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  • Maserati Ghibili S Q4; It's That Car You Will Love - 2015 Maserati Ghibli
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    The new Maserati Ghibili S Q4 will have you taking rides that you normally would not take. It is Q4 quick, handling is fantastic and the interior is plain but elegant. Many will notice this is not the typical everyday Mercedes that are all too common. Many will notice this the Ghibili is packing some power simply at start-up. Many will also like to go for a ride. I really like the trunk space! The lines are unequivocally unmatched with a simply beautiful paint job that was meant to last. The wheels are sweet and the stagger is perfect. Now, for the just ok. The stereo needs aftermarket help and the gas mileage is not that great. Anyhow, go drive one and get to know it! The Maserati Ghibili and I think you will find that it really is a car that you will love.

  • The Maserati Ghibili Is That Car! - 2015 Maserati Ghibli
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    I have owned a Mercedes for over 10 years, test driven few of the new models and spoken to the mechanics a the Mercedes dealer. Why? Because once you own a Mercedes it is very hard to change to a different sedan much like Corvette owners. After testing the Maserati Ghibili, inspecting as much as possible with an eye for detail and speaking to mechanics, I have a feeling that some of the reviews on this car are written by the competition. I do not know this for sure but I have to tell you I have decided to make the switch to the Maserati S Q4. Here are my reasons. The power is flat out amazing. The exterior and interior is very unique and absolutely stunning. The leather and comfort in the front two seats is fantastic. My kids are happy in the back seats. The gauges are very easy to read and the handling is better that most in its class however the ride is a bit stiffer vs many of the Mercedes models but not by much. The trunk has quite a bit more room that you would think. The stereo needs work but I will get that straightened out somehow. The gas mileage is not great but with gas prices so low, I am fine with that for now. I wish I could speak toward the reliability of the Q4 but I can not at this time. One of the main decisions that I considered was that every day while driving I see soooo many Mercedes-Benz vehicles on the road that they have become a bit boring to look at. Anyhow, good luck on whatever you decide :)

  • One of the best I have driven - 2015 Maserati Ghibli
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    I really love the way this car drives. It is very comfortable. I have the sport suspension and it really is about perfect. The engine is really spectacular. I have read some reviews that mentioned that it did have to build boost, I can sometimes feel the hesitation when starting from a stop. It has incredible acceleration. The exhaust sounds fantastic. My main complaint in this car is the stereo. It just really does not sound that great. The infotainment system works really well. I have read where some critics have blasted using the same system from a Jeep Grand Cherokee, but I think it is one of the best I have seen. It is very easy to use. My last complain is the parking sensors. It would be nice to have a switch to toggle it on and off. The car really looks good and I get tons of compliments. I also think the interior is very nice. The seats look and feel great. If it weren't for the stereo, I would say it was the best car I have owned.

  • Perfect balance between a smooth and sporty ride - 2015 Maserati Ghibli
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    If your priority is a very smooth ride there might be other good choices, however, if you (like me...) actually also enjoy driving, this is a GREAT choice. I agree with some criticism about the interior, a few marginal features could have be done better, but overall I tested many other cars in this class and no one came close to offer the same emotions. Update: after 6 months still very happy and deeply in love with this car !! Best vehicle I ever (& proudly) owned.

  • Ghibli/Ferrari! - 2015 Maserati Ghibli
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    The car magazine guys are crazy . This is a great car. for the price of a 5 series or boring E class you get an all wheel drive Ferrari powered car and you can pre-pay for all service costs for 4 years for less than $2000.00. People complain about Chrysler parts ... but they don't call these same parts Chrysler when the see them in a Mercedes! (most modern Chrysler stuff is from when Mercedes owned them) Certified deals are out there making it an even better choice (5 year 100,000 mile certified warranty). When in Manual setting it STAYS in gear . When in Sport the engine sound is as good as it gets. Drama + head turning + Ferrari ... this car has a soul... go drive one! Ferrari engine built on a Mercedes/Chrysler block .. Italian style ... American electronics that work .. German 8 speed manu/matic transmission... what is not to like?

  • Very nice luxury sports sedan - 2015 Maserati Ghibli
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    I have owned this car for about 6 months and have driven it just under 6,000 miles. I have driven a Porsche Panamera for about 120 miles. Both cars are excellent and a blast to drive. The Maserati Ghibli is not quite as responsive as the Porsche Panamera, but it has a softer ride and nicer interior. The navigation is the best I have ever used, very user friendly; you don't have to read the intruction to use, it is that intuitive!!!!! I do not understand the complaints by reviewers about the shared Chrysler knobs and similar navigation system. None of the other manufacturers (Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, or Porsche) use significantly better knobs and most have less intuitive navigation systems that require one to at least read part of the instructions. If your only compliant are the knobs and the easy-to-use navigation unit, then I would say, it is a great sports sedan. I chose the Maserati Ghibli over the Porsche Panamera mainly because of the price for two very comparable cars; these 2 luxury sports sedans stand out from the others in style and driving performance on windy roads. Don't believe the reviews, drive it for yourself and experience the Ghibli or the Quatroporte. If you like to drive spirited, then you will love the Maderati Ghibli, the Quatroporte Q4 and the Porsche Panamera 4/4S. The others luxury sports sedans just aren't the same, even though they are nice, just not as exciting.

  • Stop vile excuses ! - 2015 Maserati Ghibli
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    Before I bought my 2015 S Q4 I was very concerned reading reviews with some level of criticisms for this car. At the same time I was also very intrigued by other very positive reviews and comments. It looks like objectivity is not a parameter commonly used to review the Ghibli ! So.... I tested (test drive) against other upscale cars I was interested in and decide to buy the Ghibli based on my own taste and driving experience. As of today I am sooooo glad.... Yes, objectively, there are aspects that needs improvement (gear paddle, belt locking mechanism easier to reach, quality of audio system) but compared to the car style (class on its own), the performances and (sublime) handling these are just minor issues (or vile excuses for a few detractors). I have only 1200 miles on the car and cannot completely assess the reliability, but as far as brake, handling and overall performance (these not subjective...) I really cannot (logically) explain negative comments in those areas, go figure !

  • Extremely happy with our 2016 Gibli S - 2015 Maserati Ghibli
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    While our GHIBLI S may be at the low end of available Maserati's, this vehicle is as much fun to drive as any vehicle we might have considered within our budget and by fun, I mean not only a sexy eye catching style inside and out, but a head turning beauty that wakes-up lookers with a sporty roar from those quad pipes which competing vehicles just can't match, all with a comfort that makes my wife and I smile ear to ear with every mile we drive. In our younger years, we've had a brand new Corvette and some Mercedes too, including a 560 SL, all of which we have grown tired of over time. We briefly considered a BMW, but it seems nearly every college kid has one now or at least a friend who does and quite frankly, there are so many BMW's on the road today, they are even becoming boring to the eye. So, this time, while we had our eye on the upcomming re-styled 2017 Porche Panamera, we just got tired of waiting and found ourselves attracted to the Maserati Gibli. Not only did we save some cash, but we are convinced we made the right choice when chossing the GIBLI S instead of the Panamera. We just took our first long distance road trip (about 2500 miles) and we probably received more compliments about our Maserati in a week, than in a lifetime of driving other vehicles, because it is simply the nicest vehicle we've ever had. We love ours!!!

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