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  • Terrific vehicle! - 2016 GMC Sierra 1500
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    I have owned 46 vehicles in my life- this is my favorite. Comfortable seats, great visibility, very ergonometrically designed. Open road mileage is incredible for a truck this size. I have the 4 wheel drive crew cab SLT version. On a recent 2900 trip to Colorado the truck averaged 20.5 miles per gallon. The miles were mostly freeway but included driving in Denver traffic, traversing 11,500 foot passes, 116 degree heat in the Arizona desert and dirt roads on a ranch. I have the apple infotainment radio and navigation system in the truck, which I would highly recommend - it's the best radio and nav system I have ever seen. A bit bulky to drive around in downtown parking garages, but no better vehicle for a long road trip.

  • No one comes between me and my GMC - 2016 GMC Sierra 1500
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    I have driven nothing but GMC trucks since 1985. This truck is the smoothest, technology driven, comfortable, safest and the best GMC I have ever owned. All of my buddies are drooling. Before I would lend out my truck to friends and family to use for all sorts of reasons....now no one can use it....I'm being stingy. I'll only let my wife drive it....but she don't wanna drive it....which is just fine by me. I can't say enough about just how great and reliable this truck is. I have the Iridem Metallic color and believe me when I'm driving around town I get plenty of thumbs up. The interior even beats out my Acura RDX for features and comfort. My advise is buy one....if you can get a 2016 buy it....Kelly Blue Book says the price for the 2016 is much better and lower than the 2017 for essentially the same exact vehicle.

  • Hard shifting at low speeds - 2016 GMC Sierra 1500
    By -

    I have had this truck into the dealer twice and I have 6500 miles on the truck. They have done a reprogramming both times and it is fine for a week or two and then starts shifting hard again. I purchased the truck with the larger engine so that I can tow my 22 foot Airstream. When the AS is in tow it is great but not when you have to daily drive. This should not happen for the money paid for the truck.

  • Bought Domestic - 2016 GMC Sierra 1500
    By -

    After 15 years of swearing off US made I'm back. Much improved quality but I have warranty work to be done that was apparent when I drove it off the lot and did not with makes from Japan, Germany, or Korea. So still room for improvement. Love the truck and my wife would rather go in it than her SL550 or my Equus

  • Solid and comfortable Silverado LT - 2016 GMC Sierra 1500
    By -

    Not every dealership's employee (and in my case family member) discount is the same. Make sure your sales rep provides the best employee discount by checking with 3 dealerships. You would think an employee discount would be the same everywhere - nope! The truck is solid, quiet and very comfortable - it rides so well! The tailgate locks from inside or with the fob along with the doors which is a nice feature. The VVT engine is giving me 19mpg and the truck is new. So nice how the engine drops to 4 cylinders when not sensing the need for power and clicks back into the V6 when power is needed. This feature is giving me surprisingly good gas mileage. I have towed 6000 #'s with my 4.3 litre engine like it wasn't even there - very surprised with that! Make no mistake, I do not bleed GM blue just because a deceased family member worked there! This is my first GM vehicle in 9 years.

  • Switched to GMC Denali after 12 years of Tundra - 2016 GMC Sierra 1500
    By -

    This is a city truck that in my opinion is better than an SUV if you use the bed on ocassion. I love it, handles and rates much better than Tundra in my book. Small things that made the diffrence to me: closing the doors sound short and full not like a tin can, how Tundra did. Bluetooh and entire entertainment system with car play is spectacular, better than Tundra's entertainment system, could be that Tundra was 2014 this is 2017 and technology moves rather quick. Gas consumption day and night differentce, Tundra had a 5.7 L this is a 5.3L engine same thing for me however Tundra was at 12.8 city this is 15.9 city that is my measumerment as I think when they are doing it combined gets way too interpretative and subjective. On and all love it.

  • 2016 Sierra SLT 4WD - 2016 GMC Sierra 1500
    By -

    I loved this truck ...I say loved because I no longer have it. 2000 miles into ownership I had my first wreck of nearly 40 years of driving. My beautiful truck got T boned by a guy doing about 65 mph. My truck flipped with me in it and all the curtain airbags deployed along with OnStar immediately asking if I was ok. The other driver was taken to the hospital with injury's (He's doing good now) but I climbed out of the truck without a scratch. I hope that I never need the safety features on the GMC again but I can't say enough about them. btw I am on my way to buy my next GMC now.

