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  • Disappointed - 2016 Infiniti QX60
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    I have had one of these as a rental car for over a week and can safely say I dislike it more than the day I got it. As a vehicle it has nice seats and decent room but I expected much more from it. The ride for a normal SUV is decent but not for this level of SUV. The trim looks nice but there is cheapness in nasty places. For example the plastic on the steering wheel is thin and sticks out almost cutting your hand. It has poor acceleration by my standards.

  • I rented this for a week and went 2000 miles - 2016 Infiniti QX60
    By -

    I had to take a trip for work, in a rental. I was looking for something that was comfortable for the driver, since my feet have issues in alot of cars with not enough legroom and awkward resting spots for my non-driving foot. The interior was sharp, albeit missing basics for an expensive "luxury" car, like blind spot mirrors if not a blind spot warning system. Same with bluetooth, no music streaming although you can connect your phone. No nav system, for such a "luxury" brand, should be a crime. The backup camera monitor was cheesy at best, and made the cheap Toyota RAV4 backup camera monitor look like HDTV. Did it have nice finishes? Yes. Did it look amazing? Yes. I got 25 mpg on average, driving 70-75 mph, for 1000 miles non-stop in one day. And I did it in one day on the way home too. After spending 18 hours in the car, non-stop, you notice stuff. You notice that you are in a luxury car, that is missing basics. The headlights were amazing. The LED daytime lights and fog lights were very sharp. But, it didn't have backup sensors to alert when too close, or even cross traffic detection. For a luxury SUV of this size, I'd say that isn't fair. All of that said, handling was most disappointing. It had alot of road drifting, when at the highway speeds over 60 mph....it felt like the steering was jerky, and had to keep on it to keep it under control. It was a newer car with only 5K on the odometer when I left. I came back with over 7K on the odometer, done in two days - two very long non stop days. I noticed a fair amount of vibration - my GPS on the dash mount was shaky and rattling alot. That was annoying. But I was comfortable. And two guys had all their luggage easily fitting into the rear cargo area with loads of room to spare. But I didn't long to drive, my partner at work drove most of the way. He too noticed the challenging drive of this car. It is BIG, and it takes little effort to steer, but wish it was a bit firmer steering. A nice car in many ways, but I felt I could not enjoy the ride as I felt I was always correcting the car to keep it in my lane, thereby minimizing the experience (which I thought would be luxurious vs. tedious) on such a long ride back and forth.

  • Fantastic and Spacious SUV - 2016 Infiniti QX60
    By -

    After owning it for about 3 months, we're loving the QX60! It has plenty of space for a family or cargo. The drive is super smooth and the seating is very comfortable. I would highly recommend this SUV for anyone looking for a luxury family car.

  • Lexus RX with 3rd row (now with sport package) - 2016 Infiniti QX60
    By -

    Luxury, quiet interior (much better then plain Acura MDX), roomy driver/passenger seats (unlike cocoon in Audi Q7), roomy 3rd row (unlike Q7 or Volvo XC90), made in USA (unlike Q7 (Slovakia) or Volvo XC90), softer ride then in harsh XC90/Q7

  • Still waiting to be amazed - 2016 Infiniti QX60
    By -

    If you are 6ft+ like me, then you may find the seat base too small length wise. Also, I expected more when it comes to pickup speed, takes a while to get going. That said, it's a joy to drive.

  • Soccer Mom Needs More Assistance - 2016 Infiniti QX60
    By -

    My QX60 has the tech package with all bells and whistles. The safety features are tops especially with my precious cargo. While I am suppose to be able to listen to my entertainment while the kids have their CD movie going I have not been able to make that happen. So my music is missing when they are in the car. Plus, my height is short so the seat adjustment could have gone another notch toward the roof for me. A cushion would work. But, defeats the look of the QX60 interior and gets in the way of storage when another driver takes over. Also, with the rear seats view to the screens I need to adjust the headrests up to be out of my way. The typical headrest makes my head tilt forward. With a screen in the headrest it can not be turned around for my pleasure to make it straighter on my posture. The GPS I can not delete the total history out of our QX60 from the previous owner. Just thought I would share some items that were not previously mentioned in the reviews to help other customers. The sensor for automatic braking allowing for much distance of the vehicle in front of you can create serious situations when it wants to bring you to a complete stop when turning from a main road into a busy shopping mall. Possible rear end collisions to your car. I turn it off and just drive defensively!

  • Luxury Family SUV - 2016 Infiniti QX60
    By -

    I bought the 3.5 AWD with all Packages except the Theatre package which I found not really useful considering we are in the age of iPads and Tablets. I test drove 2016 Acura MDX but didn't like the bland interior, button gear selector and the low driving position. For the QX60 I got the Hermosa Blue with Wheat and it looks gorgeous!!! The styling of the 2016 Model looks way more stylish and sportier than the 2015 model. The 2016 also drives a lot smoother and feels quicker off the block. The sport mode is a blast and I am amazed at the ease with which this huge car can get going on the freeway and pass other cars. The surround view 360' camera is awesome and makes parking this huge vehicle a breeze. The interior in whet stands out and adds to the overall pleasure of driving. The back and rear seats are very spacious though could have done with better lateral support. Just love the remote start feature and helps cooling the car ahead in hot summer days. Navigation is pretty awesome in the sense that it is simple to use and doesn't go overboard in terms of tech. All the buttons and knobs are easy to use and can be used even when the vehicle is in motion (as against the Pilot where this is restricted). Overall I am very pleased with this car and enjoy spending time inside it. Would very much recommend to anyone looking out for a Luxury 3-row crossover.

  • Awesome 3 row SUV - 2016 Infiniti QX60
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    We shopped extensively before choosing QX60 (BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Acura). Important buying criteria: 3 row, 7 seat luxury SUV that is comfortable, heated steering wheel (live in Boston area), blind spot detection, easy access to third row and can seat adults in the third row comfortably. Audi and BMW third row is a check box (not really usable), Mercedes (probably best in class but reliability concerns, twice as expensive as QX60). We owned several Acuras (TL and RL), but we preferred QX60 over the MDX (third row not as comfortable as QX60). We bought the extended warranty (10 yr, 150K bumper to bumper) for ~$2K. We really like the QX60, very comfortable to drive, luxurious with fantastic technology (Premium, Premium+ and Assist package).

  • Excellent Choice - 2016 Infiniti QX60
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    Overall good ride and good safety features. The 360 degree view offer great assistance for parking. The new transmition system is so good that you can hardly notice the gears shifting.

  • EXCELLENT FAMILY SUV - 2016 Infiniti QX60
    By -

    I leased this vehicle to replace a M37x. I shopped for a new Q70 , but this vehicle had a better overall value. It is too much car for me personally, because I don't have a large at home family anymore. But with the suttle upgrades in the exterior design for 2016, the smoothness of the ride, and the ample roominess and interior quality (and nice simple controls) of the vehicle, I was convinced to go with the QX60. The Infiniti incentives to waive some remaining lease payments and other dealer incentives helped to get me in the door. After seeing the QX60 fully loaded on the floor with the 20 inch wheels in diamond pearl white and java interior, I took that vehicle that day. In retrospect, I did what I never do, completed an impulse buy without full research.

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