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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2013, a rear-wheel-drive ML350 model debuts along with the new mbrace2 telematics system, collision prevention assist, an optional off-road package and new front seats with massage functions.

  • High-quality interior and construction
  • Engine choices include gas and diesel
  • Comfortable seating
  • Excellent braking distances.
  • Disappointing steering response.
  • Expensive compared to some rivals
  • No third-row seat option

User Reviews:

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  • ML550 - Loaded - 2013 Mercedes-Benz M-Class
    By -

    Driven approx 10,000 miles - half highway /mountainous terrain. It started with buying my wife a 2012 MB E350 a year ago. Was very impressed so I tested the 2013 ML550. I sold my "big" truck suv and bought one ML550 full load. twin turbo, small V8 power/low fuel consumption ratio, comparatively speaking, has me sold. WOW ... does this thing move, smooth ride, quiet and has nearly 100 ft/lbs torque more that the larger 6.2L easy to pull my trailer with toys. Built in anti sway works. My ML fully loaded is equal in cost to a 2013 Escalade.

  • Poor navigation system in ML2013 - 2013 Mercedes-Benz M-Class
    By -

    I bought ML350 with Navigation system. My wife drives it. I spent some time to get familiar with its navigation system. It looks like the Navigation system is poorly designed, no touch screen and typing in address takes a long time, sucks ! (compared with 2005 Toyota Camry V6 XLE's navigation, Google's navigation, and my portable one, 2013 ML350 is the worst). Sure, it gots voice command control, but it is not as easy as inputing addresses, which is what I expected about vioce control.

  • modern technology sub - 2013 Mercedes-Benz M-Class
    By -

    i ouwned several sub cars over the years but so far,my new Ml350 4matic Mercedez Benz 2013 is the best of all.It drive very smooth,very quite and steady even at high speed driving.Smothness of gearshif operation.I like the modern tecknology that came with it no need to use key to start,the Harman Kardun surround sound is amazing,the HD radio sounds terrific,and all the electronic controls are just great.The navigation syatem and back-up camera,blind spot assist are great witch save me from minor accident.

  • ML 350 bluetec - 2013 Mercedes-Benz M-Class
    By -

    I have had the bluetec ML for about 4 months now. I have logged in about 9000 miles. No problems yet. Ride is excellent especially on highway. I am averaging about 25 mpg on mixed driving.

  • Making Friends with a Mercedes Benz - 2013 Mercedes-Benz M-Class
    By -

    Know that the regular maintenance for this car requires more frequent check-ups than most other comparable SUV's and that it will be more expensive, too. A used Chevrolet Equinox (AWD 3.5L) was an early choice but I could not find a used one in Southern California in the color I like. Along came this MB at a local Toyota dealership (at the time, I was checking a Honda Pilot and a Toyota Highlander - both used), and, after an impressive test drive, I chose luxury and safety. So, to be honest, the purchase was as much serendipitous as it was carefully researched and goal-driven. Such is life. Having driven the same Toyota Land Cruiser for over 20 years, I was initially overwhelmed by the new technology of the MB, but am growing to appreciate, for example, the added safety of multiple sensors. Those and the simultaneous gas mileage read-out have already made me a better, smarter driver. Early days, but I'm pleased with my purchase.

  • MERCEDES IS OVER RATED - 2013 Mercedes-Benz M-Class
    By -

    Owned and driven a ML-550 for 4 years / 75000 Smooth ride on the highway. Sound level is acceptable. Expect to do repairs...truck hatch 2 times, titl steering, side window, drivers seat controls, night vision, cooling system hose, MB has quirky system deficiencies and erroneous caveats, including the remote garage door control, outside air intake to cab located on front engine hood will block easily from leaves or snow, bad odour will result must leave AC on all times, if your MB is damaged in an accident accelerated depreciation occurs like no other, This SUV is very heavy and reminds me of 1970 Oldsmobile where the weight does not match up to the braking and suspension system properly and the vehicle would sway and rock while maneuvering. Have asked MB to change the software controlling the transmission shifts to reduce the chunky down shifts that cause passengers to fall forwards in their seats. Acceleration is great. (405HP) Sport mode simply increase the idle and rpm for quicker responses to accelration. Turbo lags in normal drive and causes the vehicle to stall during quick turn arounds such as a u turn. Do not trust the vehicles sensory system to brake when in bumper to bumper traffic. Has no glass breaking sensor included with security so any thief can steal all your contents including spare key fob in glove box. Key fob comes from Munich so you pay $500 to replace..ya ya. Carry windshield glass insurance as these cost over 3k to replace. Frequency and Cost of repairs are often and very high so DO NOT OWN A MERCEDES WITHOUT WARRANTY or you will be nickeled and dimed - allow $5000/year to operate this vehicle over 6 years. MB only offers a factory 60000 kms warranty! Brake job at 30000 kms cost $3200. Tires are also 2500 at 50000kms... I beleive Mercedes is now a seriously over rated auto manufacturer. Going back to luxury GM products with 6 year 100000 warranty and $100 key fobs and $1000 brake jobs.. if your ego allows do the right thing and dont buy a Mercedes. $$$$$ in CAD.

