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As times change and formerly popular large truck-based SUVs morph into more efficient crossover alternatives, the big American wagon appears to be staging a renaissance. This new utility breed, the CUV, is car-based like the wagons of old but features the taller body style of traditional sport-utilities. One of the leading entrants in this field is the Ford Flex, which spawned an even bolder luxury crossover from Ford's luxury division: the three-row, six- or seven-passenger Lincoln MKT.

The big news here, aside from the Lincoln MKT's expansive 208-inch length, is the available turbocharged V6, which saddles up 355 horsepower and all-wheel drive to move the MKT's substantial heft smartly. Every MKT also offers a quiet, finely trimmed cabin and more amenities than you'd expect in a luxury ride. The MKT's tight third-row seating is a drawback, but overall, this Lincoln -- particularly the current model -- is worth a look.

Current Lincoln MKT
The Lincoln MKT is a full-size luxury crossover SUV that seats six or seven. The entry-level MKT gets a 3.7-liter V6 that puts out 300 hp and 280 pound-feet of torque. The MKT EcoBoost receives a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 that whips up 355 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque. Both models feature a six-speed automatic transmission.

The base MKT is front-wheel drive only, whereas the MKT EcoBoost has standard all-wheel drive along with driver-selectable settings that alter steering response, stability/traction control intervention, transmission behavior and suspension tuning.

Standard equipment on the MKT is very generous. Items that would typically be high-end options on other luxury models are included, such as adaptive xenon headlights, heated and ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, power-adjustable pedals and steering wheel, rear sunshades, a rearview camera and even mobile WiFi. The new MyLincoln Touch electronics interface is also included, bringing most interior controls under the jurisdiction of a large central touchscreen. Updates made for 2013 have improved the usability, speed and reliability of this system, though it may still require some time to acclimate.

Should the standard items not be enough, the MKT also offers a power-folding third-row seat, rear seatbelt airbags, a blind-spot warning system, adaptive cruise control, an automatic parallel parking system, a navigation system, a panoramic sunroof, a surround-sound audio system, and heated and ventilated second-row captain's chairs with a further optional small refrigerated console in between.

In reviews, our editors have been impressed by the MKT EcoBoost's effortless power, particularly given that the turbocharged engine exacts no fuel economy penalty over the otherwise capable base engine. Other than the mechanically identical Ford Flex EcoBoost, there's no other three-row crossover quite like it. Regardless of engine, however, the MKT delivers surprisingly adept handling for such a large vehicle and a ride that's comfortable in most situations. The EcoBoost's adjustable suspension should improve this even further.

Inside, we've applauded the Lincoln MKT's fashionable design and fine materials, though MyLincoln Touch has its aforementioned downsides. The standard seven-passenger version can carry three in its middle-row 60/40-split-bench, while the six-passenger model substitutes a pair of optional bucket seats that slide fore and aft. With four people aboard, the MKT is one of the easiest places to spend time on the road. However, the sloping rear roof subtracts valuable headroom compared to the squarish Flex, making the third row really only suitable for children or short adults.

Used Lincoln MKT Models
The MKT debuted for the 2010 model year. Originally, the base model was available with all-wheel drive, but this was removed from the options list for 2012. Models produced prior to the 2013 model year differ in a number of different ways, the most obvious being its different grille design. Other differences can be found under the hood. The entry-level MKT still featured a 3.7-liter V6, but it put out only 268 hp and 267 lb-ft of torque. This resulted in merely adequate acceleration for the big, heavy MKT. The EcoBoost powertrain is unchanged.

The first three model years also featured an older electronics interface, which lacks some of the current car's MyLincoln Touch features and design flourish, but may ultimately be easier to use. Other items not available were the inflatable rear seatbelts, lane departure warning/assist, a heated steering wheel and the EcoBoost's adjustable dampers. Despite this latter omission, this MKT still boasted surprisingly capable handling, yet it didn't sacrifice the smooth and refined ride quality expected in a premium vehicle of this sort.

In general, if the current MKT appeals to you, then used examples should as well. Beyond the base engine's mediocre acceleration, much of its pros and cons have remained the same.

User Reviews:

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  • Beware - 2010 Lincoln MKT
    By -

    I think we might like the MKT if the dealer can get it started. 300 miles and towed to dealer, will not start. It took 3 days and several phone calls to even get a loaner. Dealer does not return our calls about our new MKT. Paid for 2010 Lincoln MKT, driving 2009 mercury. Beware and ask about the new ignition problems. It may be a great car. Hard to tell when you can't drive it!

