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  • Worst car I've driven in years - 2016 Jeep Compass
    By -

    This vehicle is ridiculously underpowered and poor on gas. The seats are not comfortable at all. No lumbar support and headrest is way too far back from your head. On normal highway driving the engine revs past 6000 rpm to try to keep up with 65 mph traffic.

  • Inferior Vehicle to Others in Same Class - 2016 Jeep Compass
    By -

    While our Honda CRV was in the shop a couple of weeks after a collision we had the opportunity to drive a 2016 Compass. This comparison is being made to the CRV and the RAV4 that we previously owned. Overall the three vehicles can't really be compared because although they are in the same price range they seem to be in totally different classes of quality. The materials, technology, drive and overall feel of the Jeep Compass is far inferior to either the CRV or RAV4. What bothered me most about the Compass was the seemingly lack of logic when it comes to the design of the vehicle, such as extremely poor layout of gauge instruments, poor lighting and control buttons for audio that just don't flow well. The acceleration of the 4 cylinder lacks a lot as it seemed to really strain to gain speed getting on the interstate. In addition the air noise coming through the windows seemed to indicate that there was some problem with the seals around the windows. The vehicle we drove had 12,500 miles on it so it was fairly new but it seemed to drive like a very old vehicle.

  • Great Jeep - 2016 Jeep Compass
    By -

    We love this Jeep. Great options, great price, great ride.

  • 2016 Jeep Compass High Altitude 4X4 6 Speed Auto - 2016 Jeep Compass
    By -

    I made a great deal on this mini SUV (I also own a large Liberty Jeep 4X4). It is almost as if the editors didn't even drive this SUV. Granted I would never have bought a Jeep with a CVT transmission, but when they offered this 4X4 with a 6 speed auto it was time to look closer. I bought the high altitude addition after a test drive that was unexpectedly brilliant. Make no mistake this not a back woods SUV but an Urban 4X4 traveler. The power leather seats, one button 4X4 engage, back up camera, cruse control, leather steering wheel with full controls and 430 digital touch screen with HHD make this SUV a joy to drive! The sky roof and the mentioned options give this mini SUV a very refined ride with the 17" all season radials...I guess I'm miffed at the editors opinions of this SUV. I would recommend this Urban SUV to anyone...just skip the CVT.

  • I guess I got lucky? - 2016 Jeep Compass
    By -

    Based on the other reviews you would think this vehicle was sub par. I actually love it ! Takes about $15-$20 to fill where I live (KY) great on the road when I'm traveling back and forth about 45minutes away. I can get drive as fast 80-90mph and not even realize it that's how smooth it rides. I've not experienced any of the below issues. I'm 25 so no kids. I have 6'2 guy friend that fit comfortably in my backseat as well. And I have enough cargo storage for my hair and makeup kit and lighting. Overall great vehicle !

  • SolI'm d, steady performer - 2016 Jeep Compass
    By -

    Not flashy, not fast, this little car is a trooper. Good solid ride. Not a zippy vehicle, but it moves steady. Reliable, fabulous electronics (satellite radio, navigation and Bluetooth, plus all the basic) and comfortable. Design is attractive and timeless, we have a sunroof and really enjoy it. The interior is super easy to maintain thanks to the heavy plastic and solid moulding, so hope to get longer life than the previous leather we had which suffered from sun exposure. We are pleased with this basic vehicle that rocks steady performance. Nice to,have a car we can afford and be proud to drive and be seen in.

  • Never, ever buy this car - 2016 Jeep Compass
    By -

    We rented this car for one day of cross country travel. Big mistake. Loud, uncomfortable, loud, sluggish, loud, clunkiest shifting ever, loud, no get up and go, loud, holds 10 gallons of gas so had to fuel constantly....let's see...oh yes, it's LOUD.

  • great jeep - 2016 Jeep Compass
    By -

    I jus purchased my new baby 3/30/16 brand spankin new fresh off the show room floor this is my first mini truck I use to drive a scion. 2010 long story short I am loving the jeep life smooth ride very comfy just right for some whose 26 no kids

  • Piece of Junk! - 2016 Jeep Compass
    By -

    This Jeep was a loud, gas guzzling, bumpy ride! I was lucky I was just renting. The only thing I liked was the new car smell. I never had to fill again before getting to Las Vegas from L.A. I would never buy this car. My Hyundai had more pick up.

  • Such a disappointment - 2016 Jeep Compass
    By -

    It looks great from the outside and even the inside is not bad. My problem is while driving it... It "jerks/jolt" you while driving like its trying catch it breath. They when you are trying to gain ahead on another car it "revs" very hard when only trying to get to 50-60 mph. I mean the RPM gets near (5/6) before I reach 45 mph. Closing, It is more dependable than my old car, but I am highly disappointed. I wish I can give it back!

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