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This Year's Model Updates:

A Special Edition (SE) trim level debuts for the 2015 Honda Pilot, slotting between the EX and EX-L in terms of included equipment.

  • Comfortable ride
  • Eight-passenger capacity
  • Useful and clever storage areas.
  • Roomy third-row seat
  • Lackluster braking distances
  • Some cheap interior plastics.
  • Missing some convenience and high-tech safety features
  • Feels slow and cumbersome

User Reviews:

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  • We like the 2015 - 2015 Honda Pilot
    By -

    I bought this car a year ago. We have found the car to be fine with the power of the engine. I use the cruise control often and don't have any problems with sluggishness. In fact when driving on the turnpike I set the cruise at 80 and I don't have any problems. Purchasing the Pilot was a financial decision when comparing toyota and Ford. The car has been at the dealership for minor fixes due to assembly though nothing has been engine related. The glove box handle worked sporadically, the rear Hatch control button didn't operate, the button on the gear shift sticks. Honda service is great and of course these have been fixed with no questions asked.

  • Little less than 20k and many electrical problems - 2015 Honda Pilot
    By -

    At less than 20k miles - Driver power seat only moves back and forth plus lumbar support, up/down and recline stopped working - just found out today Passenger side up/down stopped working- just found out today glass hatch stopped working (door button/remote/button on the rear door)- fixed by dealer 3-zone climate control stopped displaying the setting status on the middle display. The rear still works fine. - waiting on dealer ordered parts The car is pretty loud on highway, but nice in town and city express ways. It's bulky but relatively easy to maneuver because of its tight turning angle and responsive steering. This car won't win any drag race but the target buyers wouldn't care about it either. It has enough power with the responsive transmission to easily move around the towns and cities. Tried the 2016 Subaru Forester and 2015 CR-V, but are much smaller with adequate power. But the CVT they have making the acceleration hectic and less predictable, which is horrible on stop and go city traffic, or making left turn on intersections. The MPG figure as pointed out by so many already, not very green or Honda like (CR-V come to mind). But there's nothing new here, even the 2016 new Pilot is still horrible in this department. If you care about MPG, this is not your car for sure. The main drawing power for me is the square boxy look and feel (while driving) of the yester-year. Its truck-like road manner matches the look as well. This is what my family happens to appreciate - the quiet and smoother and longer mini vans and Mazda CX 9/Highlanders give them sea sickness. Also, I found the Pilot easier to handle on highway than Toyota Highlander and Camry. The Toyotas are bit over sensitive to steering and make driving it a bit nervous on crowded multi-lane highways. Pilot somehow feels more stable in similar situations, as clumsy and boxy as it is. As for alternatives, the 4-runner is less practical for our purposes, too expensive and we are not into off-road. The GMC/Ford/Chevy are much bigger than we need and more expensive as well, with questionable reliability (had many Americans in the past to prove my doubts). But, the recent sleuth of electric problems on the Pilot makes me wonder about Honda's reliability. I do hope that these problems are just my one time bad luck and things will be rosy from here. I am holding my breath with fingers crossed...

  • Blue Smoothy - 2015 Honda Pilot
    By -

    I always wanted a Pilot, but could't justify the cost, but I finally made the plunge and love it. Sure, I looked at the 2015 Highlander and almost spent a few grand more to get the latest tech, and maybe in retro spec I should have, but the family and I love our Pilot and how it gets us around in our daily lives. The DVD player for the eight and twelve year olds are a must. Great MPG and my wife and I love how it glides down the road. Would buy another one. One crazy thing though... I had all four brake calipers rust, just surface, and Rivertown Honda replaced them under warranty without more than a "Hey guys what do you think of this." Cant say enough about how easy that was and a new 2015 Civic for the day without charge. Thanks Honda and Rivertown Honda of Grandville, MI.

  • Honda pilot 2015 - 2015 Honda Pilot
    By -

    This is the first time I bought Honda vehicle and this will be the last and I will not buy any more Honda vehicles . The brake system is not good and slow pick up and cheap interior . My other vehicles are Toyota when I compare this pilot with my other vehicles I felt toyota vehicles are much more precise and responsive.

