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The Infiniti Q50 effectively replaces the Infiniti's popular G series entry-level luxury sport sedan. And just like the G, the Q50 offers an appealing combination of luxury, performance and value wrapped up in handsome styling.

Although the luxury sport sedan segment has historically been dominated by elite German nameplates, the Infiniti Q50 holds its own against these typically pricier models. It also comes with the latest high-tech features, and there's an available hybrid model as well.

Current Infiniti Q50 Specs
The Infiniti Q50 entry-level luxury sport sedan debuted for the 2014 model year. It's powered by either a 3.7-liter V6 with 328 horsepower and 269 pound-feet of torque or, in the case of the hybrid version, a 3.5-liter V6 and a 50-kilowatt electric motor, which provide a total output of 354 hp. All Q50s come with a seven-speed automatic transmission, and rear-wheel drive is standard. All-wheel drive is optional. The regular Q50 comes in base, Premium and Sport trim levels, while the Q50 Hybrid comes only in the upper two trims.

Standard feature highlights on the base trim include keyless ignition/entry, dual-zone automatic climate control and eight-way power front seats. Also included are an electronics interface with twin touchscreen displays, smartphone app integration, Bluetooth phone/audio connectivity, a rearview camera and a six-speaker sound system.

Premium trims also feature a sunroof, heated front seats, leather upholstery (on the hybrid only), a 14-speaker Bose sound system and a multimedia monitor/display, while the Sport adds a sport-tuned suspension, 19-inch alloy wheels with summer performance tires, leather seating (for non-hybrid Q50 sedans), a sport driver seat and paddle shifters. The hybrid also includes Infiniti's Direct Adaptive Steering (which offers four different steering responsiveness settings) and a power tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel. Option highlights include a navigation system, a 360-degree camera parking system, a 60/40 split-folding rear seat and various safety features such as blind-spot warning and front and rear collision warning.

On the move, the Q50 has been somewhat of a disappointment for us. While acceleration is strong, ultimate handling ability on non-Sport trims is hobbled by all-season tires that don't offer the grip we'd expect from this otherwise athletic sedan. Ride quality is similarly mixed. Although the Q50 ably damps out larger bumps and ruts, it gets fidgety on roads with minor imperfections.

Beyond these issues, however, the Infiniti Q50 stands strong thanks to its well-trimmed and comfortable cabin, roomy trunk, user-friendly high-tech features and the impressive fuel economy of the hybrid model. It's worth a good look if you're shopping for a sport-oriented entry-level luxury sedan.

Used Infiniti Q50 Models
The Infiniti Q50 was all-new for 2014. If you're looking at used cars, though, many of the Q50's qualities can be found in its predecessor, the Infiniti G sedan.

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  • NOISEY - 2014 Infiniti Q50
    By -

    I have owned this car for almost a year. Outstanding power, 15MPG city (NYC), 25 highway. Ride can be a little rough at times. Nice interior and outstanding BOSE sound system. Seat comfort and room is fine (6'1").

  • Q50 experience-15 months later - 2014 Infiniti Q50
    By -

    I leased a Q50S AWD Hybrid in Nov 2013. The first couple of months I had problems with the Infiniti Connection technology that even the dealership couldn't figure out how to fix. Since then it has been a very pleasant experience. The recent addition of the inTouch apps is nice. The handling and cornering is the same if not better than BMW 335. In Sport mode the acceleration is awesome and the paddle shifters are very responsive. When accelerating from low speed in standard or eco mode the transmission appears confused which gear to shift to first and sometimes fails to respond properly to the driver's foot on the gas pedal.

  • Overlooked Option - 2015 Infiniti Q50
    By -

    This car was panned pretty heavily when it came out in '14. There were some first generation issues that for the most part have been fixed. Great highway ride. Not a fan of run-flat tires - probably my only gripe. Steering system is awesome. There were a lot of critics of the wireless steering in terms of feel. You would have to test it yourself to see but personally I like it. Long drives don't wear on you. Cross winds don't impact your driving line. Bumps/potholes don't jar the steering wheel. And the power the hybrid delivers is impressive. Not to mention pretty good mpg as well. Add in a nice audio system and all-wheel drive and you have a great ride.

  • Infinity Q50 - 2015 Infiniti Q50
    By -

    I love my new infinity! The Q50, is smooth and is slightly larger than the g35 sport? I highly recommend this car!

  • Discomfort Drivers Seat - 2017 Infiniti Q50
    By -

    If you are 6'0" or over the driver seating is very un-comfortable..Drivers who are 6'0" and over test drive before you buy..

  • Excellent New Model - 2014 Infiniti Q50
    By -

    This is my second Infiniti. I Previously owned the initial model year 2003 Infiniti G35. 12 years old, 225,000+ miles and ran like new. The new Q50 is a spectacular car. The fit and finish of the vehicle is on par with a BMW, Lexus, etc. The attention to detail is evident throughout. The navigation system and iPad like internal systems (music, navigation, concierge, etc.) touchscreen adds significantly to the driver experience. Alternative driving modes including Sport mode afford the driver incredible engine and drivetrain responsiveness. When combined with the drive by wire handling, which has to be experienced to be appreciated, it provides a great overall driver experience.

  • Unpredictable - 2014 Infiniti Q50
    By -

    I traded in my 2013 Accord 4 cyl with the q50 hybrid. I regret for my decision. The acceleration is uneven especially at lower speed and in the city. The transition from hybrid to gasoline is abrupt and feel embarrassed because even the passengers can feel it and questioned if there's anything wrong with the car. The acceleration is unpredictable at lower speed and there were many times, I felt the car lunge forward when I only step on the pedal just a little and other times, I had to step on it hard before it will take off. After driving for 5000 miles, I felt the car a lot heavier than the accord and the handling is not that much better which I expected more from a RWD.

  • My last Infiniti - 2014 Infiniti Q50
    By -

    Good looking car, strong engine for the most part, comfortable interior on road trips, but overall a disappointment. Definitely buyer's remorse. The inTouch electronics are buggy, slow, or just plain don't work. Dealer has been really nice, but they can't change the poor quality and design of the manufacturer's electronics. I have a complaint logged with Infiniti Consumer Affairs, and they were also really nice, but unwilling to do anything about the problems I've had. I've had the car about a year and a half, and its been in the shop cumulatively for almost a month. And after today, when several functions of the car electronics disappeared, I now have to schedule it into the shop again. I have never had problems like this with any car I've ever owned. My second Infiniti, but it will be my last.

  • Great car - 2016 Infiniti Q50
    By -

  • Infiniti Q50 the worst car of 2014 - 2014 Infiniti Q50
    By -

    This car represents the the company as a whole. FAILURE. Not only did the stealership pull a bait and switch on me by changing the price of the car from sales to finance, but their customer service after the sales was just horrid. Go to the Q50 forum and you can read hundreds of owners who regret buying this car. Several members have successfully gotten Infiniti to buy back the car. DAS is a gimmick. It doesn't work in the real world. It feels artificial and has tons of bugs. The Intouch unit is laggy and prematurely released. Everyone who bought the Q50 were unwilling beta tester for the company. Avoid Infiniti and the Q50. This car sucks and so does the company.

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