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This Year's Model Updates:

After numerous updates last year, the 2013 Honda Insight returns unchanged.

  • Thrifty fuel economy
  • Low price for a hybrid.
  • Unsophisticated ride
  • Cramped backseat
  • Air-conditioning shuts off with auto-off engine at traffic lights.

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  • You'll be sorry - 2013 Honda Insight
    By -

    This is the most uncomfortable, loud, gutless car you can buy. The mileage is not worth it, and goes down quickly if you have to do even small inclines. (not hills, just normal on the freeway or average road inclines) There is no way to get your money out of it if you buy it new. You can't hold a conversation without yelling in the car because of the noise. The car is so gutless, you put yourself at risk to pull out of your street if you see another car coming. Not to mention you can't see out of the car easily at all. A lot of blind spots. Don't get the light fabric seats. They stain with water. You may not listen to this. That's fine, but be warned, you will not be happy.

  • Insightful Overachiever - 2013 Honda Insight
    By -

    Have had my Insight EX for 6 months now, and after ~6k miles driven I have come to love this little hybrid. I consistently get over 50 MPG driving through Los Angeles rush hour traffic (based on miles driven/gallons filled), despite an EPA estimated 42 MPG, while a cursory review of fuelly-dot-com or fueleconomy-dot-gov suggests the Prius tends to get below its EPA rating. This fact, combined with much better handling and brakes than Prius family members, makes me love it! It is a bit lacking in rear seat space, but it has plenty of room for my daily commute, and running about town with wife and son in tow (can fit stroller and week's worth of groceries with ease in the cargo bay).

  • My experience with both Insight and Prius - 2013 Honda Insight
    By -

    I bought a Prius 4 yrs ago and I like the car. With the fact that Honda is discontinuing the car, and I didn't want Toyota to earn all my money so I decided to buy a new Insight. Surprisingly my decision is well made. Like I said Prius is a good car, I can get 60 MPG if I drive it really carefully (by pissing off many other drivers). But Insight makes you forget that you are driving a hybrid and still get you pretty decent mileage. Honda is definitely more fun to drive compared to Toyota the handling is much better. Although its not as spacious as to Prius, its not bad at all. Bottom line, both cars are good, but Insight is a car with more fun.

  • Excellent, but ... - 2013 Honda Insight
    By -

    Pros: The obvious--excellent gas mileage. Test drove and got over 50 mpg consistently. The car has decent low end torque, so will pick up if you want it to. The green eco invites you to continually drive conservatively to maintain good mpg. The stereo system is fairly good quality. Hatchback opens easily. Nice storage. Has spare tire. The drive is very silky and smooth. The best CVT I've driven. The turning radius is incredible. Will turn on the dime. Handles beautifully around curves. Suspension very sturdy with bumps. Ignition is seemless and strong. Cons: The major con is the incredible uncomfortable driving seat. More below.

  • Better than I expect - 2013 Honda Insight
    By -

    Just bought the 2013 insight ex for 19,580 before tax. Today I fill up the first tank of gas. It's 314.7 miles and 6.452 gallons of gas, average 48.78 mpg. I drive half/half city and highway. The mpg is much better than I expect. I like the insight style better than the prius both inside/outside. When I press the gas pedal, the car respond better than the prius. Plus the prius is $3500 more than the insight. I tested drive both but then chose the insight. I think I made the right choice.

  • Had to have Another - 2013 Honda Insight
    By -

    I bought my wife a 2011 Honda Insight. As of now she has 23746 miles and has purchased 533.715 gallons of gas(yes, we record Odom-trip-# of gal-price per gal and date). Currently getting 44.49 mpg and that is actual all driving mpg! I was so impressed I traded in my Chevy HHR for my own 2012 Insight. As of now my Insight has 13818 miles on 305.667 gallons for 45.20 actual MPG and that is city and highway combined! Yes the AC turns off when I sit at a red light. I drive from the NJ suburbs to block b4 the Holland Tunnel, so my ride isn't smooth sailings! The ride in my Insight makes this commute bearable.

  • Far Exceeded Expectations - 2013 Honda Insight
    By -

    I almost didn't buy it based on some of the professional reviews I read, but I decided to go by those written by real consumers, and I am glad I did. The car is flawless, fun to drive, and very will built. I has enough power to get up on the freeway and keeps up with traffic while getting over 45 mpg, and I drive it very hard. I have found the ride to be good, not harsh, and is similar to other small cars of similar weight. I am 6'3" and have plenty of room and comfort. It is not a Prius, and does not try to be. It is the original hybrid, predating the Prius. The unit is one of the few fully built in Japan, and the quality demonstrates that very well.

  • I Love my 2012 Insight Base model - 2013 Honda Insight
    By -

    I am always surprised to see so few (I should say rarely) Insights on the road. Toyota Prius seem to be the only hybrid people think of. Not only the Prius is expensive, I am not so sure it's a better car: Insight dashboard is better and the possibility of disabling the automatic traction(not available in the Prius) in case of getting stuck in the snow is a plus in the Northeast.

  • Honda Insight, the unknown deal - 2013 Honda Insight
    By -

    I compared several vehicles that met my requirements in a new vehicle and the Insight showed up. I had never heard of one before. Perhaps it is so unknown because Honda does not promote it. Few people are familiar with it but it meets my needs perfectly. I do not think most of the criticisms of it are fair. It is not noisy. It is comfortable. It runs smoothly and the gas mileage is terrific. The AC does turn off when the engine stops at lights, etc. but that is overcome by moving the car into Park which I do in our recent 100 degree weather. It is fun to drive. I am not a car nut. I expect my vehicles to get me where I am going as cheaply as possible. The Honda Insight LX does that.

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