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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2013 Honda Ridgeline gets a standard rearview camera for all trim levels.

  • Roomy and comfortable cabin
  • Dent-resistant bed with innovative trunk compartment and two-way tailgate.
  • Above-average ride and handling
  • Longish braking distances.
  • Lackluster power and fuel economy
  • Aging design
  • Modest off-road and towing capabilities
  • Only one body style

User Reviews:

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  • I got what I wanted - A great vehicle - 2013 Honda Ridgeline
    By -

    I wanted an all around vehicle with a comfortable on the road ride with some off the road capability. A vehicle that would be able to handle a snow storm or icy roads. A vehicle I could haul bags of mulch, or shrubs from the nursery. A vehicle that could carry the grandkids, cooler, buggy boards, umbrella and chairs to the beach. And I got it with my 2013 Honda Ridgeline I purchased new. A great vehicle.

  • Swiss Army Knife of Vehicles - 2013 Honda Ridgeline
    By -

    Just like the knife, it isn't necessarily the best when compared to more targeted, specialized tools, but you love it because it does so many things well. A very competent daily drive that goes to work with you on the weekends.

  • radio reception bad - 2013 Honda Ridgeline
    By -

    I just bought a 2013 ridgeline truck with the nav system. The truck is fine except for the radio. Anytime I am around a telephone pole I lose reception. It has been at the dealers for a week now and they have replaced the antenna cable, amplifier, and antenna. I still lose all reception. On one of the road trials they hooked up a temporary outside antenna and the reception was great. But Honda told them to replace the parts. I realize that the truck looks good without the antenna sticking out of the roof but it seems there is a problem with it.

  • Perfect blend of versatility - 2013 Honda Ridgeline
    By -

    I had a Ford F-150 FX-4 for the past 10 years. It was reliable and a great truck, but the gas mileage sucked and i wasn't using it as a large truck should be used very often. When I did it always filled the bill, though sucking up a gallon og gas every 10 miles got old. It was also cumbersome to drive & park in traffic. The Ridgeline is a well-built, more compact truck that more suits the way I drive these days. It will pull a trailer and get me through the snow, just not as heavy a trailer or as deep a snow as the Ford. The Ford was a super cab with a small back seat. The Honda is crew cab with a roomy back seat. It gets 21 mpg at 70 mph and 20 mpg at 75 mph.

  • HAPPY - 2013 Honda Ridgeline
    By -

    I'm very happy with my Honda Ridgeline purchase.

  • From F150 to Ridgeline - 2013 Honda Ridgeline
    By -

    I drove a Ford F150 Lariat for 15 years. When it came time to replace that truck I wanted to downsize a little. I drove all of the smaller pickups in the market and found the Honda Ridgeline to be the right size, 4 wheel capability, smooth riding, relatively quiet, and fully capable for what I need in a pickup. Getting the Honda reliability was a plus. We drove it around town for the first 4K miles and it was a pleasure driving it in an urban setting, easy to park, great for those occasional trips to buy furniture, and good looking enough for date nights. You guessed it, I don't miss my F-150.

  • Just picked up my Ridgeline - 2013 Honda Ridgeline
    By -

    Pretty much as expected. Great interior design, although it is missing the iPod/USB connection and Bluetooth. Trunk in bed is awesome feature. Gas mileage is averaging just over 19

  • Love my truck..... - 2013 Honda Ridgeline
    By -

    I love my truck. I purchased it new and put 50,000 miles in the first three years and it was a great commuter over highways and hilly back roads. We both retired in 2016, and it great for picking up garden supplies and transporting our bikes and kayak. Although, I did have to buy a bed extender to hook up to the trailer hitch for the kayak. The only thing two comments is that I am hesitant to take it on the beach with the computer control traction. I've read about the problems in soft sand. I understand the problem has been solved on the 2017 model. But, it's a real beast in the snow. You can take off from a dead stop with traction control and not slip and slid and stopping is no problem at all. The other problem is the radio reception, poor. Oh yes, one last comment. I never encountered this problem, but have always been concerned. What if you have the truck bed loaded up and you get a flat. The spare is in the trunk under the bed. That said, it is a great vehicle. Update - 7/17/17 - Still Loving it.

  • Honda Ridgeline RTL - love it! - 2013 Honda Ridgeline
    By -

    This is the first review that I have ever written for a product but I could not resist because the Ridgeline is such an excellent vehicle. I purchased the Ridgeline used about one year ago with only 13K miles and have driven it for 15K miles. It is the first pick-up that I have owned and love it. Prior to purchasing, I did plenty of research and test drove the old and new 2017 model. In my opinion, the new 2017 model is just OK. My personal preference is the old design. Things like most: car-like ride; comfort; tons of interior storage capacity and compartments; in-bed trunk (holds two sets of golf clubs); the mid-size makes it easy to maneuver (my wife has no problem driving it); traction in the snow; easy-to-use controls (knobs and buttons vs the new touch screen); gate swings to the side (very convenient). Things where improvement could be made: has no memory seat; poor radio reception; the "on" / "off" indicator for air conditioning setting is small and difficult to read; poor compass. Extra accessories: bed cover (keeps things dry and improves gas mileage); rubber bed mat for protection; cargo net (works great for holding cargo in place). We have owned several Honda's. They are very dependable. Would highly recommend the Ridgeline.

  • Old man that wanted a comfortable pickup - 2013 Honda Ridgeline
    By -

    I have only had the vehicle a short time, but I love it. This is my first Honda.

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