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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2015 GMC Terrain gets a 4G WiFi hotspot inside the car as standard. Otherwise, it carries over unchanged.

  • Powerful available V6 engine
  • Spacious and adjustable backseat.
  • Premium look inside and out
  • Quiet interior
  • Comfortable highway ride
  • Four-cylinder version feels sluggish on the highway and real-world mpg falls well short of EPA ratings
  • Steering isn't very precise
  • Less cargo space than rivals
  • IntelliLink infotainment controls can be finicky.

User Reviews:

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  • Terrain talk - 2015 GMC Terrain
    By -

    I love my Terrain. The safety features about drove me nuts but once I got used to them (or turned them off) they were fine. I love the interior, very comfortable to drive and the seats feel great. I especially love the heated seat feature. I previously had an Envoy that I dearly loved. The ride in the Envoy was much smoother and less stiff. I have found though, that all the smaller SUV's have that log wagon feel, where you can feel almost every bump. I am 100% satisfied with the overall performance of this vehicle, however I may consider a larger SUV next time to improve the ride. The gas mileage is good, I like the infrequent trips to the gas station.

  • Designed for 6'2" guys - 2015 GMC Terrain
    By -

    Excellent value for the money.

  • Very good vehicle - most of the time - 2015 GMC Terrain
    By -

    We basically picked this vehicle based on cost after our GMC Envoy XL had major problems, but we very happy with the choice after the fact. We wanted an Acadia, but the $10K+ price difference was too much. The Terrain rides great, it's easy to drive, is comfortable and pretty spacious for a "compact" SUV. It has way more room in the back seat than the Envoy did and I know it has better front passenger area than the Envoy. We fit 5 of us (kids 16, 8 & 3) but it's a little tight (my 8 yr old can't us his booster seat with 3 in the back seat). It's easy and comfortable to drive (even when loaded down) and it's mostly quiet. There is a lot of tire noise (not sure if it's the car or the tires though) which can get really loud on the highway. The cargo area is a little small considering this isn't really a small vehicle, but the back seat can be adjusted to make more space (but not by much without sacrificing all the leg room). We recently took a 2500+ mile trip with all of us. Even loaded with all 5 of us and all the luggage (including a roof cargo box) the ride and handling were very good. I was surprised the back end didn't lower much once everything/everyone was loaded up either. You noticed the weight when driving, but it didn't make it much harder to drive and I quickly got used to it. Even after 12+ hours in the car we didn't feel really stiff or sore and we survived with 3 in the back seat. This is where I wished we got the 6 cyl motor though. The 4 cyl is good 90% of the time for us, so it probably is the better overall choice. It really struggled at higher speeds (70 MP+) with all of us and the luggage although understandably so considering it was probably about 1000 lbs of people & gear. We only got about 23 MPG for the trip so I was disappointed in that (I expected about 25 MPG with the cargo box). It downshifts on almost any kind of hill trying to maintain speed. The constant shifting gets annoying especially when it kicks down a couple of gears. It's kind of like 2 different vehicles when it comes to the mileage (even without the cargo box). If you stay between 60 - 65 MPH it easily gets 28 - 30 MPG. Once you start going 70 or more it really drops off to low to mid 20's. I guess because the squared off styling. Overall = Likes: styling, comfort (although the seat material with the holes can be a little itchy & collects crumbs/dirt), ride, stereo is very good, gas mileage (most of the time) and safety ratings. Good amount of storage places, cup holders and charging ports. The center console is quite large which can make it a little hard to find things with too much stuff in it. I think the headlights and fog lights work great good brightness and distance so you don't have to use high beams all the time. Dislikes: 4 cyl when the vehicle is loaded up, no rear A/C vents and the front ones are low (glad we got a light colored one), cargo area is a little small. My 8 yr old says the center seat in the back is too hard. The transmission downshifts a lot because it always tries to get to the highest gear. It can be difficult to try to accelerate a little bit without it downshifting (and sometimes it goes down 2 gears).

