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The 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport receives a newly optional 2.4-liter engine that's more powerful than the base 2.0-liter engine. An upgraded continuously variable transmission (CVT) improves the Sport's fuel economy a bit this year. There are also a few minor sheet metal and cabin upgrades, better sound insulation and an upgraded electric power steering system.

  • Quiet ride
  • Strong warranty
  • Affordable price.
  • Respectable fuel economy
  • Bumpy ride
  • Limited cargo capacity
  • Less powerful engine than most competitors
  • Handling isn't sporty or refined.

User Reviews:

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  • New Outlander Sport GT - 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
    By -

    I bought the new 2015 Outlander Sport GT. Wow! What a nice vehicle. I got a gray one with the Touring package, Rockford Fosgate sound system, panoramic roof, cargo package, and exterior side moldings. The GT version also comes with the 2.4 liter engine. For me it drives beautifully. Nice pickup and acceleration with the improved engine. The black leather interior and matching black carpet make the interior fell rich and comfortable. The navigation system/audio system is LOADED with features and looks and sounds great. At the push of a button the ceiling retreats and panoramic roof with its LED backlighting appears-- very impressive!

  • sleek, aggressive looking, option packed 2015 2.4L - 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
    By -

    I have owned about a dozen cars over the years, including two of the original SUVs, a 1975 International Scout II and a 1980 Ford Bronco. I don't plan to go off road, but the 4WD is handy in Illinois winters, it handles well in wet/icy conditions. The exterior dimensions are well balanced. Not too long, width adequate and height is just right. The exterior styling is stunning from any angle, and the overall look of the vehicle is well proportioned. I didn't need a larger vehicle, I don't do any major hauling, but with roof rails, it can easily handle larger items such as dining tables or bedroom sets. The Sport performs as good as any mid level sedan or CUV, the 2.4L has very good acceleration and torque, so highway merging is not a problem. Ride comfort is no different either, but as smooth and quiet as can be expected at this price. Interior materials remain basic, dashboard layout is functional, although a bit bland looking. Where the Sport rocks is the Rockford Fosgate navigation system and 710 watt system with a 10" built in subwoofer, which sounds awesome at lower volumes, and still keeps rocking at highway speeds without blowing my ears out. This trim level has all the expected options, power everything, heated leather, moon roof with mood lighting, etc. Before I purchased, I read many of the reviews, Many were less than complimentary. I can say as an owner for 18 mos that those reviews are unfounded. The Sport not expected to compete with upper end vehicles. Check out this Mitsubishi and see for yourself.

  • Not too bad. actually pretty good - 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
    By -

  • Proffessionals are wrong! - 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
    By -

    Could not disagree more with the Edmunds review. Did they even drive the car or base it on past models? For the money this is the best vehicle available in it's class. This is our fourth Mitsubishi and if this one is as reliable as the others, and I see no reason why not, we will be happy campers! No, it does not accelerate like a Corvette, but that is not what it was made to do. I am pleasantly surprised with how our 2.4 get's up and goes. Was hesitant about the CVT also but not only no problems but it is fun. A top of the line CUV with all wheel drive for a little over twenty grand that has a ten year warranty? Show me a comparison! I am willing to bet 99.9% of the naysayers have never driven one!!

  • 2.4 L AWD GT Outlander Sport - 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
    By -

    This is my first Mitsubishi after owning an Acura TL and prior to that owning Fords and Chevrolets. I am pleased with vehicle so far(500 miles in...) it has all the bells and whistles that I wanted at a most affordable price(compared to similar models and options) along with the best warranty bumper to bumper and powertrain in the industry(The dealer I purchased from adds a lifetime powertrain warranty). Little things that I liked about this model are the heated seats(they heat up really fast and get quite toasty), backup monitor, parking assist sensors, mirror turn lamps, and fog lamps. Fuel economy is around 25 mph between city and highway(a little better when I turn off the AWD to 2 wheel drive only.