  • Great Value Truck - 2016 GMC Sierra 1500
    By -

    2016 GMC Sierra Double Cab, standard bed, V8, Z71, SLE Value Package. GM was certainly doing some deep discounts for leasing. Sticker price from 45, down to 37. Combined with tier 1 credit, good resale value make this an excellent lease vehicle if you're not too hard on them. Initial quality seems very nice. Some soft touch materials and even some of the hard plastic doesn't look or feel cheap, feels solid. Some leather trim with cloth seats, pretty comfortable. Back seats are a little tight to get into but ok otherwise. Interior layout is adequate and the big color touch screen is nice. Plenty of storage bins, USB ports, and a 110 plug. Outside the truck looks nice, no flaws in the factory paint that I could find (onyx black) and all the plastic trim looks ok and fits well. V8 performance with the 6speed is good but I have yet to really stress it. Gas pedal is a little mushy but it's not broke in yet so we'll see. Column gear shift, trailer mode button, 4x4 knob all work as expected. Steering is a little heavy as to be expected and turn radius compared to a car is poor. Ride is truck-like, a little bouncy/firm as expected but controlled and not jarring. The big touch screen is nice with controls smartly divided between real knobs and icons on screen. Example; I have a Lincoln product and when adjusting radio, climate, it's a nightmare of push buttons and unresponsive touch screen. B/U camera is basic, no sensors, basic stereo is good. Voice control does a great job with phone and can select songs/artists. The problem with this tech is you have to know what's in your system for it to work. Surprise to me, you only have nav if your subscribe to Onstar. Truck has a wifi hotspot best suited for a minivan but connection was easy and seems to work well. Nice surprises: remote start can also turn on heated seats, you can open all the windows with the key fob (summer), favorites on entertainment use all media inputs, not just the radio. Duel climate works good. Very satisfied for now!

  • very satisified Sierra owner - 2016 GMC Sierra 1500
    By -

    I have researched lots of pickups, and the best one out there is the GMC Sierra. The ride, quality of all of the equipment and the quietness is second to none. I am getting far better gas mileage than the window sticker shows. Why would anyone even consider any other brand.

  • Denali crew cab 5.3l 4x4 - 2016 GMC Sierra 1500
    By -

    I have had the truck for a month, I am up near 2000 miles. I live in North NJ and appreciate the ride of the truck with the garbage roads we have. Up in North Jersey, the terrain is all hills, almost nothing flat. In local driving, I have been averaging about 17 mpg, not bad considering the terrain and the size of the vehicle. We took the truck to the outer banks for a week, 520 miles each way, on this trip I averaged 22 mpg, fully loaded, 2 adults, 2 kids, a dog, and truck bed full of beach gear, clothes, food, grill supplies, etc, etc. this trip brought the lifetime fuel economy for the truck up to 20mpg. pretty impressive. I will admit, I monitor my driving and kept it in v4 mode as much as possible, it worked. I am impressed. While in the outer banks I saw one period of driving, the first 100 miles leaving for the way home where I averaged 25.7 mpg, slow steady state, traffic free flat land, 55mph cruising. Amazing. The trip was 11 hours each way, factoring in stops for bathroom and food. Not a single complaint, everyone was comfortable beyond compare. The connectivity was loved by the kids, as was the ability to have all the electronics charged. While the dog would have preferred a yard, even he had room to move and get comfortable. Moving up from a Subaru Legacy, this was an obvious upgrade, what is surprising is that a vehicle this size is actually more efficient than a car that weighed 2000lbs less, and had a 2.5 liter 4cyl turbo engine. Finally, the GMC dealer experience has gone upscale and every dealing I had with them, beginning to end, has been easy. No quality based issues with the truck yet, and hopefully none on the horizon. There is a steep learning curve with the technology of the truck and the personalization available, but a good long trip like that helps to sort it all out and learn what the options are.

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