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The Lexus RX 450h gets an updated look for 2013, adopting the latest Lexus grille design. There are a few other cosmetic enhancements as well, along with a power liftgate and an iPod/USB audio interface added to the standard features list. Also new is a Sport mode as standard equipment, which changes steering effort, throttle response and transmission shifts for a more engaging driving experience.

  • Smooth ride
  • Most fuel-efficient luxury SUV
  • Luxurious and comfortable interior.
  • Questionable economic benefit
  • Expensive and confusing options packages.

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  • POOR fuel economy! - 2013 Lexus RX 450h
    By -

    Very disappointed! Fuel economy well below the EPA estimates. Had I known I would only get 22-23mpg I wouldn't have wasted my money on the hybrid version. Definitely feel cheated. Poor design of back seats. There is a large gap between the back seats that is both a safety hazzard and is unsightly. Poor design of navigation/computer as unable to perform many functions when the vehicle is in motion. Windshield wipers/washer has poor coverage of the front windshield. Unable to close off outside air when the defroster is engaged.

  • Great - but!!! - 2013 Lexus RX 450h
    By -

    This is my 2nd RX, previously owning a 2008 RX400h, the 450 is definitely the better of the two. It is extremely comfortable, fun to drive, well appointed & stylish. I drive a lot, so it is important that I don't feel beat up or worn out after 5-8 hours. There isn't much I don't really like about this vehicle. My disappointment has been with mpg in both vehicles. I am a "hyper-miler", squeezing every mpg out of the car I can. In the 450, after two years I was averaging 30.5 mpg; getting 32-33 mpg's on many trips. Something changed and I'm lucky to get 28.5 now. The same with the 400h after 70K. Raising the issue with Lexus netted "that's too bad", offering no interest/solution to fix it!

  • gives only 22 MPG vs 30 - 32 as stated on sticker - 2013 Lexus RX 450h
    By -

    I traded in my Lexus GX470 after 6 years for the 2013 450h. The estimated mileage on the sticker is NO WHERE close to what the vehicle actually gets. I am getting 22-23 average miles per gallon! I called the sales man and he asked us to bring it in. Service dept told us there was nothing wrong with the vehicle. The dealer told us to call Lexus corporate office. We are very disappoitned with the way the sales maanger treated us. He was insensative and blew us off. My family has been buying cars from LONGO Lexus (El Monte, CA) for 30 years. We will nto buy from LONGO again. I sincerely hope that taking the time to post this review will sufficiently warn others fo the this disparity in mileage

  • 2013 RX 450h vs 2006 RX400h - 2013 Lexus RX 450h
    By -

    I purchased a new 2013 RX450h after having the original RX400h since April 2005. Since it's been 7 model years of advancements I expected the new 450h to be more technically advanced then my 400h (it truly is), but I am amazed how much better it is overall. The 2013 handles much better, is quieter, and the transitions from no engine to having the engine cut on are not noticeable like they were on the 400h; especially at traffic lights. The 2013 feels much more substantial and you really don't hear the road noise or the loud engine go-cart like sounds that I could hear when I accelerated with the 400h.

  • Before You Buy Hybrid - 2013 Lexus RX 450h
    By -

    Please don't get the Hybrid version if what you want is to save on gas. Gas required for this vehicle is Premiun, so you'll pay more at the pump. The tank takes about 14 gallons and I get about 300 miles about 22 mpg. I believe "Hybrid cars" are just a trend that does little or nothing for the environment. It does Nothing for your wallet. I think the only good thing I heard about Hybrid is that there's no smog check ever. It's extremely distracting every time you're looking at that dashboard to see if you're saving any gas. I won't recommend the hybrid version.

  • All around outstanding mid size SUV - 2013 Lexus RX 450h
    By -

    Had a Highlander, drove that and the rx350 and Rx450, the rx 450 beat the others. It's extremely quiet, powerful, luxurious, outstanding build quality and we think very nice looking. It takes getting used to a hybrid in day to day driving, as it doesn't jump off the line unless you want it to. It's almost a game seeing how good of mileage you can get. We are getting at least 28 mph in city driving. We intend to keep this vehicle at least 8 years, and gas is not going to get cheaper so it will pay for us in the long run. The ride on the 450 is smoother than the 350 due to the extra weight of the batteries. We have had zero problems or defects in the 7k plus miles we have driven.

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