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  • New road car, yellow mustang - 2016 Ford Mustang
    By -

    Waited 47 years for my first sports car.

  • Great muscle car for the price....! - 2016 Ford Mustang
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    I had a 2010 Mustang GT I bought new, and was ready for a new car. Looked seriously at the highly rated Camaro SS, and also considered the Challenger RT. Really was in the mood for a change, instead of another Mustang GT. That said, found a great deal on a new 16 bright red GT, paying almost $9,000 less than I would have paid for the base Camaro SS. I know the SS is rated a little higher, is a little faster, etc, but for the price I paid, I am very pleased with the new GT. It has changed significantly from the 2010 model I traded in.... handles better, is quicker, looks cool, is much more planted on the road, and gets better gas mileage, even after adding 100 plus additional hp. For the price, I am very happy with the car. It's fun, looks great, drives great, and is way faster than I need to go!

  • Mustang purrs!!! - 2016 Ford Mustang
    By -

    This car's a worthy sports car!

  • The pony is no phony - 2016 Ford Mustang
    By -

    It's a sports car so back seat is tight also if your older getting in and out can be hard if u can't open the door all the way in tight parking places

  • Poor exterior workmanship - 2016 Ford Mustang
    By -

    I purchased a performance package GT convertible in January. The exterior body panels were not bonded correctly by the roller at the factory causing noticeable creases at the edges of the trunk, passenger door and hood. The car has been reviewed by the dealer and 2 body shops and all agree this is a factory defect. Problem is that FORD CORPORATE says it is NOT their problem. Dealer is working with me to correct the poor workmanship but I am concerned that after the trunk, door and hood panels are all reworked and repainted that the value of the car will be depreciated. FORD should just take this car back and give me the straight car I paid $44k for.

  • No Navigation - 2016 Ford Mustang
    By -

    This mustang is the perfect v6 version of the car except that Ford was too cheap to put the sync 3 into this model. Build the ultimate v6 mustang that is great in every respect, and then put an outdated piece of crap like sync that has no navigation instead of the new model sync3. 2016 mustang is a great car. 2016 Ford motor company not so much.

  • "Ancient" Interiors - 2016 Ford Mustang
    By -

    For a muscle car, Mustang has a very sleek and well-conceived design. What sets it back though is it's pathetic interiors! (whoever uses number pads on the screen these days, jeez!!) While one understands that Mustang makers want to retain it's old school charm, it sure makes for a pathetic design. The 4.2' screen is not much of a help actually (just about solves the purpose). But having to punch a number pad to change radio stations and for other stuff when technology today has reached beyond space is downright appalling! And there is no additional upgrade package for a V6 model where one can opt for the 8' screen and get rid of that idiotic number pad. Personally, I would be more than ready to spend an extra 1-2K if there was an option for increasing the screen size and getting rid of the countless buttons out there(pathetically designed!!!)

  • 2016 Mustang GT Premium – The Pony Car that Could! - 2016 Ford Mustang
    By -

    As an avid motorist, I've owned many vehicles in my lifetime. From pickup trucks to sports cars, from economy cars to luxury imports. The past three vehicles I've owned have all been Fords, as they're nearly unbreakable and they're every bit as good and better than many imports costing much more money. There's the prestige that comes from owning a high-end, imported luxury automobile from the likes of Audi, BMW, Lexus, Infiniti and others, but the novelty wears off and in the end, they're just cars that are expensive to own and maintain. Some handle, corner and drive very nicely, and the interiors of such brands as Audi are hard to beat (I've owned several Audi's, and I can attest to the interior design and quality). My most recent purchase, a 2016 Ford Mustang GT Premium with the 6 speed manual, Sync 3, Kicker Audio, California Special Package with BLIS and very comfortable heated and cooled leather seats with Miko Suede insets is one of my favorite automobile purchases ever. I considered holding out for the 2016 Chevy Camaro SS, but they're selling at full MSRP and the interior comfort, visibility and usefulness doesn't compare to Ford's Pony Car. Yes, I admit that I love the 2016 Camaro, and wouldn't hesitate to purchase one (I owned a 4th gen Z28 in the past and it was a great car). If the reported 1/2 second faster from 0 - 60 mph is your most important consideration, the Camaro SS is an awesome car. But, at nearly $8,000 more than a comparably equipped and loaded Mustang GT Premium, it's almost a no-brainer. I can use half of the $8,000 I saved and install Ford Performance parts to the 'Stang and it will outperform the Camaro SS in every respect. The new Sync 3 audio/infotainment system is much easier to use than the previous My Ford Touch, and should alleviate any hesitation that buyers may have concerning the My Ford Touch system, though I've had the Sony system with My Ford Touch in my previous Ford products and it was very simple to use. I could never figure out why it was difficult for some people to use, as there were redundant knobs and switches you could utilize if the voice or touch commands were too difficult to live with. It was much easier to use than an Android smartphone, and I haven't heard the reviewers complain about them. As for performance, my Mustang GT is a blast to drive. You can drive it like a "commuter car" and it does a fine job, or put your right foot on the accelerator and it will more than satisfy your appetite for a thrill ride. It's also remarkably economical if you drive it with economy in mind. I'm already seeing 24mpg highway in the real-world, and the time honored 5.0 engine hasn't even completed it's break-in period. As for the the sound of said engine - let's just say Ford really dialed it in perfectly. It's got that unmistakable 5.0 Liter Mustang sound, which is to say it sounds incredible! A true muscle-car sound that's long been a favorite in the Pony Car world. The fit and finish are also right up there with the best of the best, though I could stand for a little less faux stitching on the padded dash components, and some of the plastic bits are like most cars in this price range, but not obtrusive. The only small gripe I have is the lack of height-adjustable seat belts. Though they suit my 5'11" body frame pretty well, it would be nice to have the option to adjust them for height. To sum it up, I think this may be one of those cars that I will keep for a long time. For me, a long time is typically three - four years, but I could see myself keeping this car much longer, and adding to it, as there are a gazillion accessories from Ford's parts bin, as well as many quality aftermarket manufacturers. Perhaps I'll keep it and add an Explorer or even Escape to the mix. One thing I'm fairly sure of, my future vehicles will be Ford's, because as they say, why mess with what works?

  • Chevy guy - 2016 Ford Mustang
    By -

    So i just bought my first ford ever a 2016 mustang ecoboost competition orange it has every option avaliable so it cost $2k more than the GT big deal so far getting 28mpg and thats after a few wide open runs and going 100+ a couple times and aftermarket parts wow endless supply just ordered $1500 worth parts should be right around 400hp without all the weight the GT carries only complaint is the back seat is pretty much non existent and the little 4 cylinder does use premium gas other then that happy with my purchase. If you're looking into the camaro do yourself a favor and check out the mustang interior is light years ahead sorry chevy just switched teams!

  • Austin Bluesman - 2016 Ford Mustang
    By -

    Love my Mustang Ecoboost Convertible! Power and acceleration is probably good for most people. But I wanted a bit more power for hills I drive. I was able to make some easy modifications to improve power. Next step is upgraded turbo. Looks great, good visibility for a sports car and I find the convertible very enjoyable. Car driver's car.

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