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  • Uses no oil, cant tell you where the oil leak is - 2016 Kia Soul EV
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    A few days after taking our Soul home, we noticed some clear oily liquid all over the area that we were using to park our KIA. Prior to taking our car in, we contacted our dealer who told us that it was impossible since the Soul-ev did not use any oil. We took the car in and they were stumped, they asked that we leave the car in for a few days to evaluate the situation. It has now been in the agency for five (5) days and when we called to check today, we were told that the car had a leak of some sort and they did not know from where, seriously guys, what a laugh that was. My wife agreed to wait for a call back and we are still waiting. Meanwhile my beautiful paved stone driveway has oil damage to it and my car is still in the shop, Three (3) stars for reliability is all I can give it. Obtaining parts can take for ever, dealers favorite saying is "we will have to order the part from Korea"

  • Good bye gas , welcome clean air. - 2016 Kia Soul EV
    By -

    I wanted an electric car for a while but they are pricey and also some look weird unlike normal car. Then we got the amazing Tesla , yes its fast , nice and expensive. After driving a gas Kia Soul I love the way the car handle so I look into the electric options. When they have the rebate up to $13500 ( Msrp $32-$39k) I immediately jump in. Bought the ev plus fully loaded. Love it. The panorama sunroom , heated and air seat, heated steering wheels, stereo and yes a lot more than other ev offer. Fully charge it show 105 if you turn on the ac , it show 100 miles. So just assume the ac will cost you roughly 5 extra miles charged. So far driven 300 miles and love every min of it. Havent gone to a gas station for a while. I do have another car which I take long distant. THis Kia is superb in handling, no blind spot, backup camera not the best but still clear, ac is cold enough, quiet and easy to drive. Trust me is the best for that price range.

  • Best reasonably-priced EV that you can buy today - 2016 Kia Soul EV
    By -

    After driving a Nissan Leaf for nearly 4 years, I thought Id check out what else was available. Here in WA State, there arent many choices beyond a Kia Soul or a Nissan Leaf. BMW and Tesla are too expensive for me, and other choices (e.g. Ford, VW) are not yet available here. I was sold on the Soul EV less than 5 minutes into my first test drive. Even though it is shorter than a Leaf, the Soul feels so much roomier inside, with a much better driving position and more comfort in all the seating locations. The engine is quieter and smoother, as if that is even possible! Handling and steering feels taught, and that torque-y electric acceleration is great. The controls are well thought-out, as is the navigation/entertainment system. Pretty much everything that I wished the Leaf had is present in the Soul. The base model is nicely decked-out, and I felt no need to go up to the next (plus) trim level.

  • Never buying gas again...Kia Soul ev 2016 - 2016 Kia Soul EV
    By -

    Love this car. Very roomy for a small car - and versatile with the split seats. We charge up overnight and do not have a problem with range anxiety. Much easier to plug in that having to stop at gas station. electricity bills have not increased significantly either.

  • Soul EV is a Plus - 2016 Kia Soul EV
    By -

    I drove a Nissan Leaf for three years prior to taking delivery of a new Soul EV+ last month, and thus far it has been enjoyable. This is my second all-electric vehicle, and while it has key differences from the Leaf I do like it for the positive ones. On the downside, the cargo space is not nearly as capacious as that in a Leaf. And the hatchback release on the key fob only does that: release the hatchback. I am constantly annoyed at having to unlock the doors after Ive already unlocked the hatch when I walk around to get in the car. The extended range is noticeably different from my 2013 Leaf, and the driver only AC as well as the ventilated seats are a huge energy saver. The UVO EV Services are functional if not entirely well-executed. And I wish I could get out of the car with it turned on and NOT have it beep as loud and as long as it does. (Some volume and duration control would be welcomed.) The ride quality is sporty, it handles excellently on the city and highway roads Ive been traveling on. Parking is quicker as the backend isnt as extended as the Leaf. I am taking it on our first extended trip to the coast this weekend.

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