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  • Best Santa Fe Yet! - 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe
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    This is the third Santa Fe I have purchased and by far the best! The comfort, ride and amenities are great. The new Santa Fe Ultimate is larger than previous vehicles and four adults can ride comfortably. The third row seating is great if you have little ones. Your front seat and backseat passengers can control their own heat/cooling, which is great - I like it warmer and others like it cooler, so everyone is happy. Haven't had the chance to drive in the snow yet, but, if it is anything like the previous Santa Fe's, I won't have a bit of trouble. Weather in Denver can get nasty in the winter, but the Santa Fe's have always taken on the cold and snow like a champ. My only complaint would be the tires. I usually replace them, as they don't seem to have the tread for winter weather; other than that, I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone who needs a larger SUV.

  • My 2015 vs. My 2016 Limited Ultimate Santa Fe - 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe
    By -

    My 2015 saved us during a massive accident. An 85 year old man had his second accident of the day by pulling across out multilane divided highway at just the wrong time. We hit him at something less than the 60 mph limit and both my wife and I walked away from out totaled Santa Fe. The airbags worked so well that I didn't even have bruise marks from my glasses. The only downside is that Hyundai, and everybody else, I suppose, puts the horn button on top of the steering wheel airbag. I wonder how many other people suffer my injury: my hand-on-the-horn got blown back into my chest. It took almost two months for the pain to fully subside, and another month for my hand to regain most of its strength. Tow rating was important to me. If you buy the PIO (port installed option) trailer hitch package, the Santa Fe Limited (and SE) have a 5000 lb tow rating. According to the owner's manual, even with an aftermarket hitch it is only rated for 2000 lbs. After the accident, even though the force of our connected travel trailer impact bent the "stinger" 90 degrees into the bumper, but the Hyundai hitch structure seemed undamaged. The impact was so severe that even the trailer was totaled. After the accident we had time to reflect on a replacement car. We felt so well protected by the car and had enjoyed all the features of the Ultimate package that we got the identical car in the 2016. Right away, both of us independently thought the 2016 was substantially quieter; I think they've added insulation and maybe fine tuned the suspension. I've seen a lot of negative comment about the third row seating. With the SE bench seat it might be a problem, but with the Limited's captains chairs it isn't much of a deal to get into the third row. Just for grins, my wife and I let our daughter and her 6' 5" husband drive and we rode in the third row for a six hour day trip. Grandsons in the middle. We're both 70 y/o and it was perfectly comfortable. Having the panoramic sun roof almost reach the third row makes it much nicer. My biggest complaint is that Hyundai hasn't incorporated Apple's Carplay into the display system. The existing nav system is nice, but not as good as Google Maps or Apple Maps, plus I have to pay an annual $50 fee to Sirius just to get traffic information incorporated into the nav system. Carplay was supposed to begin showing up in another Hyundai model in 2015 so I figured the 2016 would definitely have it: Wrong! The BlueLink "turn by turn guidance", which is $100/ year is not compatible with the navigation system. Go figure.

  • Happy customer - 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe
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  • Love my 2016 Limited Ultimate AWD! - 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe
    By -

    "We traded in our 2014 Santa Fe Sport for the bigger 2016 Santa Fe. We love the Ultimate package.. it has everything we could ever want...with bang for the buck.We shopped for the Kia Sorento, Honda Pilot,Nissan Pathfinder and going back to Hyundai was a no brainer. We spent about 10k less than similar cars with similar packages. Owning a Hyundai today is definitely not owning a Hyundai 10 years ago..they are doing an awesome job of keeping up with the competition. I mostly drive around my kids with it..they absolutely love the captains chairs.Going grocery shopping is easy with the automatic gate lift. The navigation is easy to use. Having the AWD has been awesome in the snow. As for reliability.. My old 2014 Santa Fe Sport only went to the dealer for oil changes..never had a problem with it.. so I am very confident with this one. We have gotten many compliments on it's looks.

  • Good car overall but a major annoying issue for me - 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe
    By -

    In this review I want to focus just on the one big problem I have with this car which I wish I had known about before making the purchase. In general I agree with other reviewers that this is a good car overall and a good value. However buyers should know that you cannot just sit and listen to the very excellent sound system in this vehicle without running the engine! If you do you will get a loud beep sound every two minutes or so warning that you are discharging the battery. This beep tone is just as loud as the music so you cannot ignore it. So You cannot enjoy your music in this vehicle knowing you will be hearing this annoying beep every two minutes or so. The dealer just told me that that's so that you don't discharge the battery which of course is important. However why couldn't they have designed this car so that something like just listening to the radio could be done without having to run the engine? For someone like me who likes to sit in their vehicle and listen to their music on that excellent sound system this is a huge issue and unacceptable. If I had known this advance I would never hit purchased this vehicle. I am NOT looking forward to the next five years of this!

  • I survived! - 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe
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    I purchased the Sante Fe Sport a year and a half ago after researching safety ratings and affordability of various SUVs. I live in a high traffic area, and safety was a top priority. Last week I was sitting at a red light when I was rear ended by a Toyota Tacoma going at too high a rate of speed for the area. The truck that hit me actually came high enough to knock out the back glass of my hatchback. All side curtain airbags in my entire vehicle deployed instantly. While I am facing further medical treatments, thankfully, none of my injuries were life threatening. I’m so thankful for the safety features of the Sante Fe. Now we wait for insurance to decide if my SUV can be fixed or if it will be totaled out. My husband and I agree that if it is totaled out, we will be heading right back to the dealership for another Hyundai Sante Fe Sport!

  • Style, Comfort, And Afordability - 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe
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    Purchased new 2016 Santa Fe SE AWD 8/31/15. Added on the Premium Package which offers numerous features. Ride is very comfortable with 19" tires and very positive steering. This is my first SUV, but searched the market place comparing it to other SUVs with options, price, dependability, and warranty. The Santa Fe had them beat. The 3rd seat is really for the grand kids. The V-6 has plenty of power for expressway entry and for passing. I have heated seats and wanted air cooled seats, but Hyundai has them with an additional package including a Panoramic Roof which I didn't want or need. I wish they bundle the heated/ cooled together. I took a road trip and put on 5,000 miles (averaging 26mph could be better) with no problem. During the trip stopped in El Paso Texas for an oil change. The dealer treated me very well like I was a local resident. They knew I was from another state, but that didn't matter. Hyundai has a good thing going for themselves. Time will tell how well they back their warranties.

  • Needs some consumer input - 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe
    By -

    Life with this car after purchase revealed some annoying features. So would you like to leave the sunroof open while you run in the house or store quick? Nope can't do it...you cannot turn the car off and lock it if the sunroof is open. Need to quickly close the trunk because of driving snow or rain? Nope you can't do it...you need to wait for the automatic gate to do it slowly while you wait. Did you put something in the cubby below the radio and then park the car? Good luck getting it out if it's a bulky item because the shifter will be in the way. Do you plan to sit in the front passenger seat occasionally when you're not driving? The seat adjustment controls are nothing like the driver seat, and as a matter of fact, you'll sit a few inches lower on the passenger side. Ever drop something between the driver seat and the center console? You'll never get it out without going in from the back seat underneath the seat because it's so narrow you can't even fit your fingertips in between there. Good luck vacuuming the carpet in these spaces because there are plenty of narrow spaces where things can fall but no ability to vacuum. This car handles well and drives well and has a nice warranty but if you're looking for the basic comforts of a busy lifestyle with kids look somewhere else. Hyundai needs to ask consumers where they can improve for future model redesigns.

  • cheap built suv - 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe
    By -

    does not hold there value at all

  • LOVE IT - 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe
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