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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2013 Ford Mustang receives updated exterior styling, available Recaro sport seats and a new performance-oriented display in the gauge cluster. The GT's V8 is a bit more powerful this year, and the automatic transmission now comes with manual shift control.

  • Strong V6 and V8 engines
  • Lots of performance customization possibilities.
  • Useful Ford Sync electronics
  • Capable handling
  • No telescoping steering wheel.
  • Some cheap interior bits

User Reviews:

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  • V6 6speed - 2013 Ford Mustang
    By -

    I am the second owner of my car, I got it for a fair price for a base V6. I have no bluetooth or navigation but there are buttons for them on my radio. I went to the dealership to ask if i could have the Bluetooth connect ability put in the car, they said they could put something aftermarket and have a sensor on my dash for around 400 bucks, i was not pleased with this response and needless to say I wont have that installed. Other than that there is an auxiliary hook up in the center console but no smooth way to have my phone out of the compartment attached with to the cord.

  • Awesome machine - 2013 Ford Mustang
    By -

    We have put 24000 miles on our 2013 mustang. It has really exceeded our expectations. The tires are barely worn. I just rotated them. It feels like it is glued to the road in turns. It is heavy and powerful a 3.7 liter that gets 21 miles to the gallon in city driving. Everything works perfectly. I dont care for the bluetooth cell phone though too wierd. but thats me. It is perfect for two people a beautiful car that turns heads. 80 feels like 60 mph 100 like 80 so you have to watch the speedometer! I am generally pretty cynical about cars, but I would recommend this car to anyone that has a little fun money and wants to jazz up their day.

  • Pony up for fun - 2013 Ford Mustang
    By -

    As a past Trans AM owner I decided to come over to the Ford Mustang. The car is a kick to drive, quick and responsive thanks to the stability computers. The seats are comfortable even on long drives. The ride is a little bouncier than I would like due to the stiff suspension but it is certainly not rough. I like to play with this Pony a lot, love the feel of that 302 getting it done. The MPG avg. stays right around 22, so you have a range of about 340 miles.

  • Poor Build Quality On the Cosmetic Parts But Fun To Drive! - 2013 Ford Mustang
    By -

    I ordered mine from the factory, a 2013 GT Premium with 6-speed manual transmission and extra premium interior. No problems with the engine and trans as that is the main thing Ford got right (except for the occasional missed shifts in 2nd and third). One the other hand and under warranty Ford has replaced the following due to defects: left rear tail light ( visual quality issue), speaker grill (broken at factory), rear end bearings (noisy), front bumper cover (warped), rear view mirror (vibrating) and drivers leather seat cover (premature wear on welting). You would think these things would be caught in the factory is Quality was Job #1?

  • The best American muscle car ever - 2013 Ford Mustang
    By -

    I was blown away by the performance, looks, and quality of this car. The interior components are not cheaply made and ill fitting like the Fords of the past. Everything is top quality and controls are ergonomic. This car is very fast, but also nimble and predictable in turns, unlike Mustangs of the past. I really love the aggressive look, still better looking than the ugly 2015 Models.

  • No competition for the price - 2013 Ford Mustang
    By -

    I'll start off saying I might be biased, I'm a second generation Mustang owner, and I hope this is my first of many. This car feels powerful, especially for the price. 325hp - and you can feel every pony (pun intended). Fuel economy is good, I get about 21-26 mpg highway, city can go down to 17 if it's bad. It really does not feel under powered like the V6 Challenger does. Sequential turn signals are spiffy too. The one thing to be warned about, is if you are a lead foot like me, you can get some pretty scary axle hop as the suspension isn't independent like cars twice the price. And it is cruel and unusual to put adults in the back seat.

  • Worst Mustang I ever owned - 2013 Ford Mustang
    By -

    13 Mustang very cheaply made have bad noise in dash bad mileage like 16 -17 highway has only 1800 miles rear back up sening unit bad power is just fair one of the worst cars I ever purchased .the does even sound good this is m,y 4th stang no more

  • Blast to drive - 2013 Ford Mustang
    By -

    I purchased my 2013 base model 6 spd GT in 9/12. I really haven't spent a dime on the car that wasn't a 'self inflicted' modification. I wanted a wanted a tighter firmer suspension so upgraded with the Ford Racing suspension, 3.73 gears, and wider wheels/tires. It may now be too firm for some, but it handles great. If I were to buy it again, I would have 'pony-ed up' (sorry - couldn't resist) for the track pack with the additional display. MPG? - eh, well - I didn't buy it for that. Best I've seen on hwy only is 22, I average probably 16-17. Oh - my girlfriend is 'petite' and needs a booster seat to see over the dash so if you are short you should be aware of that.

  • Disappointing build quality - 2013 Ford Mustang
    By -

    This is my fourth Mustang & will probably be my last. The build quality has gotten worse with each successive Mustang that I've owned. This '13 is the worst. I've had the car since 01/2013 & have less than 4K miles on it as of this writing. The car has a clunk in the rear when I accelerate. There is a rattle in the front suspension when turning to the left or when going over a speed bump at low speeds. A rattle & buzz coming from somewhere in the dash & a loose molding between the roof & quarter panel. The engine & trans are the only bright spots. This car is a rattle trap & a huge disappointment. I'm considering selling it because of the poor build quality.

  • Simple fixes could make it better - 2013 Ford Mustang
    By -

    My 2013 GT (6 speed manual) was purchased new. The 2-3 shift under anything over moderate acceleration sucks. I've also had several instances where second has been difficult as well. Rear axle hop noticed in certain situations. I am not hard on this car. It has also developed the well known engine tick. Will have to visit the dealer. I hope this is not a sign of things to come. Other than that I like it.

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