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  • Big PT - 2016 Ford Transit Connect
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    After 5 PT Cruisers wasn't sure what would replace our long time preference when it was discontinued. Easy access with wide doors and right-height sitdown seats coupled with room for second limited ability passenger PLUS two Rollator walkers make the Transit Connect BETTER than the 20 different makes and models we checked. The seating arrangement for 3 or four is better for us than the limited (2) seating in out NV200. The easy fold or remove seats enable use of ALL space behind front seats with plenty of tie down locations. Gas mileage isn't impressive, but since we travel short distances, it is less consequential. Proximity alarms take getting used to and when the radio cuts out, it isn't obvious that it's caused by the sensors because you're getting close (in the garage) even when it's intentional. Like every new vehicle, there are so many bells and whistles that you'll be discovering surprise capabilities until the day you trade for you next vehicle.

  • Great when you want a small minivan - 2016 Ford Transit Connect
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    We bought this to replace our beloved Mazda MPV after 220k miles. The MPV was small, we wanted a similar sized minivan. We test drove about 20 minivans and similar hybrids, but when I got in this, I told my wife "this is it". The forward view is so wide it feels like driving a motor coach or bus. I love the open view and light. The little details like the notch mirrors are great... but needed as there is a bit of a blind spot on the passenger shoulder area. Overall it feels very open with high visibility. Storage space is great on the 3 row model. The fold flat seats take some getting used to, but offer a very flat large storage area. A bit smaller than our MPV, but large enough to haul most of the bigger stuff from the store like chairs and tvs. The worst downsides for me are 1. slow acceleration 2. AC takes forever to cool down 3. things will roll right out of the back unless you put the optional net in because there is no storage well 4. second row seats do not recline (oddly the third row does) 5. with the third row seats up there is very very little storage room behind those seats. 6. no volume controls on the left of the steering wheel which means I can't fully drive with only one hand there on the left 7. I always find the cruise control a little confusing. 8. microsoft sync system can be a bit buggy (i've had to power down the car a few times to get it to fully restart, it's done "scheduled maintenance" where it's updating lord knows what for 8 min and not working) 9. I don't like that you can't turn off the proximity alerts. Sometimes they get annoying; YES I KNOW I'M NEAR THE WALL AT THE DRIVE THROUGH. 10. the steering is a bit loose, it's not a car that you want to steer with your knee for even a second. That may sound like a lot of bad stuff, and those things ARE annoying, but overall, I still love the car. What it gets right, it really gets right. It's comfortable, flexible, and for the most part I love the controls and sound system. There are lots of little things like bag hooks and storage nooks that just make it a pleasure to use. My wife is short and I am tall, and it works for both of us quite well. Backup camera is amazing.

  • My White Elephant - 2016 Ford Transit Connect
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    Be Prepared To Have Other People, Comment On How Sharp It Looks !

  • Jekyll and Hyde car - 2016 Ford Transit Connect
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    Be prepared for abundant harrassment by warning lights, chimes (way too loud) and occasionally the horn. The windshield pillar reinforcements cause blind spots especially dangerous to impulsive pedestrians at crosswalks. The I.M. says not to run the wipers in dry conditions, but of course this happens accidentally on account of their bizarre stalk controls. The van lurches during braking, acceleration, and on right angle turns around town. In hot weather the dashboard turns into a huge, hot radiator. In foggy or rainy weather, when backing up it is necessary to turn the headlights off in order to see the tiny backup camera screen. The steering wheel interferes with seeing most of the instruments including the speedometer The exterior lights are rigged so that they can stay on indefinitely when you open and shut doors, as for a thorough cleaning, thus threatening to discharge the battery. On the + side, it has plenty of pep which is why I think it outsells the anemic Nissan 200 although the Nissan has a better, more business-like interior. Both brands have good seats using woven material. The Ford's select shift worked well climbing 5500 feet up to Flagstaff, AZ at 70 mph. It kept going through the flooded streets of Tucson the rainy summer of 2017.

  • Great, Practical Work Van - 2016 Ford Transit Connect
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    I am very happy with my purchase. This van is economical and spacious. The interior is well thought out and comfortable. The back is large and spacious to hold lots of cargo. Gas mileage is very good, especially for a cargo van. Looks very good, and after my graphics were applied, it has drawn a lot of interest and subsequent business. Hands down it is my best advertisement. I get many comments on how good it looks

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