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  • New road car, yellow mustang - 2016 Ford Mustang
    By -

    Waited 47 years for my first sports car.

  • Great muscle car for the price....! - 2016 Ford Mustang
    By -

    I had a 2010 Mustang GT I bought new, and was ready for a new car. Looked seriously at the highly rated Camaro SS, and also considered the Challenger RT. Really was in the mood for a change, instead of another Mustang GT. That said, found a great deal on a new 16 bright red GT, paying almost $9,000 less than I would have paid for the base Camaro SS. I know the SS is rated a little higher, is a little faster, etc, but for the price I paid, I am very pleased with the new GT. It has changed significantly from the 2010 model I traded in.... handles better, is quicker, looks cool, is much more planted on the road, and gets better gas mileage, even after adding 100 plus additional hp. For the price, I am very happy with the car. It's fun, looks great, drives great, and is way faster than I need to go!

  • Mustang purrs!!! - 2016 Ford Mustang
    By -

    This car's a worthy sports car!

  • Evap Emmisions Problems - 2016 Ford Mustang
    By -

    My car has had the check engine light come on at approximately 30,000 miles with a code of p144c, Evaporative Emission Control Purge Valve. This was fixed under warranty. The same problem happened again at 61,000 miles. Thankfully I have an extended warranty. This is becoming a recurring problem. If this same issue comes up again I am not going to be a happy camper.

  • Engine failed at only 1300 miles - 2016 Ford Mustang
    By -

    2016 Ford Mustang brand new 3 months old only 1300 miles engine failed. They replace the engine but my car value is going down. After purchasing a car I stop 2 more times to dealership for coolant leak also. Engine failure is not related to the coolant leak that is the manufacturer issue.now ford not help me out for extra warranty.

  • V6 Mustang Convertible with 6-speed Auto trans. - 2016 Ford Mustang
    By -

    This is not a race car, nor is it a dragster. What it is is a relatively fast, nice-handling, sport-touring car. Good acceleration, good braking and gives you confidence in the twisties. The front seat is roomy and the cockpit is comfortable. My only real complaint is the OE sound system... You'd think they would put premium sound in such a nice car - I spent an additional $1000 to add a subwoofer and to upgrade the stock speakers and amplifier. The rear seat is a convenience that I like over the Miata - the only other rag-top tourer we were considering. All in all, we like the car a lot and look forward to the adventures that await!

  • The pony is no phony - 2016 Ford Mustang
    By -

    It's a sports car so back seat is tight also if your older getting in and out can be hard if u can't open the door all the way in tight parking places

  • 2016 convertible - 2016 Ford Mustang
    By -

    Love this car best I've owned. Back seat may as well be storage area. Instead wish the rear seats would fold down like the fastback.

  • Another Great Mustang - 2016 Ford Mustang
    By -

    Really nothing but good things to say about the car. We've enjoyed it very much. Front seats very comfortable and best seat heaters ever for those of us with bad backs. Reality has been about 22.8 mpg. I would think it should do better. With top up you can't even tell it's a convertible.

  • Poor exterior workmanship - 2016 Ford Mustang
    By -

    I purchased a performance package GT convertible in January. The exterior body panels were not bonded correctly by the roller at the factory causing noticeable creases at the edges of the trunk, passenger door and hood. The car has been reviewed by the dealer and 2 body shops and all agree this is a factory defect. Problem is that FORD CORPORATE says it is NOT their problem. Dealer is working with me to correct the poor workmanship but I am concerned that after the trunk, door and hood panels are all reworked and repainted that the value of the car will be depreciated. FORD should just take this car back and give me the straight car I paid $44k for.

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