet and my 35 mile commute in the am is incredibly pleasant. -The warranty is king, and I took it to the life of my payments (84 months...at 0.9%..Yeah, seriously) for 1200 bucks. -The safety ratings are outstanding. -It looks good with a metallic coppery brown exterior and beige leather interior. -I'm happy.

  • Tommy's Red Rider Outlander GT - 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander
    By -

    Don't believe everything you read! The Mitsubishi Outlander is NOT a piece of crap! I've got 6K miles on mine and love it! I burn regular unleaded and get an avg. of 23 MPG's! I've tried a couple tanks of premium and get the same MPG's and performance! The vehicle is solid in snow traction, acceleration, quietness, steering, etc. I love the LED headlights and tail lights - you don't get that on a 2016 XLE Rav4! I did test drive a LOT of 2015 CUV's before I bought this model. I recently drove a 2016 Rav4 and did not like the bumpy ride, noisy interior, poor acceleration and LACK OF TOWING! AND the price for a 4 cylinder vs. my V6 was ALMOST the same with the same options I have!! I think Mitsubishi messed up there marketing and some of their models over the past 10 years or so but this car is NOT bad! I had a Mazda for 12 years before this and there is no comparison to that vehicle with the smooth shifting 6 speed the Outlander has and power over that Mazda that had a 200 HP V6. So.....try it out before you buy something else!

  • JUST BOUGHT IT - 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander
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    GREAT CAR FOR THE PRICE. I'VE OWNED IT FOR A MONTH. IT'S FUN TO DRIVE, ROOM IN THE BACK, AND THERE'S EVEN ROOM TO SIT IN THE THIRD ROW. Sound system is clear. No problems yet. I look forward to keeping this car a long time.

  • 2016 OUTLANDER SEL AWD - 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander
    By -

    This vehicle has rugged good looks and sensible features. Where else can you find a third row AWD wagon under 30,000? Initially my wife and I were drawn to the Subaru Forester, but after thorough review and test driving, determined that the quality of the Forester felt too small inside for our growing family and the materials not as durable as we would expect for the price. So, I continued researching all of the recommended models comparable to the Forester. Subsequently I test drove the Outlander SE AWD and the SEL AWD. A local dealer was offering a manangers special on a 2015 SE AWD at an ubeatable price. I test drove and fell in love with the outstanding practicallity of the design and relatively understated body design- more about rugged simplicity than urban bling. I took the test drive alone, with my wife trusting me to come home with a "managers special". My wife would have been perfectly satisfied with the SE, but I couldn't help taking notice of the 2016 SEL AWD on the lot. I took a test drive, and I was definitely impressed. Still functional and spacious, and the 2.4 L engine adding the power some may expect from this bigger SUV AWD wagon. I took it upon myself to go over our budget and surprise her with the 2016 Outlander SEL. I was a bit anxious, as my wife is more practical than myself and really would have lived with the winier 2.0 liter 2015 SE without complaint. For the price difference- I thought the upgrade to the SEL would be a good long term choice for the family. My wife is driving the vehicle daily and sends me messages throughout the day expressing her enjoyment the car. In my opinion, Mitsubishi is offering great AWD wagon packages for the value-minded that appreciate classic rugged good looks and AWD driving functionality. The expert reviews do not cover many of the positive attributes that make this SUV such an exceptional value, such as the alternative AWD modes- totally absent in most of the other SUV wagons. The Outlander is a unique SUV and deserves far more credit than the experts give it.

