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  • FANTASTIC car!! - 2016 Hyundai Veloster
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    I was shopping for another Mazda. I had a Mazda Protege' for 15 years and she was a wonderful car! The orange Veloster caught my eye! I have had so so many complements on it. Driving it is so fun and it has a lot of get up and go! I had a hard time letting my Mazda go but it took a special car like the Veloster to finally get a new one. I have not driven it in the snow so I do not know how it handles. I do not know much about cars but I would not trade my Veloster for the world!!

  • Great Car with a little bit of speed - 2016 Hyundai Veloster
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    This car was the perfect split of economical and fun to rive.

  • Long-Time Miata Owner Goes Veloster - 2016 Hyundai Veloster
    By -

    As mentioned in the title of my review, I have owned only Mazda Miatas for the last 15 years. There is no other car in the world like it for me, and I would still be driving one if not for the fact that I'm getting older now and I need more room, not to mention that it's gotten increasingly difficult for me to roll into that little car day after day. Long story short, I have always liked the unique look of the Veloster, so after test driving one I was sold. I now own a gorgeous 2016 Citrus Orange Veloster and by and large, I love it! It doesn't feel monstrously large like most cars do after having been in a Miata for so long, and the seats are the most comfortable buckets I've ever sat in. It handles fairly nimbly for a car its size and corners nearly as well as my Miata did. Excellent gas mileage in the 'Eco' mode, mine always runs around 31-34mpg which is WAAAY better than I ever got in the Miata (21-24 tops). The ride is firm but not objectionable to me (again, compared to a Miata which is a SPORTS CAR) and the car feels solid and well-built to me. The amount of tech that came on this car is amazing and fun as hell (backup cam, infotainment center, paddle shifter, etc.) as I'm not used to anything more complicated than an aftermarket stereo in my Miatas. My ONLY nit pick about this car is the transmission. The engine is not the most powerful thing in the world to start with, but the automatic transmission is strange. It seems to not want to engage when I step on the accelerator hard... like someone in a stick-shift revving the car in neutral... it just doesn't move sometimes! I have two very close friends who also purchased new Hyundai automobiles at the same time as I did (a Tuscon and another Veloster) and they report the same sort of hesitation in their transmissions that I am experiencing. That leads me to believe that the problem is not unique to my car or model, but may be a bug in the overall design of Hyundai automatic transmissions. It makes me have to be more aware when turning into traffic from a dead stop, which is probably a good thing. Overall, I'm loving the car still at 7k miles!

  • 2nd Veloster - 2016 Hyundai Veloster
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    I am sorry for the haters when I read the reviews out there... They are comparing apples to oranges. With all the mods out there and there is even a Hyundai Performance parts the car can be setup to run pretty well. I am a happy so far with my second Veloster..

  • Diamond in the world - 2016 Hyundai Veloster
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    Brought this jewel home with 6 miles on the odometer! And can tell you its a true elite white diamond turbo so far!! Have almost 3500 miles on it already in 3 months already 2 road trips ! I to Sedona Arizona and its fast, quick, sporty enough handling, comfortable and does get a few looks!! Yes some nits are the transmission seems slow to respond probably my biggest gripe but its good on gas.the interior plastics on doors scratch easily. And visibility can be a hidden problem!! But hay for the money 24000 with rebates and fully loaded with the panoramic moonroof!!! I can hang with this diamond!!! Till next review enjoy!!! Im sold so far on the veloster turbo!!!

