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This Year's Model Updates:

Following a redesign last year, the Infiniti Q50 returns unchanged for 2015.

  • Many standard high-tech electronic and safety features
  • Muscular V6 engine
  • Excellent fuel economy from available hybrid model
  • Nicely detailed interior
  • Roomy trunk.
  • Hybrid model is not recommended.
  • No option to get a frugal four-cylinder engine
  • Disappointing handling when pushed

User Reviews:

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  • Overlooked Option - 2015 Infiniti Q50
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    This car was panned pretty heavily when it came out in '14. There were some first generation issues that for the most part have been fixed. Great highway ride. Not a fan of run-flat tires - probably my only gripe. Steering system is awesome. There were a lot of critics of the wireless steering in terms of feel. You would have to test it yourself to see but personally I like it. Long drives don't wear on you. Cross winds don't impact your driving line. Bumps/potholes don't jar the steering wheel. And the power the hybrid delivers is impressive. Not to mention pretty good mpg as well. Add in a nice audio system and all-wheel drive and you have a great ride.

  • Infinity Q50 - 2015 Infiniti Q50
    By -

    I love my new infinity! The Q50, is smooth and is slightly larger than the g35 sport? I highly recommend this car!

  • My first brand new car. - 2015 Infiniti Q50
    By -

    SO I've never had a car with less than 35k miles. I went to the infiniti dealer to see if i could get the beautiful car from their commercial.I was glad to pick out mine from a great inventory on the dealer computer.I've had my 2015 q50 for a month now and I get many looks and complements from ppl of ALL ages daily.the speed,power, and technology are very impressive it took some getting use to(im in love).my previous car was a 06 lexus is250.

  • not just a Nissan anymore - 2015 Infiniti Q50
    By -

    It's clear that Nissan makes lots of money on the Infiniti, but it is a nice daily driver and pretty nice to look at. Not much torque, but still mid 5's to get to 60 MPG. It's a little bumpy with the run flat 19's. What makes it a great car is the low cost lease. Why drive a used car when you can get a new car in mid 300's per month?

  • A Driver's car - 2015 Infiniti Q50
    By -

    If you are a driver's driver, you should try this car. In this price range, I consider this a better value than competitors like BMW. Truth: 19 inch tires, upgraded brakes, Premium, RWD drive. I purposedly chose the NON drive by wire, as I had a really BAD experience with another Infiniti that had drive by wire. The NON drive by wire, has excellent road manners, great steering control and road feel, great shift points, and wonderful braking. I find myself in tight turns still able to make micro shifts to the curve such that the line I have picked out is more efficiently used. (It took 1200 miles and 3 months to get to the present performance and appreciation for my part) Though there are two taller gears than the Coupe model, I find the accleration and shift points to be more than adequate. Though others have found the dual electronics screen distracting, I have found the opposite. With most things you need to do, like change the audio device or radio station, there are 2 or 3 ways to get it done. I find that I can keep my attention on my driving, while my fingers find a handy device to make the change. The car seats will appeal to most people, but I can only give them 4/5. I only have two negatives: I hate run flat tires (bumpy, noisy), and I do not like how totally quiet the cabinet is. There is barely any exhaust note or engine tone I can hear inside the cabin. The G37 coupe is more appealling in that regard. I bought the car with several misgivings, but they have mostly gone away, replaced by a real appreciation for this car that melds with my driving needs.

  • Unsung Hero - 2015 Infiniti Q50
    By -

    It really sucks that this car will be overlooked by most due to the ongoing poor reviews for the "Drive by Wire" steering that has been universally panned by enthusiast reviews. It seems every car road tested has all the electronics which, while impressed by them, many reviewers disliked as being too "nanny-like" This is why I did my research and, once I found out I could lease a well equipped Q50 AWD Premium I ran to my dealer to do so. I put no money down and pay $344 a month. Options were Navigation (which includes voice activation, Bose System, Infiniti In Touch and Sirius Radio, the 19inch wheels (must have) leather package, and spare tire. NO drive by wire steering, ever!!!

  • New to Infiniti - 2015 Infiniti Q50
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    When we looked at new cars in 2013, we were interested in the G37, but found that the Q50 had just been introduced. It had all of the options we wanted (AWD, strong power, look of luxury) so we opted for the new model instead of the outgoing G model. Overall the car is great with the exception of electronic systems that are the center piece of the interior. I have never seen a car's systems take so long to come online. Once you start the car, at best, all of the radio functions will finally become available after about 30 seconds to a minute. Also (and I find this to be hazard that Infiniti should fix), the back-up sensors and grid also take about 30 seconds to a minute to become available. When you are in a crowded shopping area and your first action when leaving is to back out of the parking spot, all safety systems should be immediately available. Our other car's (not an Infiniti) backup systems, radio and all other electronics are immediately available at the turn of the ignition. Even when the electronics are available, the Q50 has several glitches. When we first got the car, the radio would "freeze", meaning once you turned to a station, you could not switch stations or even turn the volume down without stopping the car, turning it off and restarting. I think they finally fixed that issue with one of the several updates, but we still have glitches in the radio and controls from time to time. I think the Q50's navigation system is significantly better than the one in our other car and is extremely user-friendly and easy to use while driving. Overall a good car with impressive power, comfort and other features, but as a new model, it has some needed improvements that likely will not be available for another model year or two. Will consider another one when we look again, but will also explore the competitors again as we are not 100% sold.

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