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This Year's Model Updates:

The Lincoln MKZ returns unchanged for the 2012 model year.

  • High fuel economy from Hybrid version
  • Comfortable seats and driving position
  • Responsive steering.
  • Excellent infotainment features
  • Non-premium feel
  • Rough ride with sport suspension.
  • Not enough differentiation from Ford Fusion

User Reviews:

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  • Classy Car, Smooth Ride - 2012 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    True Lincoln engineered ride... Crystal White exterior, light cashmere interior, nice interior wood features... ample trunk room, moon roof seldom use ... leather could be more durable... why black carpet ... should have been cashmere color. Purchased July 2015 --- one owner, spotless, looks new ... Bad mileage with AC on. Climate control & AC works great. Love backup camera... Received all manuals with some warranty remaining. Manual describes a replaceable interior air filter to mitigate dust, which I need to figure out. Was seeking a luxury car and refused to drop $45K as I drive only 7,000 miles per year, so this was a perfect pick! Considered the Cadillac CTS, but was a bit turned off for a few reasons and my mechanic advised to steer away- too many issues. He worked on MKZ's over the years and gives high marks for reliability and no major issues. Newer MKZ's 2013/14 are gaudy with back spoiler, takes away class appeal and interior looked cheap with no crafted wood moldings. Receive many compliments on mine and it's a smooth drive, nice smooth pull. Very happy!

  • Huge Transmission Problem - 2012 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    Car needed transmission rebuilt after less than 80,000 miles.

  • Big safe on gas and very comfort - 2012 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    We own this car 2012 MKZ Hybrid for few years now, still like it very much. It have 36,000 miles now and is 42.3 miles MPG. Love the interior and exterior design. Lincoln does great job on this model. Very easy to parking and so easy to get in and out. Feel so quiet and wonderful feeling with this cost and have all good quality performance. The driver seat is very comfortable and outward visibility is great. Feel very safe to drive and enjoy on long distance travel with this car. So far, Everything we love about this car....Great looking and safe and comfort!

  • Still love it after 1 year - 2012 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    I'm coming up on the one-year anniversary with my crystal champagne 2012 MKZ Hybrid, and I still love the car. With over 8000 miles, the gas mileage continues to improve. Some days I get up to 41 mpg on my 12-mile commute to work on back country roads, where traffic patterns often interfere with smooth driving. The lifetime average of the car is 36 mpg but improving.

  • Engaging Lincoln "Z" - 2012 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    I purchased this vehicle used in 2015 with 49k miles on the "clock". I REALLY like the car! The car is an outstanding value as a USED car because of its high depreciation. It delivers in "spades" when it comes to providing a serene and VERY quiet ride. Performance is very good with rapid acceleration and precise,flat cornering. Reliability has been outstanding with ZERO problems during the 14mo that I have had the car. The car has a very good interior except for a couple of things: the door storage bins are made of hard plastic and don't match the high quality of the rest of interior; the base audio system leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to sound quality (poor bass). I would also give a shout out to the selling dealer, WHITE BEAR LINCOLN in White Bear Lake, MN. This dealer "bent over backwards" to make sure I was totally satisfied with my purchase! KUDOS!

  • Smooth Ride - 2012 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    Hybrid is the way to go on this model. The ride is very smooth and quiet. Overall, the vehicle is quite refined. I have about 7000 miles on this car and I am averaging 40.5 mpg. I would probable due better, but 95% of my driving is highway. The car has plenty of power for passing, or merging, and handles like a dream. I have owned several Mercedes prior to this Lincoln and they did not drive nearly as nice as this. I would give Mercedes a thumbs up on seat comfort, but that is it. That is not to say the seats on the MKZ are not comfortable, they are, but Mercedes has slightly better side support. Overall, the MKZ is a joy to drive and very reliable!

  • Lincoln???? - 2012 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    Made me love a Lincoln. I definitely plan on replacing this car only with another Lincoln MKZ in the future.

  • The Perfect Commuter Car - 2012 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    This is a comfortable and reliable car to get you to work each day. It does not excel at anything and is very predictable. The exception is the Sync infotainment. Specifically the Applink function is hit or miss each day. I can blame my cellphone as it updates itself weekly or monthly, and Sync never updates. However, it always fixes itself when you disconnect the battery and reconnect. Other than that, I recommend you get this model used as it somehow depreciates to a lower amount than the same year Fusion, which it is based on. Maintain it and keep it clean. Lastly, use all the money you save with zero repairs and get a nice sports car, motorcycle, or boat you can have fun with on the weekends. Update 9-11-16: It is still a great car. Sync is a dud - at least Bluetooth works. Can't be bothered with disconnecting battery cable. Paint and interior holding up perfectly. Very quiet, very comfortable. Handling not as great as a BMW but did not pay alot for the car. No repairs - definitely a keeper. Update 9-12-17: Still a very good car. Sync is better since I installed a software update. Applink still bad, but at least now, Bluetooth connections will display song and artist. I have replaced the battery and tires. No problems in snow with Michelin Premier tires and AWD. Aside from oil changes, that's it. I would really like a new Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Shaker Hood as a play car - but hard to justify since this car has everything I NEED, just not everything I WANT.

  • Best Used Value On the Market - 2012 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    I bought the car six months ago with 30,000 miles on it, still under warranty. I had a new, long commute and wanted something comfy that wouldn't use a ton of fuel. It was obviously very well cared for, and equipped with every available option, including the dealer added remote start. The ride is quiet, and very solid, not as luxurious as the MKS I had a few years ago, but very nice for its size. BTW-this is not a big car. I drove the 2016 MKZ as a loaner car and is noticeably larger. I changed out the original Michelins for Continentals due to a road hazard problem; the Conti's have been great. It's enjoyable to drive, but if you get aggressive on a curve you're reminded that this car was built for cruising. Not a problem, just a characteristic. Couple annoyances : the driver's seat has required constant adjustment trying to find a comfortable seating position, but I've finally found it. Headroom is at a premium due to the sunroof. That's about it for limitations. It runs smooth as can be, looks good and delivers outstanding mileage. SYNC is just fine when you learn to use it.; I had an MB and the COMAND system wasn't better, just different. While I wouldn't have bought this new at $40++, as a used car this was a great choice. Update after 18 months: : headroom issue didn't change Otherwise this has been a great car. Over 41 mpg in warm weather, minus 10% in winter.

  • Great car - 2012 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    One of the best cars I've ever owned. I normally trade every two years but I have had this one for almost 5 trouble free years.

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