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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2013, Bluetooth is now standard on all Mini Coopers, while satellite radio is now an option instead of standard equipment. A USB/iPod adapter is now standard, and John Cooper Works models are now available with an automatic transmission.

  • Endearing retro styling
  • High fuel economy
  • Sharp handling
  • Innovative convertible roof
  • Excellent all-around performance in S and JCW trims
  • Highly customizable.
  • Weak base stereo.
  • Stiff and noisy ride in S configuration
  • Poor rearward visibility in convertible
  • Lacks rear legroom

User Reviews:

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  • Best Car I've Ever Owned - 2013 Mini Cooper
    By -

    I've never fallen head over heels for a car before, but my MINI has certainly charmed me and then some. I've owned my Cooper Hardtop (automatic transmission) for almost a full year and I can say I will never own any other car than a MINI. Not only has it been extremely reliable, but the handling on this car is amazing. When people say their car "hugs the road," they really have no idea what that means until they drive a Cooper. Taking a hard turn at 40 mph feels no different than at 10 mph in another car. I feel safer in my MINI than I do in any other car I've driven. I actually get a higher mpg than listed here. So far I average about 42mpg highway and 38 mpg on surface streets.

  • Fun drive, horrible interior design & engineering/road noise - 2013 Mini Cooper
    By -

    Small car. I knew that. Realize you are basically buying a 2 seat micro-car. You might as well fold the back seats down and use it as trunk space. My 8 & 10 year olds have no leg room and barely get space to plant their feet when 5'-4" mom is driving. Don't tell me adults can fit back there! I *Hate* the Mini-Connected system with it's joystick and horrible look/software. Confusing, not user friendly. In the world of touch screen everywhere, this lack of, is archaic. The seatbelts get caught between the seats and door post. You have to open the door to get your buckle. Too many confusing dash switches. Hard to get to the back seat. Ugh, glad I leased not bought!!!

  • Don't buy this car - 2013 Mini Cooper
    By -

    There is something very wrong with the throttle and/or transmission in the 2013 model that mini is not interesting in fixing. Mine started missing and experiencing erratic acceleration after just about a month. I hate driving this car. I never know if it will go when I press the gas pedal and have almost been rear-ended and hit from the side when the car delays before accelerating or stops accelerating abruptly. Had one before that I loved, but I really hate this car.

  • Not Good in the Rain - 2013 Mini Cooper
    By -

    Caution! Don't drive your MINI in the rain! I purchased a Mini Cooper S Countryman in July, 2013 from New Country MINI and have been very pleased until this past week. I was unable to open the door electronically and upon entering via the manual system found that a number of electronics were not working, no ww wipers, no power locks, no speedometer and every conceivable warning light flashing.. Upon bringing it to New Country they diagnosed the problem as "water inside an electronic module" and repairs will cost $900. No problem I thought MINI tells us what a great warranty and maintenance plan they have. But guess what it doesn't cover water!!! They say I opened up the passenger side

  • Buy something else - 2013 Mini Cooper
    By -

    Bought a mini brand new. We drive the speed limit and keep up the maintenance. The tires had to be replaced at 24000 miles, not covered by warranty. Right after warranty expired we had to replace brakes and rotors and battery. The transmission stalls in first gear after stopping at a light, but only on hot days. The water pump is bad and leaks coolant; $900 fix at the dealer. The water pump goes bad a lot on this mini; you conveniently do not have a Temp gauge! It also leaks oil from the valve solenoid; $2500 fix at the dealer. Overall worst vehicle I have ever owned, period.

  • Fun car to drive - 2013 Mini Cooper
    By -

    I had larger cars in the past and decided to venture out for a smaller fun car. The MINI is all this and more. Hugs the road with great handling, great fuel economy, tightly built and dependable. The car takes premium fuel. The dealer had indicated you can get away with regular or mid-grade. Do not try it. You will lose the driving performance you hear in some other reviews. Otherwise, do not regret buying it and still having fun after one year.

  • Bad. Very. Very bad. - 2013 Mini Cooper
    By -

    I'm a writer. It's what I do. I've gone looking for the words to say about this car, and I can't find them. I'm instead overtaken by gusts of anger, confusion, and a general bitterness that this prop, this four-wheeled thing parading as a car, has consumed me this wholly. Look elsewhere. Do not get this car. Do not. Get. This car. Just last week I racked up my twelfth (12th) service appointment in 15 months. MINI has dealt with almost every problem I've submitted, aside from the car running out of oil at 5k and a wheel bearing coming off, by repeatedly denying their existence. When they find a given problem, seven service receipts deep, they say it's "spec."

  • Fun Car but Mini Service is Bad! - 2013 Mini Cooper
    By -

    Beware - Mini service is the pits! I loved my Mini until something happened to it. I was hit and my car had some minor damage. I took it to an authorized dealer. First time - my door wouldn't open when I got home and my tail lights were messed up. I have now taken it twice to repair the same issue - second time they left parts in the back. Mini corporate tells me my only recourse is to take it back to the same dealership. Isn't that super!!! Will never buy another one even though I like the car. You have to have a car that you can get fixed when you need work done. Also, run tires do not work - pull over immediately!!!

  • Every day is fun on this car! - 2013 Mini Cooper
    By -

    Having owned over thirty cars this is the only one that I look forward to driving every time I get in. The absence of electrical overkill (nav,sensors,power seats, etc.) is refreshing especially with a REAL steering wheel with NO buttons! A real driver's car with plenty of torque and not unusable excess for the sake of numbers.

  • Your speedometer won't be even close to accurate - 2013 Mini Cooper
    By -

    Before you buy, do a search on Mini Cooper + speedometer so you will know inaccurate speedometers are their policy. I asked them to recalibrate my speedometer which is running about 7% high. They refused, quoting an internal bulletin not to repair speedometers that are within 10% of accurate plus another 2.4 miles. I.e., if you and your Garmin know you are driving at 65 mph, your speedometer will not be recalibrated unless it is displays OVER 74 mph. So much for their claim that they fix new cars. I even bought the extra coverage so this "guarantee" would continue for extra years. I would never buy another Mini Cooper. Still talking, but I may have to sue to get my new car fixed.

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