  • Best Bang for Your Buck - 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander
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    As many others have said, the so-called "experts" seem to miss the true appeal of the Outlander -- an AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE, SAFE, FUEL-EFFICIENT family SUV with a load of features that would easily cost you thousands more elsewhere. We were able to get our 2016 Outlander SEL for $25,000, and that was WITH 0% financing for 72 months. Shop around, and you won't find another SUV in its class that comes even close when you factor in the features Mitsubishi includes as standard with the SEL trim level. So, what do you get for the money? Well, for starters we are routinely getting 31+ mpg on the highway, and up to 36 mpg in some instances. On hilly back roads and in town, you will run pretty close to the 24/25 mpg advertised mileage, which is still fine for a vehicle of this size. In addition to the economy, you're getting a 5-star safety rating, a 5-year/60,000-mile bumper to bumper warranty and a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty. Again, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan and all the U.S. auto makers don't even come close on warranty. And if you compare similar vehicles from Hyundai and Kia with the features you are getting from Mitsubishi, the price isn't close. So, on top of the economy, safety and reliability, now you can add a nicely appointed leather interior, heated front seats, heated side mirrors, 6-inch color touch screen entertainment display with integrated Bluetooth for your phone, fog lights, keyless entry, power driver's seat, 18-inch allow wheels, LED brake lights and daytime running lights and more. And as other reviewers have mentioned, the all-wheel drive on the Outlander is a full-featured system that allows you to switch to various modes and even lock the wheels. We haven't had any poor weather yet to truly test the AWD system, but based on other drivers' reviews, I am confident it will serve us well this winter on the mountain roads around our Pennsylvania home. As for the third-row seats, yes, they ARE tiny. You certainly would not want to ride across the country in them. However, I imagine most families are like ours and the third-row seats are not for everyday use but rather for occasional use when the kids have a couple friends along or when grandma and grandpa visit and we want to go out to dinner without the need to drive two vehicles. In such instances, the rear seats are more than adequate and represent a real convenience that most other vehicles in this class don't even offer, or charge $1,000 for as an upgrade. Plus, when the third-row seats are folded down, the Outlander offers generous cargo capacity, and with the second row seats folded, there is plenty of room for hauling even large, bulky objects. As for the driving performance, it is true that the 4-cylinder engine is a bit underpowered. Acceleration is sluggish, but that's the tradeoff for the great fuel economy. Besides, my wife and I aren't race car drivers, and we find the overall performance more than adequate. The overall comfort of the leather seats (first and second rows) is very good, the standard sound system is quite good and road noise is quite good. We are only a couple months in, but so far so good with the Outlander. Honestly, I feel this vehicle represents, by far, the best family SUV value on the market, and after looking at MANY other options, I just could not get away from the fact that Mitsubishi offers consumers a lot more for their money than other manufacturers. Add in the great warranty and I am confident that this Outlander will serve our family's needs for many years.

  • Love my Outlander GT - 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander
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  • WOW! - 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander
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    I spent 6 months researching cars. We rent a tiny little parking space in NYC width wise, and we were restricted to a car that is less than 75" wide. The family also got a little larger, and we needed a car with at least 6 seats. SO logically I went and researched the top most 7 seat SUVs, which were the Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot, Nissan Pathfinder and the Nissan Rogue. To be completely honest, a 5-10 minute test drive of each of those cars, they felt the same. After seeing the width of Highlander, pilot and pathfinder, I realized none of these will do. I went at the nissan dealer, got a final cost of a rogue which with tax came out to almost $31,500. The rogue came with cloth seats, navigation and some extra stuff. Then out of nowhere saw an advertisement for outlander. We went to go see it, and instantly fell in love with it. Now all those negative reviews on different websites, where did they come from? I am driving a FAMILY SUV, I DEFINITELY don't need it to go from 0-60 in 3 seconds, I am completely fine with it going in 8 seconds. I have the AWC, but keep it off most of the time because I want to save gas. I love the leather, especially since it has on every part of the trim. I opted in for the SEL AWC. One thing that is lacking is the screen. Nower days the cars come with touch screen vs buttons, but I will gladly press buttons and pay 6k less. All honesty this car feels and drives like its worth $35,000. I got 3k miles on it, and took a 900 mile road trip and everything worked wonderfully. ONE very little thing is the paint chip and scratches. You just gotta be careful how you drive the car that's all, and take any paint chip issues straight to the dealer and they will fix it right away.

  • Have 500 miles on it! - 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander
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    If you have never driven a CVT it will take you a while to get used to it. We had a turbo charged vehicle with a 6 speed tranny before and it would really take off after the turbo lag. It takes a while to accelerate with a 4 cyl and a cvt. Other than that the car is really great. The Rockford Fosgate premium stereo system really rocks. I do wish the power lift gate was foot activated. Have not taken it on a long trip to check mileage but computer is saying around 30 mpg. Our much smaller car before would be lucky to get 23. The 3rd row seats are really only good for kids but nice to have in this size vehicle.

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