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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2014 Lexus CT 200h receives a handful of updates. These include freshened front-end styling, newly available LED headlights and new wheels and a black-painted roof for the F Sport package. Inside, there's a reshaped steering wheel, the latest version of Lexus' Remote Touch infotainment interface and new audio speakers for higher-quality sound.

  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Versatility provided by the CT 200h's hatchback design.
  • Handles well for a hybrid
  • Not much storage or luggage space
  • Very pokey acceleration and the engine is quite noisy in the process
  • Mouse-based electronics interface can be distracting to use.

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  • I love this car so much, I just bought a new one to replace my 2011 - 2014 Lexus CT 200H
    By -

    I was shopping for a hybrid 3 years ago to replace a gas guzzling SUV. Loved the styling of the CT, didn't want to get a Prius (I had just bought one for my wife). So I took the plunge. LOVE the CT. So much so that I just replaced the 2011 with a new 2014.

  • Attention Grabber - 2014 Lexus CT 200H
    By -

    Bought this car at end of 2014 inventory year and at True Car "Good Price" recommendation. This car is and F Sport Premium trim level but now, 6.5 months into 2016 Private party resale is a measly $24,000.00. That is almost $23,000 off our purchase price. NOT HAPPY!! Aside from that, this car is a great city car and very good road trip car. Turning radius is so good that I can almost turn around on a two lane road. Lots of room in the garage too. Acceleration is poor but adequate and we have averaged almost 43 mpg over our 27,000 miles. Not bad. Cargo space even with the back seats folded flat is not adequate for road trips but we managed two trips to Florida jammed tightly with two Shi Tzus and luggage in spite of that. Difficult. Car gets lots of compliments, most often from some kid on a skate board but just the same. I can almost wash the entire roof from one side because the car is so low but it gets lost easily in the parking lot because it can hide behind something as small as a Volkswagen Rabbit. We have learned to make sure to remember what row it is parked in. Except for anticipating taking a beating when selling or trading, we give the car a "B" mostly for good looks and economy.

  • As long as you know that its a Hybrid - 2014 Lexus CT 200H
    By -

    My mindset while getting this car was that its not going to be as fast as my G35 coupe or my RX350 SUV. I needed a car that was good on mileage for my commutes in the New England area and had the style and technology I would love. I got the 2014 F-Sport edition in the Ultrasexy... I mean Ultrasonic Blue. It gets over 40mpg combined which is great! It's 100% Made in Japan. Yes, I still think products made by the Japanese are still far superior than other products made elsewhere. There aren't many f-sport CTs on the road right now. (I guess its because of the huge price tag for a hybrid)

  • Homework & test drive only - 2014 Lexus CT 200H
    By -

    Nice car with the Toyota reliability and the Lexus luxury. Did a lot of research on-line and thought this was the car for me. Although I was looking for a sporty, economical commuter car, the Lexus CPO warranty sold me. Decent car but with extremely small back seat and leg room. Except for an infant in a car seat or a small child, I don't think may larger kids or adults would be comfortable. I liked that hatchback feature although the storage area is small. Nice features and really like the estimated mpg. Decent interior features and accessories that you would expect with a Lexus. After test driving the 200h, then the 300h, ended up buying the 300h for the extra luxury and comfort on my 100 mile/day commute.

  • All a Matter of Perspective - 2014 Lexus CT 200H
    By -

    When car shopping there are 2 cars in a persons mind: The ideal car that appeals to their emotion while tugging heart strings, and the car that's the logical, practical choice. This car falls into the latter category, which is no bad thing. Compared to the MB CLA, BMW 320i, and Audi A3, the CT is hardly a standout. But rest assured it'll far outlast any of those 3 in reliability and with lower maintenance costs to boot. Its interior is well laid out, and it possesses the greatest front seats in the business. The media system is simple to use (an easy thing to mess up in a car these days) and the premium audio system is pretty good for a non-branded setup. The Bluetooth streaming is very high quality too, while the interior materials are good for the category, with soft touch stuff where it counts. Its ride (I have the F-Sport with the firmer suspension) is a little harsh but never brittle. It's a controlled tightness that allows bumps into the cabin but takes the edge off each time. As an added plus, the CT can be had for thousands below sticker due to its lower demand, a benefit often overlooked in car reviews. If there's one big drawback to the car, it's the speed, or lack there-of. This is a slow car, no two ways about it, and it doesn't want to be rushed. Thankfully, the engine is well isolated so you won't feel like you're in an economy car when entering the freeway. Luckily speed is the CT's only dynamic downfall. In the hills this little hatch can hold its own when the going gets twisty. Steering is numb but razor sharp and laser precise. The suspension has hardly any role either. The Sport Mode doesn't make the car any faster, but rather sharpens throttle response and weights up the steering for a sporty feel, useful for freeway or canyon use. Power issues aside, the CT never feels like a detached, isolation-pod hybrid whose only purpose is to suck the joy out of its owners in exchange for better savings at the pump. The CT200h is a solid car for anyone looking for solid entry-lux transport in the city. It lacks the pizzazz of its German brethren but is more practical and logical for long term ownership. As an added plus MPG does actually hover around its EPA ratings, and ginger driving will yield near a consistent 48 MPG (I've never gone below 44 MPG myself).

  • First and last Lexus - 2014 Lexus CT 200H
    By -

    I bought a brand new Lexus Ct200h in August of 2014. Loved the car till January when crackling and rattling was heard in the dashboard. Two months later and several visits to the dealership and was finally told that the rattling is a "normal characteristic" of the car. I have documentation that says that the cold weather is a cause for the sound. Am now in step one of Lexus arbitration process. Hoping for the best but not expecting it. Should anyone accept rattling in a brand new car especially a luxury car?

  • CT 200h w/Nav (2014)---Fun to Drive--- - 2014 Lexus CT 200H
    By -

    A lot of small to mid-sized sedans (Buick-too tacky interior, Mercedes-gas mileage, Mini-Cooper- too small, Mazda3-good hatchback) were test driven. In the end, the interior styling, comfort, small size (for city parking) and gas mileage benefits swayed me to this vehicle. It is used for city driving and a very long weekly commute. As you can imagine, in the city I keep it in sport mode and on the highway it goes into fuel sipping mode. It is very comfortable on long drives and spirited in the city. Works perfect for my purposes. The difference between sport and fuel sipping mode is remarkable. Also, it doesn't feel "small" when sitting behind the wheel.

  • It grows on you... big time - 2014 Lexus CT 200H
    By -

    I've never driven a hybrid before, but have owned a lexus before. In my previous 2008 IS250, if you touch the gas, it jumps. Quick off the line. But I also got 20 mpg. You don't buy a CT200h for power. This car eases into speed from a stop. Hence the excellent gas mileage. What no critic that I've read has revealed or maybe didn't notice, is that once you get up to speed, even 30-40 mph, especially in "sport" mode, the car responds and accelerates SURPRISINGLY well. As well as my old 200 hp IS250. If I need to pass a car on the highway, and go from 50 to 65, this car moves well. It feels more like 200hp when you're accelerating at speed. Not to mention the comfort and handling. A+

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