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  • Hyundai still the best bang for the buck! - 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
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    Looking for a good fuel economy car to replace the CT200h. Need 40mpg+ in NYC traffic (CT did 42mpg average); comfortable seat with lumbar support; and a full speed (stop&go) adaptive cruise control (best thing for a daily 2 hours stop and go traffic!). That left us with Toyota Prius Four, Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid, 2017 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid and Audi A3 e-tron. Prius feel about the same to our CT with less comfortable seat and ugly styling. Ford Fusion ride a little too bumpy and interior design seem old. Both Fusion and MKZ have nonlinear brake pedal that feels odd. A3 is of course very European while comfortable. Sonata doesn't drive as impressive as A3 but Sonata is very quiet and the ride is very comfortable without being floaty. A3 got kick out because additive cruise only available on Prestige trim which cost $46k+ msrp plus it feels even smaller than our CT. Between the Sonata and MKZ we were able to get the loaded Sonata Ultimate for $27500 while MKZ would be at least $13k more so drive home the Sonata! The value is unbeatable; 40mpg average so far; huge sunroof sunroof, cooled and heated seat + heated steering + heated rear seats, Android auto, much more usable trunk (no hump and a full folding rear seats), 10yrs warranty with lifetime on battery, and no more CVT drone!

  • Surprising Value - 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
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    My wife and I had been looking at sedans, not particularly hybrids. We had narrowed it down to Accord, Fusion, Subaru Legacy Sonata and Optima. We finally decided to drive them, and went to the Hyundia dealer to drive a Sonata Limited. I was most interested in the Limited with the Ultimate package because it had just about everything on it that the car I was trading in had. The car I was trading in was a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. We did not want to give up the heated and ventilated seats and the Sonata with the Ultimate package had those. Plus the Sonata with the Ultimate package has all of the up to date safety tech. Most people don't realize that the Accord with Honda Sensing does not include Blind Spot Monitoring. I definitely wanted that feature. Anyway we where in talking to the sales person after driving the Sonata Limited and my wife was looking around the show room and came back with a brochure for a Sonata hybrid. So we started talking to the sales person about the hybrid and he insisted that we needed to drive one because the driving experience was different. To make a long story a little shorter, we loved the hybrid and wound up buying a sliver one. What I really like about the hybrid are a number of things; it is very comfortable to drive and ride in and it is very quiet. The safety tech is very nice especially the SCC (Smart Cruise Control), I find myself using that feature all of the time. I only have about 300 miles on the car and I'm already getting around 44 mpg in mainly suburban driving. It seems to have plenty of pickup, although with only 300 miles on it I haven't really put that to the test yet. Plus with the drive modes, if you want more performance you can choose Normal or Sport. We live close the mountains just outside of Denver and I have had it on some winding mountains roads and it handles the curves very well. The only complaint that I have is that it does not have Apple Carplay. But I hook my iPhone to the USB port and that and the Bluetooth works well.

  • Best car I've owned in 50 years - 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
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    What's left to say? My first rattle trap of a car was a '58 Chevy. Since then I've owned Ford, GM, Dodge/Ram, Triumph (talk about love/hate!), BMW/Mini, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, and Lexus. The mid-1990s Lexus LS400 was a very good car that was at the leading edge of the industry in many ways. It does not compare to the Hyundai. The Sonata is a far cry from being at the leading edge of automotive technology but Hyundai has gotten everything right. It is the best car I've owned. Period. I wouldn't be selling it if I wasn't moving out of the US. I can't take it with me. That's OK though. I'll buy another when I get settled.

