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  • This one is a keeper - 2015 Infiniti QX60
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    We bought our QX60 2 months ago and have truly enjoyed this car. This is the perfect travel vehicle...very comfortable on our frequent 720 mile round trips to our second home. We really love this car after an accident on the interstate yesterday with an 18 wheeler. The tractor trailer lost control when the driver locked his brakes and he slid sideways into us at 60 MPH. My husband said the Infiniti was steady, rock solid and he was able to maintain control until we got away from the tractor trailer,and come to a safe stop. The whole right side of the QX60 will need to be replaced, but we are all OK. Love my QX60!

  • Great Upscale a Family Hauler - 2015 Infiniti QX60
    By -

    My wife and I were looking for a three-row crossover to help avoid the minivan stigma, and the QX60 checked all of the boxes for us. We cross-shopped the Acura MDX heavily, but in the end, the Infiniti was more family-friendly overall, felt more upscale for the price, and had a far better dealer experience. What we purchased was a QX60 with only the Premium package. We missed out on navigation and all of the advanced safety technology, but with our normal trips being so short (less than 5 miles), we felt it was money well saved. That said, I won't be able to comment on those particular features. Pros: - Extremely quiet and smooth, particularly on highways - Great braking and steering - Clear, responsive, button-driven infotainment screen - Excellent third row that is usable by adults (at least for short trips) - Second row can move for third row access even with a child seat installed - Power tailgate has a programmable stop point (even though this isn't advertised) Cons: - Gas mileage is poor - you won't get anywhere near the stated city MPG - Headlights are weak and there are no daytime running lights - Slightly more jarring than expected on potholes given the class of vehicle - Nothing is optional - things like a panoramic sunroof and Bluetooth audio streaming require multiple levels of packages Overall, the QX60 is a classy-looking vehicle that handles trips to the grocery store and trips to the beach very well, though it really shines in the latter case. On the highway, it's so smooth and quiet that you almost feel like you're floating along. I would strongly recommend looking at one in person, as it test drives better than it reads on paper. You won't find the same level of engine performance as you will in the MDX, but you also won't find the MDX's scary braking. Acceleration in the QX60 is good enough for its intended purpose; braking and steering are extremely good given the size of the vehicle, so you'll at least feel safe even if you won't feel fast. The CVT handles itself pretty well and stays quiet for the most part (I much preferred it to the MDX's crazy 9-speed transmission that felt like it was constantly shifting). It attempts to simulate the shifting of a normal transmission when you accelerate hard, and actually does a pretty good job of it. The interior feels very upscale and is laid out really nicely. Everything is button-driven, and the infotainment screen is very quick and responsive when compared to the MDX's ridiculous all-touchscreen controls or Lexus' mouse-driven input. There are a few spots in the cabin where some cheap plastics are used (mostly in the third row), but for the most part, everything is wrapped in leather or some other soft material, especially where your elbows and knees usually make contact. There are lots of cup holders, a great second-row climate control system, and I imagine that the panoramic sunroof makes things really nice in the back - we just weren't willing to pay the extra $6,500 for two additional packages to get it. Speaking of packages, I was disappointed to find that something as simple as Bluetooth audio streaming requires a $3,000 package. Parking sensors are also noticeably missing from the list of standard features (as they are in the MDX). We can only hope that one day, luxury buyers won't need to pay extra for features that come standard on a Kia. The exterior is full of nice touches - LED lights on the driver and passenger door handles that illuminate when you approach the vehicle, mirrors that automatically tilt down when in reverse and can be power-folded via a switch, and a power tailgate that can be programmed to stop at your desired height. Unfortunately, the same level of detail wasn't extended to the headlights, which seem awfully weak for being "high-intensity" and have no LED daytime running lights (an odd exclusion for a luxury vehicle). The biggest disappointment in this vehicle is the gas mileage. Our driving isn't typical as we generally only drive to destinations that are a few miles away, but the 13 MPG we are getting seems awfully low. Mixed in with occasional highway driving, we average about 15 MPG, well short of the EPA estimate. We don't drive enough for this to have been a deal-breaker, but it's something to keep in mind if you anticipate that fuel costs will be a big part of your budget. Overall, we really like our QX60 so far and feel like it is a pretty solid value in the upscale crossover segment. Time will tell on things like reliability and build quality, but it seems like Infiniti has come up with a serious competitor for the three-row luxury throne that the MDX currently occupies.

