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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid is fully redesigned, while the 2013 Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid is essentially the same vehicle with supplemental at-home or station charging.

  • High fuel economy
  • Advanced technology and safety features
  • Eye-catching styling.
  • Austere interior design.
  • Finicky MyFord Touch interface

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  • Great looking car, terrible reliability on Ford Sync, Poor mileage - 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid
    By -

    Car looks great, drives well for a hybrid, solidly built with a nice interior. However the Ford Sync system along with voice-activated navigation totally sucks. Navigation doesn't compute route 1/2 the time, screen keeps freezing over, reboots by itself. To add insult to injury, I've had the car 2 months and taken it twice already to the dealer--they simply reset the system and say nothing is wrong and nothing more they can do. Completely unacceptable. If you buy this car, avoid getting the sync and navigation system. You will be burning a few thousand $ for nothing.

  • The car is amazing - 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid
    By -

    I have had mine for about 2 weeks and have put over 700 miles on it in that time. I am regularly hitting well above 40mpg and on one occasion hit 48.5 mpg over a 90 mile trip. I figure that the more I learn how to drive the car properly I'll be achieving the full EPA estimate of 47mpg on a consistent basis. The MyTouch is quirky at first but it's just like any computer. You learn the commands and how it functions and you can master it. In the 2 weeks I've owned it, I have learned every command and have found it to be quite a reliable tool in the vehicle. The only features I do not have are the park assist and the adaptive cruise control. So far everything else functions as it should.

  • OK to Drive, Do not expect anywhere near EPA - 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid
    By -

    Purchased on 11-23-12, and the car handles Great, rides nice, comfortable to drive for long trips, However, it does not get good MPG. I have a 2010 Fusion Hybrid, I never had trouble getting EPA in it, no matter what the weather. Most of my driving is done on Rural Highways of 55 MPH, and I use the Ecocruise as suggested, and have driven Hybrids since 2007, and this car is nearly impossible to get in the 40's. I have to really work hard to get 38. The Myfordtouch is horrible too. No APPLINK either. Ford said the car is fine, I don't believe them. The math does not add up to what I put in the tank and what the dash says.

  • 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid Hits Another Homerun! - 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid
    By -

    Can Ford get any better? I had a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid Limited and it was a tremendous car. The 2013 Fusion Hybrid is that much better. Where do I begin? The style of the car is 'high end,' and agree with reviews that it resembles Jaguar and Aston Martin. Very sleek exterior; nice interior. Have always been a fan of the Sync system and its easy-to-use interface. Spacious interior provides plenty of room and is very comfortable. It advertises as getting 47/47 mpg and I have to say I have been getting into the 50s in city driving with ease. I'm never been much for red cars but the Ruby Red is beautiful and fits the design of the car very well.

  • Fantastic Car - 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid
    By -

    Took over 3 months from ordering to possession but was well worth the wait. My wife and I absolutely love the car. It is the most comfortable car I have sat in. It is easy for a large man 6 ft 285 lbs to get in and out of. We are only averaging 40.9 mpg. I know it is not 47 but blame the EPA and not Ford. They make up the rules for the test, Ford just followed them. I am happy with the mileage, how many other roomy mid size sedans can get over 40 mpg?

  • Lame MPG - 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid
    By -

    I actually love the car but the mileage is not even close to EPA numbers. 33 MPG is not 47 or even close. I drive like a grandma now and it still does not get near what it's supposed to. I would gladly get rid of the car due to Ford lying about the mileage. I do live in Oregon which has 4 seasons but the weather should not have anything to do with fuel mileage. If there was a lemon law for fuel mileage I would gladly give this car back. Unfortunately I am stuck with it. I would not recommend buying the car if you are buying it for the hybrid mileage.

  • Great Car, MPG Overstated - 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid
    By -

    I bought a 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE in Bordeaux Reserve to replace a 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid. While I loved my 2011 model, I decided to update to the 2013 based on the sleek new styling, the larger head, leg, and hip room, and to a small degree the increased fuel economy. I have no regrets, as the 2013 model is a wonderful car. The look and feel of the car is great, and it is much bigger than the 2011 model. It is quiet, smooth, comfortable, and well equipped. That said, you most likely will not be able to achieve 47 mpg as rated. Granted, I have been able to get about 40-41 mpg by carefully monitoring my driving habits to maximize economy. This is a slight improvement over the 2011

  • Terrific Car - 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid
    By -

    We have 1400 miles on the car and that includes a 600 mile trip. Averaging 38 MPG in mixed driving and 36 MPG on the trip while normally driving 70-80MPH. We love the way the car handles, looks, and drives, and are happy every time we get in the car. I have four kids ages 10-16 and they love driving in this car and using all the different seats. However, the navigation voice recognition is not performing well and we intend to take the car in to have it looked at. Our car has almost all the upgrades, which I love, but we expected much better voice recognition from the expensive navigation unit. Certainly we recommend this car as it is fantastic.

  • 2013 Fusion Hybrid--Efficient, gorgeous & fun - 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid
    By -

    Have had my car for 4 weeks, 1400 miles. So far I've averaged around 44 mpg overall, but have hit 52 on certain drives. I love all the tech features in the car (I got a number of the options), including adaptive cruise control, lane control, cross-traffic alert, blind spot warning, voice control for climate/entertainment, etc. Quality of everything feels very good & very European; if it didn't have Ford badges, could easily (from inside or out) be mistaken for a Volvo/Audi type of car (I traded from an Audi). Integrates well with my Droid RAZR and external music device (MOTOACTV)

  • One of the best midsize family sedans - 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid
    By -

    2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid is one of the best cars in the midsize family sedan segment in the $35,000 price range. With its head turning gorgeous design, Fusion Hybrid delivers exceptional fuel efficiency, often beating EPA estimates of 47/47/47. Cabin is filled with all the hgh-tech gadgets that are usually reserved for cars that cost much more. There are other hybrids that deliver better MPG numbers but no other car can deliver such roomy, whisper-quiet and exceptionally comfortable cabin and composed driving dynamics while delivering class-leading fuel economy. I would highly recommend 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid. Just go in foR a test drive. You will be surprised how good the car is!

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