  • MB just builds 'em better - 2013 Mercedes-Benz M-Class
    By -

    My wife and I traded a 2008 E350 for a 2011 RX450h when our first child came along for the ease of getting a carseat and a stroller in and out. I had assumed that the Lexus was going to have the same solid feel as a Mercedes-Benz due to it's very high regard within the auto industry. While the Lexus is a fine auto, there is no substitute (in this price range) for the solid build quality and the road holding ability of a Mercedes. Before I got out of the dealer's lot, I could feel the difference with the ML. This vehicle just feels so much more substantial than the Lexus in every way. When paying $50k+, I want to feel the vehicle is built like a tank, with the ML that's what you get

  • Pre-Safe....NOT - 2013 Mercedes-Benz M-Class
    By -

    I purchased this ML 350 new in August 2012...could hardly wait to get it on the road.....took 3000 mile trip in October and vehicle performed flawlessly......no problems.....then took another 3000 mile road trip in March 2013.....wife and I were almost involved in major accident due to the "map-functioning" of the pre-safe system.....we were in high speed traffic surrounded by about 20 cars....all going in excess of 70 mph.....we were in the middle lane and a car in the lane closest to the side of the road swerved generating the need for an emergency avoidance maneuver on my part.....I stepped on the brakes , which disengaged the cruise control and also swerved to miss the other vehicle this

  • Extremely pleased I chose ML350 over BMW's X5 - 2013 Mercedes-Benz M-Class
    By -

    The safety features on this car are fantastic. It aces the NHIS safety tests and scored Top Pick in safety, which is one of the main reasons I even looked at the Mercedes brand (which I had otherwise always associated with an older generation). I'm glad I looked though! I was very close to buying a 2013 X5 (last in that generation/platform; 2014 model is noted on review sites as having lots of electrical issues), but heard from a MB-owning friend that he's come to like his ML above the more expensive BMW he also drives (which, he admits, is a more fun driving experience). So I looked at MBs.... first the GL (too big for us), then the ML350 (certified pre-owned from dealer, 2013 bluetec model) . Felt that the gas version lacked torque, felt a little sluggish. So I was *about* to go back to the BMW dealer when MB dealer suggested I test drive the diesel. Wow. WOW! The car grips and feels like you've strapped a booster rocket to your back as it accelerates. As they say, "you read about horsepower, but you feel torque." And, MPG is much better... Ok, back to safety: aside from pre-safe and some of the other standard safety features one would expect from a luxury SUV, I have the driver assistance package on mine which is excellent. Blindspot, for example, doesn't just light up a triangle on the mirror like the Volvo XC90 does, the car notices if you're planning on moving over and if there is someone still in your blindspot an audible alert beeps at you. It's like having a co-pilot drive with you. It also has lane-keeping assist, drowsiness detect, etc etc. Being new to the MB family I find new things every day that the dealer didn't even tell me about that I've come to love ... for example, I have keyless entry which also lets me close window and pano (and lock doors) by touching a special spot on the handle; no need to start the car back up to close forgotten windows! My only complaint is the COMAND system. It's ok, but certainly not great. The new X5 screen (or the new GLEs for that matter) is *much* better. Nav works fine but I still find I just use my iphone & google maps to get me to where I need to go (to be honest, I did that in the '16 model X5s I rented as well...). Overall I couldn't be more satisfied with this vehicle. Highly recommended as a safe, comfortable SUV that feels like it can take you up a snowy mountain on a winding dirt road, cruises great on highway, and looks good while doing it.

  • The car spoiled me - 2013 Mercedes-Benz M-Class
    By -

    The car is very good but watch out for service and labor.

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