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This Year's Model Updates:

The Mazda 6 is fully redesigned for 2014.

  • Impressive fuel economy
  • Stylish looks.
  • Quick acceleration
  • Smooth and responsive powertrain
  • Well-built interior with top-quality materials
  • Sporty handling
  • Interior touchscreen interface is less advanced and harder to use than competitors' systems.
  • Ride quality may be too firm for some

User Reviews:

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  • Great car, with some minor gripes - 2014 Mazda Mazda6
    By -

    We have officially owned our car for 1 year now, and it has been through all 4 seasons here in MI. Overall, it is a great car, but it is not perfect, but I guess no car is. Read on for more details. This car is very well made and rock solid, no creaks/squeaks and it's beautiful inside and out. This car just exudes quality craftsmanship and feels modern and up to date. We have the GT, with no options. Gas mileage is good but have never seen anywhere near 38 mpg, getting about 33-34 on the highway and 27-28 in mixed driving, mostly around town.

  • Just took delivery - so far so good - 2014 Mazda Mazda6
    By -

    I haven't had the car a week yet but so far so good. I agree with the others that it's arguable one of the best looking cars on the road today. I also like that I'm not lumped into the "Camry and Accord" group. There simply aren't that many Mazda 6's on the road so it's nice to be a little different. I can see why they charge more for red or white. I went with white since so many of my friends have red cars. It looks great! I traded in a Corolla for this car so naturally it feels super loaded to me and it is. It's got literally everything. I've had several BMW models in the past and I like to feel the road and that's what you get with the huge 19" wheels.

  • Simply an incredible car - 2014 Mazda Mazda6
    By -

    Since January, I've done a lot research for my next new car. I've shifted my chosen car a few times, but finally locked down to Mazda6. To me, I want a car with character and fun to drive factor. It's pretty easy decision for me to cross out Accord, Camry, or any other popular but souless car. I read every review/test drive out there on 2014 Mazda6. I got excited with all the positive tones. I bought the car last week. God, what an incredible car.

  • Simply love it! - 2014 Mazda Mazda6
    By -

    I've had Honda, Ford, Acura, and Hyundai's, but I love my 6! I feel like James Bond in it, LOL! The exterior styling is extremely stylish. Just love, love, love this car in and out!

  • Bingo. - 2014 Mazda Mazda6
    By -

    I wanted a five-passenger sedan that is agile, stylish, fuel efficient, equipped with the latest safety technology, and available for $30,000. After much research, I found one vehicle that meets these criteria IMO: the 2014 Mazda6 GT. The Mazda6 is widely regarded by professional and consumer reviewers as the “driver’s car” in its segment. Its good looks are perhaps rivaled by the Fusion and Optima, but personally I find the 6 more gracefully sculpted. MPG is great at 28/40. The suite of available safety features (listed below) is incredible—again, the Fusion comes close, but for more money. As for price, I paid under $29,000 after dealer discount and Mazda rebates (+ .9% financing).

  • Fun, practical mid-size for enthusiasts - 2014 Mazda Mazda6
    By -

    If you like the handling of German cars but not the frequent repairs and upsized price, this may be the car for you. The ride is comfortable but definitely firmer relative to Accord, Camry, etc. My most recent cars were Audi A4, BMW 328 and VW Passat. This car is larger than the first two and gets better mileage than all of them...for thousands less. I checked for road noise at highway speeds based on many reviews and also, rough downshifts. I have not personally experienced issues with either.

  • Wow what a fantastic car - 2014 Mazda Mazda6
    By -

    I had a 2005 Mazda6 Hatchback and loved it but the 2014 takes the 6 to a whole different level. I fell in love with the exterior styling as soon as I saw it. When I had the opportunity to test drive it I was blown away, the car drives and handles wonderfully and the interior quality is second to none. I do agree that the navigation system seems a little cheap but it works and everything else is so fantastic I don't mind it at all. I read somewhere in a review "If Porsch made a car under $50,000 this would be it". I couldn't agree more and I only paid $28K for the Grand Touring Edition (it was a demo the sales manager was driving). Oh yea and the fule economy is excellent!

  • Could be great but few issues mar the experience - 2014 Mazda Mazda6
    By -

    Got it about a month ago; put 1500 miles so far. Nice-looking, spacious, comfortable interior. Has been averaging 33 mpg (mostly highway on weekends, in-traffic during the week). Decent audio with Tech Package. Mediocre TomTom GPS. Very buggy infotainment system; visiting dealer for the second repair. First was the Bluetooth/USB/Phone dying completely - was "fixed" by unplugging the battery, so the bug is still there and who knows when it's going to strike again. Second - one of the buttons on the "joystick" control got stuck making it unusable. But the biggest issue -serious road and wind noise at highway speeds. Make sure to test drive it at 65-75 m/h if you plan to drive on highways a lot

  • Drive Mazda 6 before buying anything in this class!!! - 2014 Mazda Mazda6
    By -

    If you are looking at cars in this class, you must drive the 6 before deciding. It took over three months and 2 to 3 test drives on almost everything in this class, then the 2014 6's came in and it was end of story for all the others. This car is fun!!! The others are nice, Accord Sport is the only thing close, but you won't be driving what everyone else is driving with the 6. The red color is awesome, the silver was also very nice. Gas mileage is great 28mpg average so far with mostly city driving. I feel that I bought a luxury sports car at $15 to $20 thousand less than the luxury brands. Love the leatherette seat very comfortable and I'm 6'3", wife is 5'4" and also is very comfortable.

  • Still in love after 45k - 2014 Mazda Mazda6
    By -

    Have managed 32.6 MPG over 45k so far. Love the handling-it is a blast to drive. Could use a bit more HP. The transmission is flawless. It's nice to actually have a 6-speed instead of a CVT junk. Stock tires are junk. Opted to get 18" rims and 245/45/18 tires instead and the ride quality has improved a bit. Just a blast to drive and the MPG is a huge bonus. Have gotten a best tank of 578 miles and 37.9 MPG. Would be happy to answer any questions as I have one of the highest mileage 2014's out there according to www.fuelly.com from what I have seen.

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