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This Year's Model Updates:

After a complete redesign last year, the 2012 Hyundai Elantra gains an "Active Eco System" that modifies engine and transmission parameters at the push of a button to increase fuel economy by up to 7 percent. The names of option packages have also been changed.

  • Comfortable and well-built cabin
  • Outstanding fuel economy on all models
  • Large trunk
  • Lots of features for the money
  • Distinctive styling.
  • Long warranty coverage
  • Not as sporty as some rivals.
  • Limited rear headroom

User Reviews:

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  • Engine replaced at 4YO 35K Miles - 2012 Hyundai Elantra
    By -

    Was very excited to have the heated seats and ipod cable for my first car, when I was 25 yrs old female. It has been downhill ever since. Noticeably different handling and seat comfort after 3 years and new tires didn't really help. Most maintenance has been covered by warranty, but this does not seem realistic for Chicago road/highway driving: replaced rear shock absorber after 2 years, cleaned fuel injectors ($200 out of pocket) due to some additive required for this elantra engine (?), and now engine replaced after 4 years (only 35K miles!). Happy that Hyundai is replacing the engine (currently in-progress, so not sure if just the short engine, or full engine with header) however had to wait a week for dealership to confirm the issue (was inconsistent grinding on start/shaking at idle approx. 10% of the time over the last 6 mos). Having a rental car in the city of Chicago for that long - worried about damaging the rental car with street parking in the middle of winter. Will be another 1-2weeks for engine to ship from LA by truck, and then install. Dealership has been great, we both win with this finding, however would have loved to avoid altogether in the first place. The hassle and nuisance are not worth the additional skin-deep features. Also there is still not an ipod cable compatible with Lightning. The Apple lightning cable has been out for years now, and Hyundai still sees no reason to manufacture usb > lightning so I can charge and listen to music through the console electronic system. Maybe should have purchased a sonata - for better build? Now looking to avoid Hyundai completely and will offload this car around 5 years 40K mi, too worried about future problems not worth it impacting my commute.

  • White exl sweet car - 2012 Hyundai Elantra
    By -

    Low miles 43000

  • Got the lemon!! - 2012 Hyundai Elantra
    By -

    absolutly hate this car! Good gas mileage and good in the snow but other then that horrible engine drone. Transmission has had a problem since day one that the dealer will do nothing with! Most uncomfortable driver seat and rider seat. Love the size of the trunk and heated front and back seats. Have yet to recommend this car to anyone.

  • Lemon - 2012 Hyundai Elantra
    By -

    I was hoping for something better for the reviews. Only 3 years old and needs work on fuel ejector and a new axle!!!!!! What the heck?

  • Worst Car EVER! - 2012 Hyundai Elantra
    By -

    I hate this car....nothing but problems. I've had the short block in the engine replaced, battery multiple times, starter replaced...the list keeps on going. Unreliable. Wish I would've known about the issues before...I would've gone with something more reliable.

  • Almost to 100K and problems have started - 2012 Hyundai Elantra
    By -

    I love my car. I have had it for 3 years and never had any issues. Gas milage is awesome and I get money reimbursed to me every time I take it in for an oil change - win win for me. BUT around 87,000 the car started to stall on me when I stopped. Check engine light came on so I took it to my mechanic. He said when hooked up to a computer it says "needs new engine". So I get it towed to Hyundai. They replace an oil senor valve (covered under extended warranty) and it ran fine for about 1500 miles. Then it started to stall again. I took it back immediately and now it is giving 2 codes and one of them is replace the engine. Now I am getting "I am not sure if Hyundai will cover this"!

  • Engine Gone 48,000km - 2012 Hyundai Elantra
    By -

    My Elantra has 48,000 km on it, is not driven hard, driven by me and my wife who are both 50+ years old, and the bottom half of the engine needs to be replaced. My friend has an Elantra that is a year newer than mine and her engine has to be replaced. I know of a couple of other people who drive Elantra's and they have ticking in their motor the same as I have. Buyer beware.

  • Great car for the money - 2012 Hyundai Elantra
    By -

    I am a leasing agent for a leasing company and get to drive every kind of car out there. I recently leased a used Elantra a client of mine traded in. This is no Mercedes, but it's the nicest car I've driven for the money. The styling is great, has lots of power for a small 4cyl car, and gets great gas mileage. I regularly average 33 overall. I have to seriously abuse this car to get under 30 mpg. The handling is so-so and it tends to dart from one side of the road to the other if I'm trying to eat and drive with my knees.

  • Ive had my 2012 Elantra for 2 weeks - 2012 Hyundai Elantra
    By -

    Barely a month since I bought my '12 Elantra w/30K mi and so far so good. I hear all the complaints about gas mileage but so far I have no problem averaging combined 33 mpg. which is great for me considering my Pathfinder only got 16/21 mpg. I put on custom rims and a better quality tire which seems to have helped a bit w/ road noise. So far only complaint I really have is the ride is a bit stiff and there's no spare tire. I bought my Elantra for $14k out the door so for the design and features you cant really beat it for the price....Remeber, you cant expect a $14k car to drive like a Mercedes. You get what you pay for, folks. I'll follow up in a few months..

  • So far, so good. - 2012 Hyundai Elantra
    By -

    I bought this Elantra over 2 years ago and have about 47k miles on it now. I have not experienced any of the mechanical or noise problems described in other reviews. The original tires were bad (noisy) and I replaced them after 40K. As far as gas mileage, I have found that there is a huge discrepancy in mileage depending on many factors: speed, outside temperature, wind, vehicle load. and terrain. I have found that headwinds or sidewinds will affect mpg up to 5 or 6. I probably average 35 mpg hwy and 28-30 city. Under optimum conditions I have consistently achieved 36-38 hwy. Would I buy another Hyundai? Maybe. Next time I'll go into something a little bigger. I am over 6'.

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