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This Year's Model Updates:

The Hyundai Santa Fe has been redesigned for 2013, with both a seven-passenger, long-wheelbase model and a five-passenger Sport version.

  • Available third-row seating
  • Lengthy warranty.
  • Spacious interior
  • Sport model's strong and relatively economical turbo engine
  • Poor rearward visibility.
  • Weak base engine with little fuel economy benefit

User Reviews:

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  • engine knock and random codes - 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe
    By -

    Bought 2013 in January 2014. One week later heard knocking in the engine, took it to dealer was told that the GDI engines make this noise, normal. 2 weeks later took it back as knocking is not normal and there has been numerous reported engine failures with same noise, vehicle throws random emission codes which there is a tsb for but not all dealers know this so I have to put up with a defective SF. I loved it at first but that ended within 3 weeks. I think the 6 cylinders are more reliable than the 4's.

  • My new 2013 Santa Fe is a lemon - 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe
    By -

    The new Santa Fe 7 passenger was everything and more. We loved the vehicle that we purchased in April. It provided a great car and towing capacity which suited our families needs. I was in heaven until Nov. with less than 6000 miles. I am currently in discussions with Hyundai and the BBB since the car is considered a lemon. End of Oct my vehicles fuel injector went out. It has been in the shop for over 30 days because it had to brought in another 2 more times for seals on the fuel injection system that failed. Currently there is no repair date because the parts need to come from Korea and are on back order for a new rail for the fuel injection system. The car is not drivable now.

  • Love it so far - 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe
    By -

    I've only driven my Santa Fe sport for 2 weeks (500 miles) so far, so I'm still in the honeymoon phase and cannot speak for things like reliability. I love it so far. It's very quiet to drive, and the steering wheel gadgets are awesome - bluetooth, radio controls, etc. The styling is great, and the hidden compartments below the rear floor are bigger than any other privacy space in this vehicle class. Power is good. There are a couple of odd shift points, but not issues going up hill or getting on the highway. The proximity key is nice. The whole family thought this was the most comfortable in this class, and also the quietest.

  • My new car! - 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe
    By -

    Just bought my first new car in 28 years! I had been looking at the Santa Fe SUV for 2 years. Matt was great and very informative and I was able to secure a very good deal.

  • Excellent Utility Vehicle - 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe
    By -

    We purchased the 2013 Sport (5 seater) with the 2.0 turbo, front wheel drive, with the popular and premium packages. The popular package is pretty much standard on all models and the premium adds saddle interior with leather, rear camera, heated front/rear seats, power front seats, etc. Really didn't want to spend the extra 2 grand or so on the premium option but in the end, we decided the package was worth the money. Plenty of interior room, initially my wife was worried it was too large, but after driving it, she realized it didn't feel as large as it appeared. The ride is very solid and comfortable, the turbo gives plenty of oomph, interior is gorgeous, and the quality is excellent.

  • Terrible Purchase - 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe
    By -

    I have owned this car for 1100 km's and so far the two front seats needed to be repaired as they came lose and wobbled. But my biggest problem is the car has no heat in the rear vents. An issue for car owners in Canada! Took it to the dealership and they said it was a design issue and nothing they could do? So, I am stuck with a car that doesn't heat the back-half of the car. Actually it blows cold air, which makes it worse. The car looks great, but stay away from this one, looks are deceiving.

  • Waited a year to be Disappointed - 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe
    By -

    I traded my 2002 GLS (that I purchased new and absolutely loved) for this new 7 passenger model. Although the interior and exterior are great there are a fewl things I'm not sure i can live with. 1. The gas petal is mounted from the bottom not the top as in a normal car and I have yet to find a comfortable position. I think it will be impossible not to use the cruise control on a long trip. 2. Steering is terrible and floats all over the road (doesn't matter what mode). Just doesn't feel tight. 3. The drivers seat adjustment does not allow the bottom of the seat to be raised in the back. 4. The passenger seat cannot be raised and it feels like you are sitting in a hole.

  • Still in love 2 years later - 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe
    By -

    I bought my 2013 Santa Fe Sport in August of 2012. I was the second person in Kentucky to own this model. Anyway, I've hard my Santa Fe for nearly two years now and I still love it! I have taken my car to Florida on three trips (1400 miles round trip), I do a lot of driving in town, and take weekend trips in it. I haven't had a single problem with my car and now have over 25,000 miles on the odometer. The interior still looks like new, the paint still looks new, and the cabin is extremely quiet, even at high rates of speed. If I had it to do over, I would definitely buy this Santa Fe Sport again.

  • Terrible headlights - 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe
    By -

    Everything is except the head lights

  • A LOT OF BANG FOR THE BUCK - 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe
    By -

    I bought a fully loaded Santa Fe Sport a few months ago and I am very pleased with my purchase.Not only does this vehicle have a very comfortable and quiet ride but it is also a lot of fun to drive,especially with the 2.0 turbo engine, it feels as quick as any 6 cylinder but with better mpg.Some owners have complained about the steering in the new Sport,I will say that it does have a different feel to it but nothing that you can't get use to after being behind the wheel for a short time,Hyundai like other car makers is now putting electric power steering in its vehicles so you will read this in other car reviews as well,but I will say that it can turn on a dime,and great for making U-turns.

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