  • A very nice car besides fuel economy - 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
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    I own three Hyundai cars, a 2007 Sonata, a 2016 Genesis AWD Tech, and this, a 2016 Sonata Hybrid Limited Ultimate. I bought the hybrid car for the economy, but to my pleasant surprise, the car is very quiet and comfortable for a car in this price range. At standstill, the car is completely quiet with no vibration like any other hybrid car. When cruising on the highway, I sometimes thought, "boy, this is almost as quiet as the Genesis." The gear shift as well as the switching of various modes of engine/battery hybrid system are unnoticeable. Other than the extreme quietness at idle, the car just move and ride like a very quiet six cylinder car. I was thinking about a Honda hybrid, but with the big discount and the generous warranty plan, it was a no brainer to choose Hyundai. I will be very satisfied with this purchase if the car has a reliability same as the 2007 Sonata.

  • So Far SO good - 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
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    Really enjoy it. My first hybrid, so I'm still getting used to the braking feel. The hybrid system is seamless and the balance between power and economy is excellent. The car has a very premium feel. The ride is smooth and steering feels consistent. The vented seats work great, and the climate control is strong and flexible. Back seat comfort is high and plenty of room for two passengers with a car seat. Trunk is sizable. I opted not to get the Ultimate, but sometimes wish I had for a better touchscreen, the panoramic roof and some more safety bells and whistles. A few nits: my driver's side window will freeze half way up and head back down; sometimes it takes a few cycles of up and down to get it to close properly. The Limited (no Ultimate) touchscreen is SMALL and doesn't pack a lot of info. The clock and compass are far out of normal drivers sight lines. And I haven't been able to get the driver's seat consistently comfortable. Overall very happy, and would definitely recommend. I chose this over a Mazda 6, which was a close second

  • My Hyundai - 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
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  • BMW > Best Mileage We Got !!!!! - 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
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    Looked for a Poor Mans Tesla > This is pretty darn close . GREAT MILEAGE 40-45 MPG *600 Mile range per Tank . Very Quiet. Great Acceleration in sport mode , Is this really a Hyundai ???? SE has lots of pluses Cruise /Tilt / PW/ PL / Hands Free Truck Release / Bluelink service lets me allows me to receive directions via my Iphone , Kinda like GMs @onstar 3 months free , then a yearly fee . Lotz a Room . Im 6.4 . So Far So Good . Is This Really A Hyundai ???????

  • Excellent vehicle so far - Large mid size car!!! - 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
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    Owned the car for 3 months and so far not a single problem. I have a long commute and the mileage has been great. While the Honda Accord says it get's better mileage the cost is quite a bit more!!??? Love the space - front and back seat and even the trunk with the battery is still very large. Wouldn't know the trunk is smaller, but the regular sonata's trunk is HUGE. The hybrid is big!!! Very comfortable. Some of the electronics - lane departure, collision warning a bit intrusive but better safe than sorry. Very good Car, plus the warranty as well as the lifetime warranty on the hybrid battery is wonderful. Only 8,000 but so far very happy.

