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This Year's Model Updates:

The Lincoln MKZ returns unchanged for the 2012 model year.

  • High fuel economy from Hybrid version
  • Comfortable seats and driving position
  • Responsive steering.
  • Excellent infotainment features
  • Non-premium feel
  • Rough ride with sport suspension.
  • Not enough differentiation from Ford Fusion

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  • Still love it after 1 year - 2012 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    I'm coming up on the one-year anniversary with my crystal champagne 2012 MKZ Hybrid, and I still love the car. With over 8000 miles, the gas mileage continues to improve. Some days I get up to 41 mpg on my 12-mile commute to work on back country roads, where traffic patterns often interfere with smooth driving. The lifetime average of the car is 36 mpg but improving.

  • Smooth Ride - 2012 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    Hybrid is the way to go on this model. The ride is very smooth and quiet. Overall, the vehicle is quite refined. I have about 7000 miles on this car and I am averaging 40.5 mpg. I would probable due better, but 95% of my driving is highway. The car has plenty of power for passing, or merging, and handles like a dream. I have owned several Mercedes prior to this Lincoln and they did not drive nearly as nice as this. I would give Mercedes a thumbs up on seat comfort, but that is it. That is not to say the seats on the MKZ are not comfortable, they are, but Mercedes has slightly better side support. Overall, the MKZ is a joy to drive and very reliable!

  • New to Hybrid Cars - 2012 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    Just passed 600 miles on new Ultimate Pkg MKZ Hybrid. On short trips about 2 miles I get about 26 mpg. Commute to work 22 miles one way 30City/70Hyw, I get 42 mpg consistently. Strange results considering city should be 41 mpg and thats what the short trips are. If I drive normally meaning faster off the line at stop lights and break later and harder, I can only get about 33 mpg average. This isn't too bad and I can live with those numbers. The car really teaches me how to drive more efficiently. I do go past 65 mph but under 75 on the highway regularly and still get 42 mpg. I find that hard acceleration and hard breaking is my biggest problem.

  • Awsome Vehicle MKZ Hybrid 2011 - 2012 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    We have had this car since March of 2011 and love everything about it. Have averaged 39.1 long term combination city/hwy. This car has exceeded our expectations for mileage,comfort,handling and looks. We never expected to own a Lincoln let alone a hybrid. This car is a well kept secret!

  • Reliable ride - 2012 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    Turned in a leased 2008 base car for a loaded 2012. Wanted a Hybrid but would have to pay almost $100.00/ month more for a base car than a loaded regular gas engine. FMC does not want to sell Hybrids. The 2008 handled much better than the 2012 . Improvements are a quieter ride and much nicer interior. Do not pay extra for the THX sound system. The base stereo in some ways was better in the 2008 model. Millage has averaged around 22 mpg in mixed use, 24 hwy. The 2008 had almost 50,000 trouble free miles and I expect the 2012 to be the same. Expect around $7000.00 discount on a loaded car, little or none on Hybrid.

  • A lot to pay for a nameplate - 2012 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    Ford needs to get serious about the luxury car game. I had a 2011 Ford Fusion Sport AWD that cost $32k. It was essentially the same car as my $39K, 2012 Lincoln MKZ and it had more features. The only features I gained were; a little quieter ride, a softer suspension, and heated outside mirrors. The features I lost were; Blind Spot Information System, Rear view camera, effects lighting, and alloy wheels. You would think that $7000 would buy you more than a Lincoln emblem!

  • put your doubts behind, get the hybrid - 2012 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    If there's no difference in price why would you want the gas-eating V6? Our average fuel economy is 37.8 MPG and could be better, depending on how much you're pushed in traffic. You do not have to trade off on power, it just comes from another source. It's quiet and responsive; regenerative breaks are great, nice wood trim, more if you get the exec pkg (plus suede inserts); heated and cooled seats; blind spot system is also very helpful. Headroom is not as spacious because of the moonroof. Center console hits the arm just right, the ones on the door are too low, so you rest your arm on the window sill. Decent turning radius, adjustable LED dash display. THX sound is very nice.

  • 2011 Lincoln MKZ - 2012 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    I test drove the Ford Fusion and the Mercury Milan and then drove the MKZ. What a difference! The Lincoln has a larger 3.5 L V-6 so it has more power. It is VERY QUIET unlike the Ford and Mercury. It's steering is perfectly smooth and doesn't want to jump back to straight and level after a turn. All the controls are Lincoln smooth so it's a real pleasure to drive this car. I drove the hybrid MKZ but it's ride was much firmer, too firm actually, it was a deal breaker for me. My MKZ was the base model which is so well equipped I didn't need any other options at all. The Lincoln dealer gave me $4K off the sticker price so at $31.5K it's a real bargain in my opinion. I love it.

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