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  • Lexus RX with 3rd row (now with sport package) - 2016 Infiniti QX60
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    Luxury, quiet interior (much better then plain Acura MDX), roomy driver/passenger seats (unlike cocoon in Audi Q7), roomy 3rd row (unlike Q7 or Volvo XC90), made in USA (unlike Q7 (Slovakia) or Volvo XC90), softer ride then in harsh XC90/Q7

  • Excellent Choice - 2016 Infiniti QX60
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    Overall good ride and good safety features. The 360 degree view offer great assistance for parking. The new transmition system is so good that you can hardly notice the gears shifting.

  • 2016 QX60 Few months of Ownership - 2016 Infiniti QX60
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    I purchased this in March and so far the car has been just what I need. This is my first infiniti and I am extremely happy with it. I got a very good deal and I got the AWD with premium and + package which is so awesome and not too fancy. I got the Hermosa Blue with graphite interiors. Its perfect!! With the premium + package you get a lot of features such as illuminated strips of Infiniti on the doors, ambient lights, door lights. They have a nice design for the 2016. It looks really sporty and interiors are very comfortable. I was thinking of using regular fuel as company recommends Premium fuel, again its upto you. I have been putting 93 and 89 octane to get a average of 91 octane as this is recommended by Infiniti if you read the owners manual. I am very happy with this car and looking forward to post a review in 6 months. I got 3 years free oil service and tire rotations from Harte Infiniti Hartford. Tires I have now is AS Toyo Open Country A25 235/65/R18. I am planning to upgrade this to 235/55/R20 with Pirellis Scorpion Verde AS. Keep smiling and live life!!

  • Absolutely in Love with my New QX60 - 2016 Infiniti QX60
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    I test drove probably every three row SUV on the market before deciding on the QX60. I had been driving a 2011 Toyota Sienna that had over 140,000 miles on it and felt it was time to start looking for a new car. Prior to that car I leased three other minivans...two Honda and another Sienna. It was time to move on from the minivan, however I still needed a true third row to have teenage kids sit in from time to time as well as ample cargo space. Most of the other three row SUV's have a joke of a third row that is only meant for someone under ten years old. I test drove the AUDI Q7 and although it's a beautiful car, the third row wasn't nearly as accessible or large as this one and to get all of the equipment I got in the QX60 it would have cost more than $15,000 more. The same story for the Mercedes and the BMW with the BMW having the smallest third row. I considered the Toyota Highlander, and although that is a very nice car with ample room, it's just not nearly as luxurious as the Infiniti QX60, and is quite sparce with the interior details. I even considered the new Honda Pilot fully loaded, until I read all of the Edmunds reviews, and that car for now is a load of trouble. Plus again, it just wasn't as luxurious as this car. The styling of the QX60 is beautiful. The 2016 interior has been tweaked and is now really beautiful. I had looked at the 2015 a few months earlier and didn't love the interior which was why it initially fell off of my short list. When the 2016 came out I revisited the car, and the decision became clear. Technology - the technology is extremely user friendly. Everything is intuitive and so easy to learn. The voice command system actually works and understands what you are saying. So many of the other cars I test drove did not. The navigation is equally easy to use and prompts you early enough to make the system easy to follow. The sound system is outstanding. I think they told me it's a 13 speaker BOSE system. It fills the car beautifully with music. I did get the top of the line model with every bell and whistle available. The new safety features this car has are awesome as well. I love the road departure feature and the cross traffic alert. The car comes with a ton of outside cameras which is super useful as well when parking. I can actually look at the side camera view with the touch of one button and see if my car is too close or far from the curb if I am parallel parking or even parking in a regular space. I love that the car came equipped with heated seats (front and rear) and A/C seats in the front. The A/C seats really works quickly and makes it so comfortable to drive when you get into a hot car. Interior - Plenty of storage space. I wanted a large center console and this one has a two level console which houses everything but in an organized manner. The glove compartment is equally huge. The second row is adjustable front and back and the seats recline as well. The third row seats recline as well which makes you feel like there is more room if you are sitting in third row. If you are a tall adult you probably wouldn't want to go on a really long trip, but an hour or so would be no big deal to sit back there. Behind the third row there is a hidden compartment underneath to store a few things as well. Overall this car is the perfect fit for me. It gives me everything I was looking for...a luxurious vehicle that I can really enjoy whether driving alone or toting the kids all over in.

  • 2016 QX60 Beware of Problems - 2016 Infiniti QX60
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    Everyone knows about the undersized engine, etc. So I'm going to share my views on other issues. Rear seats are not comfortable as the there is no thigh support. Front seats lumbar does not extend far out enough. Car emits high pitched whistling noise when air is on recirculation. Take a look at this Video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0sUMvyP6YI Two car dealers says its normal. So if you like your car to whistle then this is the car for you! Personally, I've leased 3 Infinitis in the past 10 years. Been driving 30 years, and never had this problem in any other car, so I don't think its normal. I regret my trust in Infiniti on this model.

  • Fancy, sleek, but not worth the dollars - 2016 Infiniti QX60
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    I drove one around for a week as a replacement for repairs. I put about 1000 miles on it, it was new. Some things really stood out. First, it is a beautiful SUV, seats are comfortable with leather and plenty of space. Vision is nice with few blind spots. It accelerates nicely and the V6 is really responsive, if a little noise. Cruises at 75 nicely and very smooth. But, for A $50,000 car (I had a base model), it was really not much car for the money. Bluetooth paired with phone for calls, but not for music....kind of amazing in todays world. It did have an Aux jack in the storage, but that was not real useful. Amazingly, it had RCA jacks too, not sure if Infinity thought I was going to hook up a cassette deck or something. Back up camera was nice, especially with a 7 inch screen, but the infotainment system was useless so it was a waste of a screen, climate controls were confusing and not easy to use. Really much prefer my Outback, though not quite as comfortable, it does have many more features for much less money. If it isabout looking good in a car, this is it, otherwise, I will pass.

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