  • Fantastic MPG, exceptional comfort, 5 star safety - 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
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    UPDATE**4/26/16..Really, really, really still enjoy this wonderful car. Quiet, comfortable, luxurious and no visits to the dealership other than an oil change. 650 miles per tank and still 46 MPG's. Major gripe is that the blind spot monitors don't work below 19 MPH and that Android Auto update is STILL not available. So excited for Android Auto and can't hardly wait (even though Hyundai said they would have it to us by 2015. Feels like Hyundai could being doing more to light a fire under Google to get that to us. Also, and this might end up being a big one...something no one at Hyundai told me about when I bought the car, is that after 12 months of not subscribing to Blue Link, it self destructs and can not be turned back on unless you pay $500+ for a new head unit. That is crazy in my mind and apparently others as Hyundai is currently involved in litigation over this matter. I hope there is good resolution to this matter for unsuspecting Hyundai owners. EVERY HSH owner, PLEASE KEEP ASKING FOR ANDROID AUTO UPDATE! Original review** Fantastic MPG. Took possession of our new 2016 Sonata Hybrid Limited Ultimate with 8 miles on the odometer. What an amazing car! So far overall average MPG is 46.4 with my most recent 13 mile commute (50% freeway, 50% city) being 61.4 MPG per the onboard computer. Such a pleasure to be going down the freeway (most all of the time in pure EV mode) in a hushed cabin (trully as if a rolls or MBZ) all while achieving phenomenal fuel economy. Car drives and feels fantastic. Seamless transition of power plants. Even when the 2 liter internal combustion engine is operating in generator mode, it is quiet. Only when truly pushed does the engine come to life, but even then it is extremely reasonable, better than our Accord and the 6 speed transmission (thank goodness and finally, a hybrid with no CVT) provides you with great power. Imagine, a Hybrid with actual power! It is a wonderful car to drive and a safe car to drive. I highly recommend that folks seriously consider purchasing the Ultimate package. The parking aids, the active and passive safety is great. Lane keep assist is well calibrated and does not cry wolf. The adaptive cruise control is very well done and driver adjustable. The blind spot monitors are nice, but I do wish they would work at low speeds as well. The backup sensors and predictive backing monitor is absolutely a must have, city or suburbs. Last but not least, rear cross traffic alert should be standard on all modern cars. No one should be guessing if a car is approachi while backing out of a parking space. This car has it all. From a tech perspective, the 8" NAV screen is great. Fairly easy to use and with a lot of great Hybrid viewing modes. Only gripe I have about the NAV is the traffic. The XM data is not real-time and it lags far behind Google maps or Enricks. Despite this the display works very quickly and is very responsive. The ability to do split screen is nice as well. There are a whole host of subscription services, Blue Link and XM, which, but of course, eventually at a cost. The Blue Link phone app functions are especially nice. To be able to heat and or cool your, as well as send route plans to your NAV before you ever set foot in the car is great. In addition to that, to have the ability to check the health of your car, to find your car in a crowded parking lot after being gone on a long flight, to be able to set an electronic boundary for either a teenage driver or a valet, are all great features. You can of course, remotely honk the horn, flash the lights, unlock the doors, all from your smart phone. The ability to review telematics (driving style and performance measures) is also great, especially if you aren't sure how your teenager is driving when you are not there. So many features, but the best part is Hyundai's commitment to their buying public via their warranty. We cross-shopped Honda and Toyota, but neither were willing to back their Hybrid battery the way Hyundai is. LIFETIME! Yes, that's a lifetime Hybrid battery warranty, part and labor to replace the battery should it falter. This is in addition to their 10yr/100,000 warranty. I realize nothing can be guaranteed forever, but Hyundai sure does a nice job with making a customer feel like they are not alone when making a $30,000 plus purchase. Last but not least are the little details such as, actually having a true trunk with a 60/40 split. Such a nice and versatile thing for families. And the courtesy LED lights, hidden in the front door handles, make life just that much easier to enter your palace on wheels when the sun has set or you find yourself in a dark parking garage. Every little detail seems well thought out and well executed. Take it from someone who actually spent the money to buy a Sonata Hybrid and drive one. You will be very pleasantly surprised and happy you did. 46.4 MPG average so far and loving it.

  • More than just a good car for the value. - 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
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    Got the Limited ultimate package in the Seaport mist/ beige color combo and could not be happier with this unusual car. Spacious with logical design such that I can easily learn and use all the features. The sunroof is to die for and the LED interior lights add a touch of modern sophistication. The engine feels so good that I forget it's a hybrid (I previously owned a hybrid Camry and Prius). It stays on EV much longer than I expected. The runners up where the kia optima (I do miss the extra sub ports, surround camera and folding mirrors, but I'm green and ok with the trade off.) and the Mazda 6 ( which I pine firm but wanted a softer ride and Apple car play). The safety tech like blind spot monitor works so well I can't imagine driving without it. Zero problem for my 6'2" husband. Other posters say it is a lot of car for the money and that always has a "good enough" ring to it. It is simply a great car. And as for prestige - well so far I've seen two colleagues sneak up on the car in the parking lot to see what it was. I'm sure they were smugly satisfied that it was not a BMW, but then again, so am I!

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