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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2013, the Lincoln MKX is unchanged other than gaining an updated version of the MyLincoln Touch interface.

  • Ample passenger space
  • Innovative technology
  • Quiet cabin
  • Comfortable ride.
  • Lots of standard features
  • Subpar braking distances.
  • Occasionally stubborn transmission
  • Little dynamic advantage over the related Ford Edge
  • MyLincoln Touch interface can be frustrating to use

User Reviews:

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  • Never Lease From Lincoln - 2013 Lincoln MKX
    By -

    It's a bad idea to lease anything from Lincoln. Did you know that at the end of your lincoln lease, if you want to trade in your lincoln to anyone else but Lincoln, they will not release the car to anyone but you (the lessee) or a Lincoln dealer. I found this out the hard way today when i went to trade my leased Lincoln in for a cadilac. The cadilac dealership was giving me a good price that would have covered the payoff and the last 3 payments on my lease, but they would not allow cadillac to buy the car. being over my mileage, I could have avoided the mileage fees, excess wear and the last 3 payments. Now i have to use half my down payment i set asside just to get out of my lease.

  • New MKX - 2013 Lincoln MKX
    By -

    Just bought a 2013 MKX. After owning Subaru Outbacks for years, I couldn't stomach the new ugly models with useless cargo racks. I was looking for cargo space, kayak carrying capability, comfortable seats, a color other than gray, black or white, and gas efficiency. The MKX beat out the Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland, the Cadillac, the VW Toureg, and the Lexus. Most of the others had very ugly silver consoles. The MKX has everything I was looking for and is beautiful inside. The seats and finish are wonderful. I love the steering wheel controls. Only thing I'm not crazy about is the front end - low and massive. First American branded car I've owned in over 30 years! Good Job Ford!

  • Excrescence - 2013 Lincoln MKX
    By -

    Lincoln was once a proud brand and builder of significant American luxury cars. The brand died altogether more than 20 years ago but Ford has not yet caught on to this news. The MKX is an appalling vehicle. The exterior and interior design are both revolting and non-functional. This is Ford Edge remodeled by Stevie Wonder. It is beyond me how, in 2013, a carmaker could offer such a poor design. For example, none of the buttons or switches inside are logically placed or obvious to use. Buttons on the steering wheel require removing your hands to access. Buttons are the dash are microscopically small and usually take many attempts to operate. The touch screen is just a mess.

  • Take a good look - then look elsewhere - 2013 Lincoln MKX
    By -

    I've had this car for 18+ months and I'm looking to trade. At 5 months the brakes were making a terrible grinding. My rotors already needed turning. At one year, my battery needed replacing after many complaints of odd electrical malfunctions. My wipers still go on for no reason, on a completely sunny day sitting at a stop light. My radio features sometimes go awry, not going to preset channel or displaying two different stations on the dash compared to instrument cluster screen. Acceleration is sluggish, once you're going ride is comfortable. Absolutely hate the blinker. Every time I use it I think its going to break. Too hard to operate - what we're they thinking?!?

  • Disappointed - 2013 Lincoln MKX
    By -

    Wth all the hype about Ford comeback I find the Lincoln MKX very disappointing when comparing even to the Chevy Traverse LTZ. Lacks a lot of the finesse in features and even the "Premier" package cannot compare.....Lincoln is Higher priced but not worth it. No folding side mirrors, second seat not adjustable, no key memory for seat positions, lots less cargo space, electric seats lack adjustable features as GM has, lackluster engine and poor gas mileage.......Lots of other bad comparisons....Guess I'll go back to GM.

  • American Dream - 2013 Lincoln MKX
    By -

    I purchased NKX after having owned a Volkswagen Touareg. Though the Touareg is more cutting edge performance and bluntly utilitarian in its style, the Lincoln MKX is an amazing SUV! Fit, finish and features are top notch and the luxurious touches are limitless. It is the most impressive vehicle I have ever owned and America should be proud. Style is impressive and the standard and optional features arebvery well valued. Bang for buck, nothing came clove to the MKX.

  • Lincoln MKX keeps getting better! - 2013 Lincoln MKX
    By -

    The 2013 Lincoln MKX is our third MKX. 2007,2009 and 2013. This vehicle is more luxury that the others by far, it also has the upgraded My Lincoln Touch, which is a big improvement over the first generation that I have in my 2011 Ford Explorer. The 3.7 v6 is quick and we have the AWD model. The ride is soft and smooth on the luxury side. Compared to Lexus RX 350 and Cadillac SRX our friends have it is quicker and rides better and more elegant!

  • Impressed with MKX - 2013 Lincoln MKX
    By -

    We purchased the MKX to replace 2012 Infiniti FX 35 we had for 2 years. Although we loved the FX35, we both decided that we needed more interior space for travel. The FX 35 is not as roomy and accommodating. So far this has been a joy to own. Smooth and noise free driving. I am surprised to see that others have not had this same experience. We had a 2010 VW Toureg prior to the Infiniti and it was built rugged as well as luxurious. So, the MKX has a nice feel in the middle. I think it will hold well to taking the dogs to the vet as well as transporting the grandchildren to activities. I will come back and update after owning for a year, any negative issues.

  • Poor experience from Lincoln - 2013 Lincoln MKX
    By -

    I had bought a 2013 MKX from Planet Lincoln. The vehicle had a lot of interior noise from the road and surroundings. I was told by the service manager that this was normal. I went back to the sales associate and explained that I was not satisfied with the noise the response I got was too bad there is nothing we can do for you. Very pricey for a sub par vehicle

  • Rusty paint product - 2013 Lincoln MKX
    By -

    My MKX is only seven months plus old with all features warranty plus anti rust package. But I am disappointed to see my MKX with rusty condition and not getting a proper help from Ford. I would request all of you who has this vehicle go and check if you have such issues for safer side otherwise it will be too late to react.

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