  • Don't buy this car you will be sorry. - 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
    By -

    The car has a metallic chain noise that comes and goes intermittently as you take off or when your going up hills or driving low. You have to use expensive gas 89 the dealership will tell you and you will still hear the noise chain (makes me think of a bike chain dragging) noise after. The dealership even told me to get the fuel injector cleaned and I still get the same noise with that done a few times and with octane boost put in with the gas. Don't buy this car. I want back to the dealer and I was told that the motor is making the SUV make that sound with all the power it need to run the car and it will always make that noise and it would only get worst in the winter time and get louder. I got a new car to have a problem free car not have a lot of new problems. The material that the seats are made with are cheap and the moldings at the bottom of the seats where made very cheap and will come off if you tap them and break. The SUV basically has no trunks you just have a cargo cover over your make shift trunk area and the bluetooth system is horrible you will be frustrated after the car asks you like four times whats the name of the person you want to call and then asks you actually want to call them over and over again. The radio is hard to navigate if you get the radio stereo stuck on repeat or shuffle you have to play with it a long time to get it off. Good luck and don't choose this problem car I want to trade this car in for something that isn't Mitsubishi now. First and last time buying a Mitsubishi. BUYER BEWARE. Don't buy it you will be sorry and in for a big head ache and disappointment.

  • Outlander Sport Obsessed! - 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
    By -

    I read all of the reviews before deciding to purchase the 2015 Outlander Sport SE. I live in Florida, so having heated seats was not a big deal for me. However, it did have to have great braking and great traction on the busy roads. This vehicle does NOT disappoint. My last car was also a Mitsubishi and it lasted me 13 years. That, in itself, sold me on the Mitsubishi line of cars. To be honest, Mitsubishi is highly UNDERRATED! I see people complaining about the CVT and the torque of the engine. It doesn't bother me at all. The main thing that you must keep in mind is this SUV is NOT an off-roading vehicle. Also, just because it has "sport" in the name, doesn't mean it's a sports car! This car, for me is EXACTLY what I wanted without going into MAJOR debt! The navigation system is great, the 9 speaker Rockford Fosgate with the 10" subwoofer really kicks some music butt, and the panoramic moon roof is incredible! This car drives like a dream! The 4 disk brakes are highly responsible and the steering is spot on! What I really enjoy about this car, is the fact that I can change from an automatic transmission to a manual transmission. This works out great when you want to get off the "red light line" first or, you have to speed up on a highway on-ramp. Unfortunately, not many people who come to Florida, know how to drive their cars and proper road procedures. Currently, I am getting 25.6 mpg driving in the City. Keep in mind, I am also not driving the car like I'm Mario Andretti! I'm a 43 year old mom. I don't need to drive like a maniac! But when I do, this car has the needed "get up and go"! I highly recommend this car if you are in the market. From what I understand, the 2015 will be the last made with a gas engine. In 2016, Mitsubishi will be redesigning the Outlander Sport with a Hybrid engine. Regardless of whats to come, I am extremely happy with my purchase! I like having a vehicle that doesn't look like every other SUV on the road!

  • best value in this category - 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
    By -

    This is my 2nd Mitsu. I put 50k + on a 2014 Lancer and never had an issue. Great car. This Outlander Sport is fun to drive, unbelievably reliable and great utility. This is a very competitive segment and this Outlander Sport is very competitive. The value is terrific. We have owned for 3 months and put almost 9k miles on it. Very comfortable on long drives. Looks great too. Mitsub may not be real popular in the US but ubiquitous everywhere else. Definitely check this one out. Plus the dealer in Raleigh is fantastic. After 8 months of ownership we are still very pleased with our purchase. No unscheduled maintenance or issues. I'm seeing more and more of these Outlander Sports on the road so the word must be spreading. 1 year update - Still like this car. Runs great, still comfortable. Gas mileage is still good. no issues.

  • Value for Money - 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
    By -

    I have 2015 GT FWD model and its surprisingly comfort ride. I decided to purchase a crossover due to long commute to work and i was looking for price factor(basically a value for money) crossover without moving to a car, I looked at multiple crossovers from different car manufactures and decided to purchase Outlander Sport 2.4L GT model.Wow I'm glad that i bought this car and i really enjoy the car for daily commute. The visibility in the car is excellent same like sitting on any other full size SUV. If you are looking for a smaller, reliable, sporty crossover then its best bet for the price and options. This is not for a family who have more kids as trunk space is too small.

  • sporty little ride - 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
    By -

    Just purchased this vehicle from Goldstein Auto Albany and its a great little ride, excellent on gas and great size to, room enough for a small family and also room for the groceries in the back cargo area and easy to get to. I have heard these vehicles are great in the snow , so i'm looking forward to not getting stuck in the snow this winter.

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