  • Surprisingly Good - A Functional Fashion Statement - 2014 Lincoln MKT
    By -

    Was initially looking at Land Rover RR Sport. But while that was a better car (amazing handling and style) the MKT was an elegant and less expensive alternative. Packed with technology (adaptive cruise, cooled seats front/rear) and I really like the style - it's elegant and stands out (not sure why critics don't like styling). Some elements reveal that the platform is based on a family car (e.g. old fashioned foot operated parking brake, no front parking sensors even on top level model). Great power with 365 hp V6 and interior style with two rows of bucket seat is great.

    By -

    My car is cool, classy and it stands out amongst the other boring looking SUVs. I leased my 2013 MKT and my lease is up soon. I'm thinking about buying another one. I've been researching and test driving other SUVs and none of them compare. I tested the enclave, MDX, qx60 and none of them have the excitement behind the wheel as the MKT. I tend to drive pretty swiftly and I love the powerful ecoboost engine. If I need to pass another driver I can do it with great confidence. I also love that I have the benefits of a minivan without actually having to drive a minivan.... I'm too cool for that! My husband loves my car too and agrees that buying one when my lease is up is best. LINCOLN PLEASE DONT STOP MAKING THE MKT!!!!! Lincoln hmade a classyclassy SUV that out performs any other SUV on the road in this price range!

  • Emperor of the Highway. - 2013 Lincoln MKT
    By -

    We've had our MKT for over a year now, and it keeps exceeding our expectations. Room, comfort, power and even amazing agility for such a big rig. Begs to be taken on long road trips. It can be so comfortable that you forget how long you've been driving (so it warns you that it's time for a break!). The electronic helpers are very effective. The adaptive cruise is amazing and makes me wish all our cars had it. The lane departure system is equally predictable and useful. The styling is often characterized as "polarizing", and I don't really see what's so controversial about it. I think it's very long, low, elegant and even a touch menacing. The low center of gravity helps handling.

  • Edmunds is Way Off Base! - 2010 Lincoln MKT
    By -

    Have about 6500 miles on the MKT - vehicle is awesome! Styling definitely stands out-not another blah Lexus look-a-like. Performance kicks u- no-what! Lincoln definitely slammed one out of the park with this one. Style, comfort, performance, utility, technology, economy - it's all there - the total package! And guess what I forgot to mention - quality - from an American company - you already know it! If you buy from someone else, you truly are non-American. There is nothing the Asian 3 can offer that surpasses this vehicle.

  • Merry MKTmas - 2010 Lincoln MKT
    By -

    I just drove this home from Disney with the family loaded to the gills with suitcases. I traded in a 2008 Mazda CX-9. My family found it comfy and very quiet. This is the most solid feeling American vehicle I have ever purchased. For its size and heft the handling is excellent. Seats are spectacular and firmer than the mushy Flex. My girls are 64-65 inches tall and their heads don't hit the roof in the the 3rd row seats. Those large of torso will not do well in back. I was planning on getting a Flex, but after driving this I thought it was worth the difference. We own a Benz R320 and this feels the same if not better. We got 21 MPG highway which is good for size and load. Love the look.

  • pros beat the cons - 2012 Lincoln MKT
    By -

    Needed seven passenger seating and did not want a minivan. Pros fast, handled better than a truck based SUVs that we test drove Q7,gx460, q56. J35 handled better but seemed underpowered. Good tradeoff between ride and handling. A little tin can feel but not nearly as tin sounding as the edge. Bad gas Mileage ECO boost in name only. Few mechanical issues with power seats. Third row head clearnce under 5 feet, leg room plenty. Good utility except for third row leg room.

  • 81 OLD MALE - 2016 Lincoln MKT
    By -


  • Very Happy With my Choice - 2010 Lincoln MKT
    By -

    We looked at the Q7, XC-90, MDX, Enclave and the MKT. The closest equal was the Q7 and I'm happy to say the MKT is a much better car. The Eco boost engine is the way to go. Almost 100 HP more than the Q7 and still better mileage than that car. Interior space is much better with the MKT. The Sync system is top notch. The ability to plug my IPod into the USB and control it via the touch screen is great. THX sound system is off the charts. Sync/Nav/Voice Recognition etc. is very well thought out and the level of integration is impressive. I went into this purchase heavily leaning to the Q7. After I drove the MKT, it was an easy decision. Very happy to buy American over the Audi.

  • Excellent Design and Quality - 2010 Lincoln MKT
    By -

    Just bought the vehicle without knowing much about it and was thoroughly impressed by the quality, comfort and engineering. Outstanding acceleration, great handling and typical Lincoln Town Car style quiet ride. Excellent safety features are part of a unique package assembled by Ford. I have owned 4 Town Cars and currently have 2 Jaquars XJ series. This MKT hadles as good as the XJ8 and is as much fun to drive. Highly recommended,

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