  • Nice car - 2016 Hyundai Veloster
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  • my kind of car - 2016 Hyundai Veloster
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    This car is a drivers car. It has a good weight to horse power ratio. It handles superbly. It is not over powered and it gets decent gas mileage. It is 4 passenger vehicle when needed. More suited for 2 passengers with plenty of cargo space for 2. I have taken one of these on a 400 + mile trip. It is very comfortable and road worthy on all highway conditions, the wind does not blow it around like other small cars I have driven. The Huyndai is noted for its reliability and I am planning on having this auto for many years. 26

  • A great car at a great price. - 2016 Hyundai Veloster
    By -

    I looked at a lot of cars on the internet and read many reviews. The car I selected was the Hyundai Voloster, the price and the quality of the car is the reason. Got a great deal on 2016 close out, a vitamin c color turbo. The car sounds great on start up, I like a little noise from the pipes. The engine is smooth, the transmission takes some getting use to. The salesman said to help with the turbo. Took a trip at about 400 miles and was getting 39.6 mpg on highway. I really like the car, it does have some blind spots. But mirror adjustment solved that.

  • Rally Edition value for money - 2016 Hyundai Veloster
    By -

    Performance for the money is great. There are other cars in the segment that cost about the same with similar performance (and maybe a little better performance). That said, you have to like the way the car looks. The other comparable cars I didn't like the looks. If you're a fan of the Veloster's looks you will not be disappointed if you're purchasing a turbo. If you just like the way the car looks and buy the normally aspirated model and are looking for economy, not a bad car. What you get is pretty good if you're just driving on the street and not the track (turbo model). Lots of power to get you in trouble on the street if you're not careful. This is a fast car. The rally model comes with JDM wheels that would cost over two grand to add to any other car, but are included on that model. Handling is stiff on the rally. If you're looking for a very comfortable car, buy the normal model or a different car. These cars are set up for a sporty ride and can be harsh over bumps. Handling around really tight corners is not great. It's not bad, but this car shines more on the longer, faster corners. On the freeway it's excellent. Freeway passing power is up to the job even if the speed limit is 85 MPH. The manual transmission is very slick with the B&M short shifter. It's really good but takes a little getting used to. If you're new to manual transmissions it can be difficult to start out in first gear until you do it a few times. I've killed the engine a couple of times and I have a lot of manual trans experience. With the modern twin scroll turbo it has lots of low end power. Punch it at any RPM and it goes. The interior is pretty nice for a car on the cheaper end. Leather seats, infotainment, steering wheel mounted stereo controls, back up camera, 450 watt sound system with subwoofer. The stereo will blast your eardrums out if you want it to. The third door is great for grocery getting and lots of space in the hatchback if you lower the back seat. I come from a background of mostly JDM cars. This is my first Korean car and I'm impressed. The fit and finish is not as good as on some JDM cars but it is a minor annoyance. You're also not getting the power for price from those vehicles. One word of warning: Matte paint. If you buy the matte painted version of this car you will get non stop attention from other car enthusiasts. You will also get a non stop headache. You can't take it through a normal car wash. It has to be hand washed. Hyundai does include a nice kit to wash and protect it with, but it's not like owning a normal car. If you really, really, really like matte paint then buy it but know that it's going to be some work to take care of. They even make you sign an agreement! The rally is the ultimate edition and only 1200 were made. If that's your thing it is definitely worth the price. In fact, I think it's worth more than what I paid.

  • Great, fun car, for a low price - 2016 Hyundai Veloster
    By -

    One of the more fun vehicles that I have driven, but not the best. However, you do get the bang for your buck! The options you get for $20K are phenomenal and you will not find that with any other vehicle in this class. The best part about this car? Modifications, this car adjusts to mods very well; I have about $2K in aftermarket parts on this car and have had ZERO issues. The one complaint I would have regarding performance is the DCT transmission, it is not the best but, I have heard that it is an issue with other Hyundai models. The interior and exterior are very nice, minus the cheap plastic that Hyundai is known for, I have yet to have any issues after 6 months of owning the vehicle. I get a lot of compliments on both the exterior and interior. The basic tech package is really good too, it's something that you would have to pay extra when purchasing other vehicles. I did forget one thing, the tires that come on this vehicle from the dealer SUCK! I am not a fan of the Kuhmo tires at all, they are absolutely terrible in rain and other road conditions. If you have the extra money, buy new tires before you hydroplane.

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