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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2012, the Mazda 2 sees no changes.

  • Cheerful styling
  • Simple-to-operate controls
  • Affordable price.
  • Sporty handling
  • Sparsely appointed cabin
  • Outdated automatic transmission
  • Smaller cargo area than rivals
  • Cramped rear seats.

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  • Great Little Car - 2012 Mazda Mazda2
    By -

    I had been looking at the Mazda2 well before it arrived in the states. Shortly after it arrived, the Chevy Sonic and Kia Rio5 also arrived. After checking out all three vehicles, the Mazda2 blew the competition out of the water. It may not have the biggest engine or most features, but it is most definitely the most fun to drive. While many reviews I read commented on the Mazda2's lack of power, I find it to be more than adequate. I love the driving experience provided by Mazda and am especially pleased to be averaging 30mpg (compared to the 20mpg I got in my old vehicle) and not having to spend nearly as much on gas. It really is a great little car that is definitely worth checking out.

  • Great little car - 2012 Mazda Mazda2
    By -

    I traded in a 2008 chevy equinox rthis car is an engineering masterpiece the chevy was crap had a chinese engione used a qt of oil between changes this car uses no oil is quiet solid when you have fooor on brake shift in to D or R no clunk like an american cars engine is quiet everything works perfect thee onloy complaint i thin k it need s a bigger engine 1.8 more power if yiou step on hgas too hard it downshifts easily mikleage is good overall 28 have gotten 42 on highway going 65. The mazdas are 96 percdnt made in japan nthey are well made like toyotas in the early 90's .

  • Good solid little car - 2012 Mazda Mazda2
    By -

    I got to drive one of these recently and it made me think about this car over the one I actually bought. Being on a tight budget I bought a 2012 Ford Focus, but I never thought about looking at the Mazda 2. I have driven Toyota's Yaris 4-door and it had a noisy ride and a hard feel on the road. The Mazda 2 had a quiet, solid feel inside with lots of space for a six-foot tall driver. The doors closed with a solid thunk. The Mazda 2 was smooth and fast. The Edmunds review here says that the automatic transmission was not adequate. I thought it was. I hit the pedal hard to get it into passing gear and this car was fast. 100hp was very adequate in my opinion. Smooth and fast acceleration.

  • So Far So Great! - 2012 Mazda Mazda2
    By -

    I just got this car used, with 39000 miles on it and the engine fires right up and doesn't miss a beat. I'm loving the gas mileage. I had a small SUV before I bought this car, and this little Mazda has cut my gas bill in half! It's surprisingly zippy and fun to drive. I agree with the other drivers here, that it's not sluggish at all. Even with the a/c or heater running, when I step on the gas, it responds, and I have no trouble getting on the highway. Park it anywhere. Comfy interior. Plenty of room for a tall person up front, not as much leg room in back, but that's not something I'm concerned about.

  • Absolute blast - 2012 Mazda Mazda2
    By -

    I had my Mazda 2 for 6 months now and just love driving it anywhere I can, even with 2 child seats in the back there is ample seating room (as long as there's just kids) back seat is only good for 2 adults at most. The lay out is simple and straight forward which I find appealing over the overly done subcompact cars, though I did install a 8" navi/Bluetooth/DVD screen for around $350 which just makes the car look a little more upmarket, the seats are supportive and comfy but a little to soft for me, and with just enough cargo space. Overall I highly recommend the Mazda 2 for anyone looking for affordable, reliable, and a fun all around car, as long as you get the manual. ZOOM ZOOM

  • As fun as a go-cart! - 2012 Mazda Mazda2
    By -

    The small car segment in America is finally getting competitive, and Mazda does a great job of building a car that is comfortable, efficient, good looking, and (true to the Mazda heritage) fun to drive. I test drove the automatic, and while it is very good as far as four-speeds go, it is still a four speed, so I can only recommend the manual. While on paper the car may seem to weak, get behind the wheel (of the manual) and you'll experience a go-cart like driving sensation that can only be defined as pure bliss. The car is very efficient, and the engaging drive keeps giving me reasons to head out to the store or just to hit the road. Do yourself a favor, buy this car. You won't regret it.

  • 2012 Sport manual - 2012 Mazda Mazda2
    By -

    Bought this car new and have put on 2000 miles so far. Got the Sport because I couldn't find any Touring models with manuals in my area. Excellent handling, I really feel like I can toss this car around. The shifter is very smooth and quick. At first I was worried about the 100hp but while it won't knock you back in your seat during acceleration it is more than adequate(previous car was a 9-3 Saab). Personally I like the simpleness of the car, the dash is basic and for an economy car it's what it should be. I've been averaging 33 mpg with most of my driving at 70 mph on the highway. Basically it is what most of the reviews say, a fun to drive economy car.

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