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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2012, the GMC Terrain gets a standard touchscreen audio interface that can be paired through Bluetooth audio streaming to Internet-based services like Pandora and Stitcher (late availability). Lane departure warning and forward collision alert are also now available as options.

  • Roomy backseat
  • Good fuel economy.
  • Strong crash test scores
  • Sophisticated ride
  • Quiet and attractive cabin
  • Plenty of standard and optional features
  • Compromised visibility
  • Cargo space could be more generous
  • Numb steering.

User Reviews:

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  • Use oil and fuel, over and over and over and over - 2012 GMC Terrain
    By -

    We bought this car for MPG, only to find out it does't get anywhere near the rating, 30% less than rated. What's more it also uses oil at an insane rate 1 quart per 1,000 miles, no exaggeration. If that wasn't enough, complaints to GM went unanswered. How could they ignore such claims? Come to find out, they knew of this problem, but never mentioned or acknowledged it, so disappointed. Wish we could just get out from under this, get our money back, start fresh. $30,000 down the drain.

    By -

    After reading numerous complaints it is totally insane that GM is not backing THEIR product!! I have a 2012 GMC Terrain, 4 cylinder. I am also experiencing a lot of what others have written on here. I am going through oil like crazy and my favorite part is the "dummy" light is not even coming on to tell me. I am checking my oil weekly and having oil changes every 2,500 miles with Penzoil Full Synthetic. The only code that has ever appeared is the cam shaft sensor, which I replaced, but I still continue to have oil consumption issues. It is ridiculous that GM will not investigate this issue after numerous complaints. I also experience the shifting issues (jerking when taking off from a stop). This car is total garbage and I will continue to just put oil into it and I refuse to replace an engine on a car that is 3 years old that I have documentation that I have properly maintained. COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS UNTIL THIS PIECE OF JUNK IS PAID OFF!!!!

  • Transmission Jerks when putting it in reverse - 2012 GMC Terrain
    By -

    I have the 2012 GMC Terrain and for the last few years it sporadically jerks/kicks/slips when I first put it in reverse to drive out of the garage. It's not consistent so the dealer can't diagnose it and it never does it when I try to show it to someone. I've been told that this isn't a problem, but it still makes me nervous. Other than that, I love the Terrain!

  • Four cylinder engine - 2012 GMC Terrain
    By -

    I have owned two four cylinders. 2010 30,000 miles engine replaced using excessive oil. 2012 at 32000 miles engine rebuilt (was told they didn't replace them any more ) I don't think GM knows how to build a good four cylinder. I am driving a gas guzzling V6, hope it can go past the dreaded 30,000 mile mark.

  • Will not buy American again - 2012 GMC Terrain
    By -

    So I again trusted the american Manufacture to my demise. I have owned Ford, Chevy, GMC, Honda, Toyota, Nissan and BMW. The only vehicles I have not had problems with are the freaking Japanese vehicles, which really pisses me off. Why can we the American people not make a solid vehicle that can be reliable. Every American Vehicle I have owned did not last 30k miles without some type of issue. My latest Toyota has 112k miles with no issues to date owned for 8 years now. This piece of trash, unreliable Terrain I have had for 11 months been in for 3 Engine Lights. Its gets no where near the gas mileage stated, 23mpg on free way stated 31 ha!

  • Message board..engine light issues...no solution - 2012 GMC Terrain
    By -

    I bought my Terrain in June 2012. The first year was good nothing out of the ordinary with regular maintenance. As the end of the second year approached I started having random engine light, Stabili Trak messages appearing. I am on my 4th service call with the dealership. The last time 2 months ago they kept my vehicle for one week and found nothing they could repair. The first time they diagnosed a carbon build-up which they cleaned for a fee, the second time nothing could be found, the 3rd time nothing and today I could not drive much above 55 mph on the highway. The car was sluggish and seemed to have no pick-up. I felt like it would stall any minute. I did stall eventually. Frustrated!!!

  • AWD 4 CYL 2014 - 2012 GMC Terrain
    By -

    When I saw the size of the vehicle with the 4cyl. plus AWD I was skepital about performance Of Couse! First Things, K & N Air Filter, next , Mobil One at 500 Miles, Interior is gorgeous, Performance, 23 City, 27. Hwy. Complaint...Wish it had more ground clearance for snow. Plus...Everything, Nice Mfg. Effort

  • Don't buy a 2012-2014 Terrain - 2012 GMC Terrain
    By -

    My 2012 Terrain has 38,000 miles on the odometer and uses 1 qt of oil every 2000 miles. The Dealer that falls within GM's specs????? No wonder they had to be bailed out. I get 21.5 mpg overall with the 4 cyl/auto and that is below the EPA city rating. The navigation had to be replaced plus the transmission needed replacement at 32,000 miles.

  • Air bags failed to deploy - 2012 GMC Terrain
    By -

    Ran off road, hit a tree... received a concussion as head "bounced" off steering wheel. If bags had deployed, would not have been knocked out via striking head and perhaps I could have avoided massive damage to vehicle and 2 days in hospital.

  • Terrain Problems - 2012 GMC Terrain
    By -

    I bought my new terrain in May 2012 after just having it a short time the navigation screen would go very dim and then bright. I took it to dealership more than once, they did not know why or how to fix it after trying several times. I contacted GMC corporate about the problem. It is still not fixed. I stopped taking it to dealership because if they can't fix it why take it in. Now I have another problem. My ck engine light coming on. Took it to dealership, it is a random misfire, they don't know why or how to fix it. It's in there for 2nd time in one wk I now have the gen mgr involved- I refuse to get stuck with a lemon. I have a loaner vehicle

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