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  • bad radio - 2016 Jeep Cherokee
    By -

    I recently leased a 2016 Jeep Cherokee latitude after having a 2010 Lincoln . wanted something different . I was looking for a lot of extras and was surprised to find most of my wish list with this car. I am happy with how it drives and the extras, but I am writing this because I am so disappointed in the radio. I get a handful of stations and I have asked the service guy to check it , thinking there was something wrong., but was told it was a new radio and there was nothing wrong. I am not sure if anyone is having the same issue. I like listening to the radio not just a few stations. I am thinking on bringing it back because of this . so if you are about to purchase this jeep and you want a good radio , don't buy this jeep .

  • Used 2016 Jeep Cherokee Great Purchase - 2016 Jeep Cherokee
    By -

    Check for small missing parts. The cup holders were missing there liners and there was no owners manual. Fortunately with today's times I can access the manual online and the parts were easy to order.

  • LOUD ENGINE - 2016 Jeep Cherokee
    By -

    For the first 50 miles you will enjoy a quiet ride. After that expect a loud knocking from the engine. Imagine you are driving a1970 ford with the valves out of adjustment and about to throw a rod. Yes, that's what driving this car is like. Dealer says it's normal. Purchased at Moore Jeep Peoria AZ. Steer clear of this car until they get some competent engineers.

  • 2016 Jeep Cherokee Latitude 75th Anniversary v6 - 2016 Jeep Cherokee
    By -

    I set up test drives for both the Jeep and a Mazda CX-5 for the same day. My fiance and I drove the Mazda and we both really liked it. We went into it with a Mazda bias, and were only testing the Jeep to say we compared the Mazda to something. We finished the test drive and absolutely fell in love with this car. I'm 6'6" and am coming from a 2003 Kia Spectra, so this Jeep is a huge step up for me. The particular Cherokee we got is a 4x4 Limited 75th Anniversary Edition with the optional V6 engine and a moonroof. I wasn't sure the V6 was necessary, but I'm so glad I got it, because it is an absolute blast to drive. The fuel economy isn't the greatest thing in the world, but we went in knowing that. I'm also new to the area, so when we have a little extra money, we're going to spring for the Navigation system. I have only owned this Jeep for about a month now, but I don't have a bad thing to say other than the gas mileage isn't that great. But considering that's because I'm accelerating around people with a V6 all the time, I can't complain too much. Love this car!!!

  • Jeep Engine - 2016 Jeep Cherokee
    By -

    I have a new 2016 Jeep Cherokee Latitude with 1200 miles on it. I noticed a noise coming from my engine at a traffic light and I thought it was the car behind me but when I turned the radio down I discovered it was coming from my new Jeep. When you turn the radio down you can here a ticking sound which sounds like a helicopter propeller. Very Annoying for a Brand new Vehicle. I went to the dealership and let the service manager drive it with me and he heard the same noise. Then he asked the mechanic to go with me and he heard the same noise. I had taken it back to the dealership to have them diagnose and they said that it was a Purge Solenoid Valve and they replaced it. But when they called me to pick it up they said that it was still making the noise and probably will stay that way until Jeep comes out with a replacement part or a recall. Really!!! You pay $30,000 for a new Jeep and you get this kind of noise. I have owned a lot of other Vehicles over the years and the Engines have always been quiet with the radio turned down and you did not even know they were running. The Engineers at Jeep need to take a look at this because it is unacceptable in my book and not up to standards. Unless someone likes listening to this noise I guess you will be ok with it. But when you test drive I would listen for this noise before you buy. The Dealer started more of the Jeeps on the lot and they all made this noise and he told me this is the way Jeep has made them. I did call the Jeep Service Center and all they could tell me is that they would make documentation of it. We all know where that is going! Maybe the CEO of Jeep should get in the car with me for a test drive and listen to the noise and see if he likes listening to it. You think they would have discovered this before they came off of the assembly line. Not so Sincerely! Concerned Customer

  • A Hunk of Junk !!!!! DEFINITELY a lemon! - 2016 Jeep Cherokee
    By -

    Wow , What a huge dissapointment, was really excited and bought a 2016 trail hawk with the 6 cycl engine Heres how owning one has gone (FYI i only have had it 3 weeks ) Week 1, computer froze with rear camera stuck on and blaring latin oompah music ,,,,,,,brought it back to the dealer for repair ,,,,they said dust got in the computer? Week 2 , brought it in for a computer update ....... Week 3 ,,,,transmission froze up while driving into neutral , couldn't get it out of neutral , had it towed to the dealers ( Santa Monica ) and its been sitting there for 3 days and nobody has even looked at it yet What can I tell you ,,,its a huge disappointment , jeep dosen't seem to care.... its been in the shop more than I've actually driven it ,,,,,wish I would have bought something elese and the dealer is NO help whats ever !!!!!!!!!!!! #jeep #trailhawk #jeeptrailhawk #lemon

  • Cherokee guy - 2016 Jeep Cherokee
    By -

    Storage only fair, need more space get a larger SUV. Shifts are smooth, I do feel pain for those that have experienced transmission problems. If a issue arises later I will edit my review. The V6 is powerful and merging into traffic is no problem. I did test drive the Jeep Cherokee twice and I urge everyone thinking about buying any SUV to do there homework. Bottom line I love my Cherokee.

  • Great Little Jeep - 2016 Jeep Cherokee
    By -

    As a previous owner of a 2003 Jeep Liberty Renegade and current owner of a 2008 Jeep Liberty, I am partial towards Jeep products. I had been researching the new Cherokee since it's introduction but wanted to wait to buy one until all the kinks had been corrected. I fell in love with the Trailhawk and finally bought a 2016 Trailhawk in February of 2016. I am extremely happy with this vehicle. My Trailhawk came equipped with the 2.4 liter four cylinder and nine speed transmission. When city driving just put it in " sport mode" and the four banger performs well with higher revs. When highway driving put it in automatic mode and I am getting 31 mpg on the highway(awesome). I have gone off road and this is where the Trailhawk really shines.The Trailhawk is exceptional on dirt and sand and on hills (ascending/descending). I am really impressed by how stable the Trailhawk feels when off road. By the way, I get many compliments on how great the Trailhawk looks. Most people don't recognize it as a Cherokee until they take a close look. It seems Jeep has made the perfect SUV for me and my family. I handed down the 2008 Jeep Liberty to my 18 year old son and he is happy with it. I look forward to the day when I can hand down this Trailhawk to my younger 11 year old son. Keep up the good work. "GO JEEP"

  • Stay away - 2016 Jeep Cherokee
    By -

    I bought my Trailhawk with 12 miles on it. It is now around 4,000 miles and I am experiencing issues. When I turn the car on, it says that 4WD is unavailable and that power steering needs to be serviced. I took it to the dealer and they "fixed" it. Sure enough, two days after the service was completed (reset PCM), the same warning came on.

  • Jeep - 2016 Jeep Cherokee
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