  • Great SUV GOOD MPG - 2015 GMC Terrain
    By -

    after reading a few post here I'd decided to post my findings as well as my experience as an automotive tech and a 2015 terrain owner. I leased a 2015 SL2 4 cyld and so far so good, not a single issue. my wife and I are very pleased with this vehicle. I have worked on many gmc terrains as well as all gm vehicles and it is true the first couple of years of the terrain and Equinox was Horrible, lots of engine issues, oil leaks etc. but gm had solved all of this issues since 2012, the reason i bought mine now in 2015 and super happy with it. the advertised MPG is a little off but not like many people states here. I come from a lot of 6 and 8 cylinder engines and it takes some getting use to a 4 cylinder then it gets better. this is also a 4000 lbs vehicle, much heavier and wider then the competition paying a price at the pump but it increases safety. the Honda crv and toyota rav4 only weights 2800 lbs, not safe at all, and the case with many other compact SUV which by the way the terrain is much bigger than most compact SUV, it almost measures a mid size one. as far as MPG goes am doing 20.8 city and 31.6 highway with 25.9 combine and i only have 600 miles of use on my terrain. I only use shell gas 87 octane but that is not important, what is really important is the amount of ethanol in the gas that you are using, the more ethanol percentage the less mpg you will get. keep in mind that most mpg test are done fro 40 to 70 mph, anything above that will impact mpg and so does bumper to bumper traffic driving which is never accounted for. no mpg is exact on any vehicle make and there are many facts that will drastically lower it. i am super happy with my terrain and having worked and owned all brands and makes in the past 35 years I will say Gm is at the very top of the list. I will like to say I don't work for GM nor do I sell cars, this is my true story and experience and hope it helps someone.

  • GMC Lover - 2015 GMC Terrain
    By -

    I've had my 2015 GMC Terrain for 3 weeks now and completely love it. The exterior is shiny with chrome features that really set it off. I'm in love with the front end style, the grill and headlights are so classy. It's comfortable, stylish, affordable (lease), great gas mileage, easy on the eyes. I'm coming out of a 4 dr sedan so riding higher than normal is awesome. The interior features are good, with the exception of the vent placement. I like air movement, weather it be cool or warmer air - I like to feel it on me. The placement of the vents don't allow that to happen unless I lean towards the center, over the arm rest. The steering wheel is in the way and while I can adjust the wheel to tilt and extend, it doesn't help much. I will update again once I've owned for awhile and have a trail run in the snow. So far, impressed. I feel like I'm driving a luxury vehicle and a mid class price level. I recommend test driving if you're at all interested.

  • I have the Denali AWD with the 6 cylinder - 2015 GMC Terrain
    By -

    While we have only had this for a couple of weeks, it is proving to be a great SUV/CUV. It isn't the cheapest out there, but for a premium ride and feel, coupled with the money off of sticker price, it is a nice compromise. For the sticker price, you could get more bang for your buck at a competitor, but after taking money off, that isn't so true. This vehicle has a premium feel and ride, with some decent features. Compared to my foreign SUV/CUV, it feels like I'm driving a high end model, even though my foreign SUV/CUV is a limited trim. Everything seems more luxurious in the Terrain. It is a nice blend of size and features.

  • 2015 Terrain denali AWD it is good for off road too - 2015 GMC Terrain
    By -

    Great comfort, interior and ride. I had the Denali and wow what a vehicle. It was very comfortable to drive long distances at a time and had great storage and visibility, no blind spots that modern technology did not accommodate . Fantastic safety features, collision avoidance,rear view camera, and parking controls. Take it off road, dirt or mud, even sand , not to mention snow and it handles better off road then my 2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4X4

  • Love my 2015 Terrain! - 2015 GMC Terrain
    By -

    After shopping around using Edmunds as my guide, I decided to give GMC Terrain a serious look having been an owner of Buicks for over 15 years. Reviews were very decent as well. Have to say although its only 2 weeks old I absolutely love my purchase. Was a little skeptical of the 4cyl. engine at first, however it has plenty of power for my needs. Interior is very rich and well designed and comfortable . Like driving in a cockpit . Smooth ride, feels like a higher end car ride. Considering what 2 year old SUV's go for nowadays I say this is a tremendous value for the money. Fully warrantied bumper to bumper with a 2 year service agreement makes this vehicle for my family a wise choice.

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