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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport gets a few refinements, including steering wheel audio controls across the lineup and a new touchscreen audio system with HD radio on SE models.

  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • Standard voice-activated electronics interface
  • Affordable price.
  • Handling isn't sporty or refined
  • Less powerful engine than most competitors
  • Below-average cargo capacity.

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  • One month real review - 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
    By -

    Purchased 12/2013 brand new outlander sport. Tried the cvt and didnt like the way it shifted at all. Got the white 5 speed es model. I keep seeing reviews saying its slow, not sport to drive- Really??? its a 2.0 148 hp mini suv- its not a wrx or evo . Perfect for well under 20grand- i get 27.2-27.8 mpg every tank, it is not hard to park in a mall, its ez to keep clean, decent storage. and one of the longest warrenties out their.

  • Don't Listen to the "Experts" - Great Little SUV - 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
    By -

    Don't listen to the "experts" because they will steer you wrong on this car. We love this vehicle! Great features, mileage (averaging over 28 MPG per tank, best 31), price, comfort and size capped off by a great warranty. It's not the fastest SUV out there, but it isn't any slower than most of the other vehicles in it's class and if you use the paddle shifters it ups the fun quotient. I had 4 adults and 4 huge suitcases in it the other day and it didn't struggle at all. Consumer Reports rates this the "Most Reliable" small SUV. The hands free system in this car works much better than the SYNC in my F150 and is easier to use. My only complaint is that Mitsubishi cheaped out on the carpet.

  • Solid Basic Transportation with Benefits - 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
    By -

    Bought this crossover in lieu of a Ford Focus looking for a cheap commuter car that could haul what I wanted to inside, including 8 ft 2x4s. Drove it for a year in Ohio weather, then headed across country to Arizona. ** Have loaded it significantly and it continues to handle well. ** Tires have lasted well, no alignment issues. Engine and transmission are smooth (not boisterous) and run out of steam around 65 - could really used a sixth gear. Generally use PHX highways around 70mph. No maintenance issues - oil changes is all I've done other than one visit for a recall adjustment by the dealer that was free and painless. ** I bought the package shelf and cargo area liner at discounts via Mitsubishi and the original dealer, they are worth getting. Did not get protection for the door sills or hatch sill, should have done that, quite a few touchups needed. Seats are comfortable. AC works in AZ. No snow traction issues in Ohio. ** Technology rating is low due to not much here, but what is works - bluetooth, etc.

  • The All Wheel Drive Is What it's All About - 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
    By -

    This car is not sexy. It doesn't zip along in the city. This particular used model has practically no bells and whistles in the interior. But it drives steady-as-you-go. It's big enough for large teenagers in the back, as well as small amount of cargo. Mileage is as good as my smaller HHR. It has good number of airbags. Most importantly, it was the only vehicle in my price range that came with All Wheel Drive. Where I live there's snow, ice, and hills. My previous front wheel drive vehicles have always been a little dicy in the winter. I haven't driven this one in the snow yet - just bought in in May 2017, but I have high hopes.

  • Great Little SUV!! - 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
    By -

    I recently bought a 2014 Outlander Sport SE. I can't believe this vehicle is below everyone's radar for anyone wanting a smaller crossover. I did all of the research and found that by far this Mitsu was ranked higher in customer satisfaction that all of the others. I decided to test drive this car and was really impressed with the performance and smooth ride it has. It didn't take long to make a decision when looking at the options for this vehicle. We got every option except for the navigation and the panoramic roof... the 6 speed paddle shifters and INVECS -III - CVT Sportronic transmission makes this a fun to drive, sporty compact SUV.

  • 40k driven in a year, and still rocking it! - 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
    By -

    I love this car. Seriously. I've had my fair share of crummy cars in the past, to the point that it left me paranoid. After having had the outlander sport for a year and driving it 40,000 in one year, I can happily say this car is a champ. Not only do I drive for business and need it to be reliable, but it's really comfy and looks fancy for the cost. I've been able to fit a recliner in it with the seats down, and one trip had two medium size dog crates in there too. It's surprising how much it can fit. Then there's the gas mileage. Last fill up cost me $27 and it goes about 320 miles on that. The sound is great and I love the subwoofer in the back. Then there's the panoramic sun roof. Anytime a friend gets in the car that's the first thing they notice. As for the finishings, so far the interior holds up. I've had cars (vw's, Hondas, and nissans) that break apart or seems come apart. So far the outlander is in one piece. Oh! And I've accidently hit a few things and no Damage shown on the car. Major plus! I can't say enough positive things. Only downside, is if the car is packed with people, cargo, and ac blasting- the acceleration struggles a bit. But not surprising. If you're short like me (under 5ft) the drivers seat goes up and gives you a clear view of the road. If you're tall like my dad (6'1") you can adjust it and feel comfortable too. I highly recommend this car.

  • Excelent - 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
    By -

    Good car

  • Great gas mileage - 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
    By -

    About 2 months ago, we traded in our Jeep Liberty for a re-po'ed 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. It gets better gas mileage than expected - about 29-31 in mixed driving. It doesn't feel peppy when accelerating but it's my first CVT and I think it just feels different, not bad. The driver's side has tons of legroom and my knees never hurt on long trips. The road feel is a little rough -- similar to the Jeep. We live down a rough dirt road and with 8+ inches of ground clearance, the Outander Sport performs great. Update: We've had this car for about 2 years and never had a problem with it. If and when we need a new car we'll probably buy another Outlander.

  • Great Value - 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
    By -

    My number one priority for this class is the availability of a manual transmission. Which narrows it down to CX5, Tiguan, 500L and Forester. I already have a brilliant 500L so i don't need 2. I drive 30k miles per year so the VW (having owned a few in the past) are not the most reliable for the long run. The Forester is a solid buy but pricey and boring to drive. CX5 is overall more polished and "funner" to drive. Bottom line, my Mitsu has a warranty that makes sense for a high mileage driver and $18k out the door is a very good deal. It drives very smooth and handles quite well for the class. I see 29-32mpg with out even trying and have achieved 34-35mpg on some short stints.

  • Best SUV Value for the Money - 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
    By -

    I bought a used 2014 Outlander Sport ES from a private seller and could not be happier with the SUV. I wanted a 30 MPG SUV that was reliable had less than 50K miles for under $10K and the Outlander Sport is the only SUV that checked all those boxes. Many reviews will downgrade the Outlander Sport because the 2.0L engine is under powered they say, but while this SUV won't win any 0 to 60 races it's has more than enough power for me and will accelerate adequately in all driving conditions. If you drive like Mario Andretti and are an aggressive driver you should look elsewhere and expect to pay more both at the dealer and at the pump. However, if you drive like a normal person you will love this SUV. It has a great ride and while this is my first vehicle with a CVT, I'm very impressed with the smoothness of the transmission. Every other SUV in the Outlander's class will cost you a minimum of $2500 more to purchase used and will not be any more reliable or pleasant to drive. My only complaint is that the 2013-2016 Outlanders only come with a black interior which is murder in the south when your car sits outside in the summer time. Aside from that I'm a very happy first-time Mitsubishi owner.

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