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This Year's Model Updates:

Redesigned for 2014, the GMC Sierra benefits from weight reduction and a lineup of new, more fuel-efficient engines including a now-competitive V6.

  • Quiet highway ride.
  • New, more fuel-efficient engines
  • Improved interior
  • Transmission ratios too widely spaced for optimal towing performance.

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  • Don't do it! Bad truck - 2014 GMC Sierra 1500
    By -

    I have written a few reviews now and somehow they keep getting taken down. This truck is by far the worst truck I have ever owned. The transmission hunts for gears and bangs and clangs. GM said that's normal. The seat has broken 4 times and has been replaced, still broken. Headlights are a joke and a safety issue when it is wet out. Nothing in the truck works right. GPS cannot find addresses, and that ride, awful. When I hit a bump I get a ping in the rear end. Again, according to GM normal. If you like to drive you don't want this truck. I love looking at this truck but I cannot stand driving it. It's awful, its slow and those gears are some of the worst I have ever experienced.

  • Great truck! - 2014 GMC Sierra 1500
    By -

    Well I have owned this truck for almost 6 months and have had ZERO issues and one recall to check transmission line leaks and none found. My last truck was a 2013 Chevy Silverado and this truck is a far better vehicle! It drives better has a better turning radius and just has a better feel driving it. I have owned numerous other trucks Fords, Dodges (junk) and Toyota's and they do not equal this truck. I see other reviews that do not have good things to say but I really LIKE this truck! I tow a small bass boat and it pulls it great. The gas mileage is better than my 2013 Chevy but I have yet to hit the 22mpg highway. Hope this helps someone looking at this truck!

  • Its fine - 2014 GMC Sierra 1500
    By -

    Strange to read all the horror stories about vibration, clunks, trans slipping. I have a 2014 Sierra V6 WT with the only options of a locking rear differential and a hitch. I crank my windows. Have about 2000 miles on it now. It is quiet, shifts smoothly, rides firm but it is a truck. It is quite powerful if you lay into it, most of the time I don't and it gets 18-19 city. Not sure about hwy yet but indications are it will get the advertised 24 hwy. No rattles or strange noises, actually it is very quiet. I wish it had a better exhaust note. You have to turn down the radio and concentrate to feel it go from V6 to V4 and back. The reg cab lighting could be better.

  • Looks good...Drives Poor - 2014 GMC Sierra 1500
    By -

    I bought mine about one month ago. Nice sexy black truck all the toys. Mile mark 480 noise coming from the rear end. GM tried to say it was the displacement on demand. Turned out to be a bad ring gear. Truck ended up needing a whole new rear end. Mile mark 680 transmission is clinging and clanging under normal driving conditions with decelerating only to be followed by not knowing what gear to select with I put my foot back on the gas. Today it was stuck in 2nd gear for about 8 seconds. Also new today, the truck stalled with a huge bang in the transmission when shifting from R to D. I like the truck a lot when it is parked. Not so much when driving. Buyer beware...

  • AWESOME TRUCK - 2014 GMC Sierra 1500
    By -

    Had my 14 crew cab SLT over a year and 26,000 trouble free miles. I'm getting a steady 21 mpg highway. Truck is extremely smooth and quiet. I traded in a 2012 Ram and this GMC feels more refined with better on road performance. Great truck overall.

  • Bad Deal - 2014 GMC Sierra 1500
    By -

    Got 2014 Sierra All Terrain in sept 13. Healights are terrible to the point of dangerous. Far too dim. Had to install after market off-road lites. GM would not acknowledge problem. 4 wheel drive would not engage while stuck in snow high range. Engine would not accelerate. Transmission clunks and shifts strangely. Seems to hang up between gears at low speed acceleration and slips. Truck has already been recalled 3 times. Now it is leaking ant-freeze and will heed to go back to dealer. It will be a Dodge Ram next time.

  • Worst truck ever owned in 40 years - 2014 GMC Sierra 1500
    By -

    6 month update. Gm has not fixed any thing since new. Radio GPS headlights are still awfull. 5 Recalls so far. New problems leather coming off seats,look like 50 year old bomber jacket. Dash settings constantly reset, rattles every where,seems dealer can not hear it. Was getting 16 mpg,after fire flash recall dropped to 13-14,dealer says that was expected. (not when I bought it), Tried to trade it in on new Toyota,they would not take it. $50k pos. Advertised as professional grade, the only thing I am getting professional at is taking it to the dealer

  • Very satisfied Sierra owner.....exceeding my expectations... - 2014 GMC Sierra 1500
    By -

    Seems to be numerous mediocre reviews of the Sierra/Silverado on here, and I fully respect each one. But I also felt obligated to offer up my experience to date.....one that is been very positive. I shopped all of the light duty V8 4x4 trucks, and can say objectively they're all good options. What sold the Sierra for me: ride quality. I have none of the vibrations mentioned in other reviews. The Tundra is close, but the road noise is much more pronounced. Interior: Subjective I know, but this 2014 interior is more ergonomic, user friendly, and more upscale than Ram, Tundra, Ford. MPG: I am a consistent 22MPG on highway. Price: Spec for spec, $6K less than others with GMC incentives

  • 25,000 miles on my 2014 Sierra Slt - 2014 GMC Sierra 1500
    By -

    Well what can i say. I Fell in love with the way she looks. to those who have not put any real miles on there vehicles yet the problems only get worse. I never tow or haul anything i strictly drive freeway. no off road. Let me list a few problems i have. windshield leaks into the cab, windows are loud at freeway speed, rattling in the cab, headlights suck at night, suspension when wet creeks badly, truck chirps about 55 mph. Satellite gps quits randomly,usb ports stopped working,110 volt outlet quit, transmission slips, transmission searches for gears randomly shifts,Today 4/22/14 she lost power going up hill. i am in a love hate relationship with my truck these days.

  • Nice truck, but the driveability is questionable - 2014 GMC Sierra 1500
    By -

    The Edmunds review does a good job of describing the trucks good sides. OK, now for the downsides. The throttle response on this truck is an absolute disgrace. There is a delay before your right foot's motion changes acceleration. That and the transmission's obsession with getting into the highest gear possible makes a sluggish combination during normal driving. A downshift sometimes takes several seconds! If this is all for fuel economy, I could possibly understand, but the economy, so far, isn't much better than the 2005 5.3 Avalanche this truck replaced. Maybe because I'm pushing this truck too hard trying to get it to respond to my right foot... Shoulda got the Ram...

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