  • Utter Disapointment - 2015 Infiniti QX60
    By -

    Over the last twenty years, I have had forty cars. These range from minivans to Jags, Lexus and Mercedes. The QX60 is bar far the worst vehicle we have ever owned. Our VW Routan minivan, which we traded for this car, was much more comfortable. The primary issue is the seating. While the materials used is satisfactory, the seating is incredibly uncomfortable, particularly on the front passenger seat. Anyone with even very mild back issues will be unable to ride in the car for any length of time. The problem is that test driving it will not allow you to realize the problem. After about forty minutes of driving, however, the problem is more than noticeable. In addition, the rear camera is the worst I have ever seen in any car. It does not provide a clear image. At night, the image is bright and incomprehensible. The only real warning when using the rear camera is the sensor, which does work adequately. In addition, there are multiple rattle is the dash which the dealer has yet to eliminate, which adds to the frustration. Perhaps I have been spoiled by other upper end cars, but this car falls woefully short of what it is portrayed to be. I think many are impressed because of the badge. I now realize the real reason Infiniti gives such a good deal on this car. Ours has only 5,500 miles and we are trying to get out of it, even though we know we will take a financial hit. If you have an urge to buy this car, conquer it. Buy an Acura MDX or Audi Q7 instead. Even an Acadia or Explorer are far superior vehicles. So, too, probably, are Hyundais or Kias.

  • This is it. - 2015 Infiniti QX60
    By -

    Bought the first one in mid '12 (a '13). Put 55K on and re-leased an '15. Shopped comp. hard. XC90 is loud, has lousy suspension and you cannot put feet back in typical 'squat' position because of a wall that gets in way. MDX has an amazing website for an amazingly complex vehicle. They can keep it. No 360 monitor. Lexus has cream suspension but you sit up too high. And style? Any? Can't adjust display brightness? Mercedes is cream, but small and rocks you back and forth side to side. Some others have reliability issues. This car does not. Power-train warr. is 7yr. 72K. This car is the one and only. You can't beat this.

  • Don't trust the reviews, judge for yourself - 2015 Infiniti QX60
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    I won't be driving this car If I relied solely on the reviews. One month and 1500 miles into the ownership, there is not one thing bad I can say about this car. MPG never gotten below 22 for me(13,15 at best ? wonder if those guys were in the right forum). Accelaration is fine and very refined, smooth. Went on a buddies trip second day I got the car; 4 golf bags with luggages, 2.5 hours one way overnight trip, no problem. I did not even get to take the wheel but for about 15 minutes ! Love it.

  • Spacious family SUV with a great value for money ! - 2015 Infiniti QX60
    By -

    Pros: Great price. Roomy - seats 7 adults comfortably and up to 8 for short trips; one of the most spacious 3rd rows in its class. Good fuel economy, has a smooth ride. Cons: Interior buttons not easily visible, especially at night. Ex: seat memory settings, home link button. Interior quality needs to improve.

  • Minivan Convert - 2015 Infiniti QX60
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    After almost 5 years of owning a minivan (which we loved), our family has happily returned to an SUV. I thought I'd miss the creature comforts of a minivan, such as its sliding doors and the full 3 rows. But, I'm enjoying the driving experience in our new 2015 QX60 far more. This crossover is functional, has a plethora of safety equipment and gives you at least a taste of the Infiniti driving experience (we have a 96 I 30 that still runs like very well).The interior is very functional, but practical and is pretty intuitive. Despite the clamping about the CVT transmission, ours has been pretty smooth so far. I LOVE all of the safety features and technology and I am already spoiled to the multi view cameras. All in all, I am pleased with the vehicle. It offers good quality for the cost and my minivan is slowly but surely becoming a find but distant memory. My line gripe is gas mileage. The QX69 is a bit thirstier than the Odyssey.

  • Love the fancy features! - 2015 Infiniti QX60
    By -

    I drove the same minivan for the past 10 years, so maybe I'm easily impressed - but the bells and whistles are fantastic! In some ways, it's almost like a self driving car. It alerts you when you get too close to someone, and the auto braking is amazing. There is no excuse if I ever rear-end someone! The parking assist with the birds eye view is fantastic. Lots of space in the third row for passengers, but not much cargo space when the seats are full. The gas mileage is not what I expected - fluctuates so far (under 1000 miles on the car) between about 18-22. Right now it says 20.3 average; which is a long way from the 26 advertised. I am driving in the regular mode, I felt the Eco mode, where you can probably get 26 mpg, was very sluggish. I was committed to buying a hybrid and there are very few that seat 7. This was my favorite by far, and I'm very happy with my purchase.

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