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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2014 Ford Mustang carries over essentially unchanged. Sadly, Ford made good on its promise to retire the Boss 302 this year.

  • Strong V6 and V8 engines
  • Ample performance enhancements and customization possibilities.
  • Capable handling
  • No telescoping steering wheel.
  • Some hard plastic interior bits

User Reviews:

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  • Awesome Muscle Car! - 2014 Ford Mustang
    By -

  • gotta have it green retirement dream car - 2014 Ford Mustang
    By -

    I have always been a mustang lover since I owned a 69 mach1 when I was 17. I was looking for a perfect vehicle for my retirement, and so I bought a 2014 mustang with the 3.7L v6 and am so happy with it. It gives me the performance when I need it and the fuel economy when I don't. I am getting an average of 26 mpg to and from work. I get so many people looking at my car with the "gotta have it green". I know they are green with envy. Keep up the great work Ford.

  • Black and Gold - 2014 Ford Mustang
    By -

    First new car I ever bought for myself, V6 Premium with Pony & Comfort Package, Black with dealer furnished Gold Le Mans stripes. Constantly getting comments from people that think it's a V8. I've owned a bunch of 1st Generation Mustangs, including a 68 GT/CS, & 3 - 70 Mach 1's. This isn't fastest Mustang I've ever owned, but definitely my favorite. It's my daily driver and I've put over 32,000 miles on it already. I took it from San Antonio, TX to Sturgis, SD for the 8th annual Mustang Rally, even there among so many great Mustangs I got a few compliments. My V6 automatic would not have a problem beating a stock mid 60's 289 or 302 2bbl., but I didn't get even close to 30+ MPG Highway and they were lighter weight than current 5th Gen. Mustangs.

  • My "Gotta Have It Green" Dream - 2014 Ford Mustang
    By -

    I have always been a Mustang fan, and this 2014 model is as close to perfect for me as I could get. I purchased this convertible with 32,000 miles on it and have since put about 20,000 miles on it. It is very difficult for me to let it stand still in the garage. I love driving this car so much. I have driven a pick up, an economy car, luxury car and German sports car, and the Mustang is the best road handling of the bunch. The acceleration is incredible, the braking is strong, and the fuel economy averages about 23-24 in town. Driving with the top down brings you much closer to nature especially living in a place like Central Florida. It can get super hot outside, but it is difficult or me to not want to put the top down. This car definitely draws the looks of passers by and the admiration of others who have not realized their dream of Mustang ownership. So far, I have not had any mechanical issues to attend to. I purchased a Ford Factory Extended Warranty and so far it has gone unused.

  • Dream Car - 2014 Ford Mustang
    By -

    I have owned and driven a lot of cars over the years but this is " the one".

  • My dream car! - 2014 Ford Mustang
    By -

    I've had my eye on Mustangs for years and now finally bought my dream car, and not disappointed. It exceeds every expectation. LOVE THIS CAR! It's got enough umph but also enough gas mileage (averaging 24). Just the right balance. Best thing about this car is that it's super good-looking and just downright FUN FUN FUN to drive! You can't go wrong. It's not perfect in every way but still head-over-heals in love with this car! Oh, and did I mention that I love this car?

  • Great Car! - 2014 Ford Mustang
    By -

    My first Mustang was a 1984 GT. Wow, they sure have come a long way in 30 years. My '84 had 200-225 HP and a carburetor. This has a 6 cyl. automatic and 305 HP! While this won't rule the drag strip, it has plenty of power. Interior is equipped nicely and is very comfortable for my 5' 11" frame. SYNC is handy, radio sounds nice, auto up and down windows are cool. Reaching behind me for the seat belt would be my only complaint. Leather wrapped steering wheel is very comfortable. Switching from comfort, standard and sport steering is a nice touch. Sport gives you a great feel for the road. The optional thumb shifter for sport I find unnecessary, but time will tell.

  • Great Fun Car! - 2014 Ford Mustang
    By -

    I have a white convertible, medium stone interior since I live at a warm beach. I work in Alaska, so I want all the fresh air and sunshine I can get when home. This car fills the bill. I am also close to retirement, so plan on traveling in this a lot. Road trips are minimal in Alaska. Great on highway so far, and good mileage. I test drove a 2015 GT recently, and while it is better in most ways not sure if it still justifies price difference. I can buy a lot of gas and hotel rooms. I like the 2013 and 2014 tail lights MUCH better than the 2015 or anything else. Lots of fun for the money with a 2014.

  • 2014 Black on Black - 2014 Ford Mustang
    By -

    This is my favorite Ford car yet. I got a great deal on it and used the savings to add fog lights, black wheels, and quarter-window louvers. Even with the V6 and 2.73 rear end, the acceleration is unbelievable. It is not real fast until it hits high rpm's, so off the line it is not winning any races, but soon afterwards it will throw you back in your seat. The select shift is useless unless you shift at higher rpm's. In the low rpm range (under 2000), it will say you shifted on the dash, but it is lying. I love the layout of everything, especially the dash. The overall interior and exterior are beautiful, even in the base trim. As for mpg's, I averaged 29.8 in the first 6 months.

  • Not bad - 2014 Ford Mustang
    By -

    I just got a 2014 mustang it's my first brand new car as I'm only 17. I love it. It drives well and handles great. Not to amazed by the interior. Looks cheap. Also had a squealing noise in the the transmission well I think that's where it's coming from. It gets louder in reverse and drive. But over all I love the car. Not to happy about the stock wheels Ford hands out the car. I know it's a base v6 but cmon it's a mustang. I'm purchasing new wheels for it soon anyway. It's an automatic, there was no choice for automatc v6.

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