  • Great vehicle for the price! - 2015 Honda Pilot
    By -

    Overall, I love this car. I wasn't too thrilled the first week. The VCM (variable cylinder management) system is kinda clunky and going from a smooth CVT to this led me to believe I was having transmission issues. This is not the smoothest SUV. It does great in every other gear but when I hit 20mph and downshift into 1st gear (I believe) there is an audible clunk that you can feel. It was a little annoying but only because I previously owned a Ford Explorer with tranny issues that started similarly to this. After taking it in to be looked at, it was explained to me that this is normal. With the car constantly turning off and on 3 cylinders, it does make the ride "less smooth" but you get better fuel economy in exchange. I will say that it's a great highway cruiser with lots of nooks, crannies and cargo space. The A/C blows cold as soon as you start it up! (Even in the hot VA summer.) I love the interior of the new pilot. It's a huge step up. The interior is a little dated. I would've waited a couple weeks and bought a 2016 but I don't want a mini van. Which is what all new SUV's look like nowadays. I had to choose between interior aesthetics or exterior aesthetics and I chose exterior. I want my SUV to look like a SUV. Not a mini van. So, I chose the 2015 instead and got the square body SUV I know and love, but at the price of a dated interior. I do love this car. Aside from the VCM, I will say braking distance is poor, but it's s great vehicle overall. If the 2016 Pilot kept the same body style but updated the interior to what it is now, I would've bought a 2016 in a second. This looks like the last true SUV in the market I'll ever be able to afford. I turned down a 2015 Pathfinder strictly due to the mini van design. Had the pathfinder kept true to its SUV design, I'd be the owner of one right now. I understand gas mileage is important. Especially this day and age. But, me personally... I'd rather sacrifice a few mpg and have a real SUV, not a minivanified SUV. Overall a great car. It has it quirks but it's super reliable and super comfortable and looks like a real SUV. What more could you ask for. I'd give it a solid B+ overall. Now is the time to buy a 2015 Pilot. With the new 2016, lots of dealerships are offering their 2015 models far below invoice price. The pilot has always been outside of my budget, but the 2016 Pilot's new designed changed that for me and allowed me to buy a car I could never afford. That's the only thing I like about the 2016 Pilot.

  • horrible noise from front passenger side - 2015 Honda Pilot
    By -

    the dealership and Honda reps have tries to fix this noise 3-4 times and it still is occurring. Last time they reset the computer hoping that would help...really! Aside from this nightmare,the car is roomy but cup holders for the driver should be switched so the retractable cover on the console doesn't have to open all the way. The Dvd player should be a larger screen as there are 5 passengers trying to view it. Windshield wiper in the back window is loud when turned off and sets back in the holder. Yes all minor issues compared to the squeaking noise up front. Would I buy Honda again, probably not. (sad since have bought 3 hondas so far).

  • New 2015 Pilot - Love the car but lost confidence in it & Honda - 2015 Honda Pilot
    By -

    May 22nd I Traded in my perfectly working 2011 Element because it had Takata airbags ( which Honda never notified me of ) and couldn't afford to have the replacement complicate my drive out west in August.. I traded for a brand new 2015 Pilot EX with 7 miles on it. Drove the Pilot home that evening. May 23rd I drove the Pilot a few places May 24th Drove Early in the evening I went to move the Pilot and it wouldn't start. Tried many times to start it and it wouldn't start. We put the trickle charger on it overnight. May 25th It started in the morning and I drove to Agway. I shopped at Agway for about 20 minutes and the 2015 Pilot wouldn't start. Cont- in Favorite Features

  • Honda pilot SE - 2015 Honda Pilot
    By -

    Since day one i took it back next day has a dangerous problem hestates when you lease expect it. sitting a light go to take off it like someone hits the brakes. taken it in twice they say nothing is wrong. one day i'm gonna pull out and i'm gonna get hit. ASk a friend who use to be machanic at honda now head mechanic at acura , he said it was transmission, not getting right info from computer .he decribed it perfect told that to honda goes in one ear and out the other. i traded a perfect honda 2011 pilot in for this . i want that one back. HOnda service has not done anything helpful . as soon as i can afford to get rid of this i will.

  • 3rd time Pilot owner - 2015 Honda Pilot
    By -

    Just bought a new 2015 Pilot EX-L. Have had a 2004 and 2010, and this one is the best yet! Price was reduced $8600 off of MSRP, so the price was the best ever I have had on the many Hondas I have owned. The vehicle rides great, and the silver with black leather interior is sharp! Very satisfied with my purchase. I have not had any issues with vibration, as that seems to have been corrected by Honda. Go buy one while you can still find a 2015.

  • A Very Good Value Three Row SUV - 2015 Honda Pilot
    By -

    A really super vehicle. Very smooth ride . Very quiet cabin, including at highway speeds. Plenty of power (although I have not been towing) and good automatic shifter. Some great deals available (I was helped get an excellent price through edmunds Price Promise) - Breakaway Honda in Greenville SC made this one of the easiest car purchases I have ever made.

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