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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2011, the Ford Fusion Hybrid sees only a few minor standard equipment changes.

  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Engaging handling for a hybrid
  • Spacious interior
  • Useful Sync system.
  • Comfortable ride
  • Significant price premium
  • Button-happy center stack.

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  • 9 Month and very satisfied. - 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid
    By -

    QUIET. Currently avg. 41.0 mpg. Lower numbers in winter, higher in spring. Drives fine - will scoot if asked to. Comfortable and good climate controls. Good stereo. Love blind spot system and dash displays. I drive rather non-aggressively. It has everything on it and it all works great. The triple tri-coat white makes the vehicle look outstanding. Classy looking even if it is a plentiful Ford...

  • Finally, A Winner - 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid
    By -

    I've stayed away from American branded cars for many years for obvious reasons. Owned a few Hondas between dear wife and me - never been impressed with those either. My latest ride is a Hyundai Santa Fe. Liked it just fine. Now I can boldly say that I love my 2011 Fusion Hybrid! Have had it for a month now and just loving it. The ride is comfortable, quiet with plenty of gadgets and great A/C and no lack of passing power when needed. Test-drove the Sonata Hybrid and was disappointed with all but the looks. Glad I picked the Fusion.

  • Melbourne Florida - 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid
    By -

    Owned a 2006 Ford Fusion SEL and loved it. After 93000 miles I decided to trade it on a 2012 Fusion Hybrid. Wife and I looked at Prius Hybrid but thought the interior looked cheap and my wife and I decided we like the comfort the Fusion offered, plus 0-60 in 8.6 second instead of 12 seconds for the Prius. Fusion is very fast off the line. Good for passing. We bought the car the 4th of July and are learning how to maximize gas milege. We average 39 mpg over all. Today I got 45.9 mpg on 45 to 55 miles an hour driving. Some people said they get 36 average. My wife was hesitant about buying a hybrid at first but now is a believer in hybrid. We both like all the bells and whistles.

  • 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid - Drivers Ultimate Bliss - 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid
    By -

    Day 60 of ownership of my new 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid. I have owned Chevy's exclusively all my life, and always have loved them. Started researching new cars, innovative, stylish, technology, and "good" gas mileage. After 8 weeks of visiting dealers, test drives, I convinced myself to make the jump to Ford, all because of the Fusion Hybrid. All I can say, "I'm Lovin It", and I'm not speaking about the Golden Arches, but rather the Blue Oval Badge. This car is AmaZing. Stylish, nice lines beautifully revealed by the Tri-Platinum White color. So quiet, so smooth, it's like a magic carpet ride cruising down the highway. Technology beaucoup, and plenty of power, with super handling. "Own One"

  • very nice car! - 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid
    By -

    read the reviews here before buying this car. bought the car May 2010. Love this car! only had one problem with a sencior in passager seat for the air bag, for the passager side. fixed and no problems. the syc, doesn't work with all phone's, not with iPhone, or some droid's. the mpg are good real good. like other review's to get the best mpg, get the car up to the speed posted quick and cruze. trying to speed up real slowly will not increase your mpg. up to 35.8 mpg avg. highest to date was 36.0 mpg. letting the car idle to warm up in the winter will cut your mpg. so no warm up's in the cold days and your mpg will not go down. We are very happy with this car and very glad we got it.

  • Very Happy With My Choice! - 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid
    By -

    First - fuel economy - I have carefully tracked every fill-up and after 3 mo./3400 miles cumulative economy is 35.8 mpg (the display is 3% optimistic and shows 36.9). Outside temperature makes a big difference. At 70 deg. I get 40 mpg and at 25 deg. I get 33. The ride is enjoyable and very quiet, even in the gasoline mode. The transmission was a happy surprise - the CVT eliminates that shifting feeling and acceleration (of which there is plenty) just feels better. Interior is classy - I have the Smokestone leather seats (along with the Steel Blue Metallic exterior, which is a nice combination). Only reason I have a 4 for build quality was two small items which the dealer handled - no biggie.

  • Great Car - 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid
    By -

    My first car from a US company (all previous cars have been German or Japanese, most recently a Honda Accord Hybrid). I've had the car since Jan. 4, 2011. Fuel mileage started out at 28mpg due to cold weather and snow in the Boston area. Now that spring has arrived, the car averaged 39.0mpg for the last tankful (based on 513 trip miles divided by 13.2 gallons to refuel). Overall fuel economy is 34.1mpg (156 gallons for 5,330 miles). I expect this to continue to improve throughout spring, summer and into next fall. Power from 2.5L I4 is adequate, although not as good as the 3.0L V6 in my HAH. Handling is good, but again not as crisp as in the HAH. Fuel economy is about 50% better.

  • Most satisfying car I've owned - 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid
    By -

    14-months after initial purchase, I have had no problems with the car. I have kept track of all fuel purchases and long-term fuel mileage is 37 mpg, mostly commuting (app. 17 miles in Boston area). Fuel economy is better in warmer weather: over 43 mpg for one tank in July. Cold weather, snow and rain decrease fuel economy (28 mpg for one tank in January) since the engine is on longer to maintain operating temperature (and heat the car). Options include moonroof, leather seats, navigation system, Sirius radio, Sony sound system, 10GB jukebox, BLInd Spot Sensor, backup camera

  • First Time Buyer - 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid
    By -

    My first opportunity to by a HY car and my first ever Ford. So far after 3 months both have been great. The buying experience was painless and the car is wonderful to drive. My kids even think itÂ’s cool to see the trees grow! Smart buy for the cost and the cost savings on gas.

  • Pleasantly Surprised - 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid
    By -

    I stopped by a dealer to take another look at the Fusion Hybrid. I wanted to make sure this was the car I wanted even though I had thoroughly researched the vehicle on Edmunds. The car in stock had just rolled off the transporter and happened to be exactly what I intended to eventually buy. After test driving the car I decided to buy it on the spot. I was expecting to get 30/38 city/highway. I've had the car about three weeks now and have been getting 41 city and 40 highway. This is outstanding for a car this comfortable and quiet. Recently drove a new BMW 3 series turbo diesel and believe the Fusion is more comfortable and handles about 98% as well as the BMW. It's the best car I've owned.

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