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  • '16 F150 - 2016 Ford F-150
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    So far so good. This is a great truck.

  • Cowgirl Cadillac + - 2016 Ford F-150
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    It's the top of the top. Lots of bells and whistles. Only issue I have is I can't see the blinker on the mirror from inside the truck.

  • Died after 300 miles - 2016 Ford F-150
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    Bought the truck brand new and after 8 days and 300 miles, the engine died. Yes, died. Unbelievable! We liked the truck when it ran. Unfortunately, it didn't run for very long. You would think Ford would replace the truck. At this point, they have had the truck as long as I have.

  • cold tailgate wont open and sucks on snow - 2016 Ford F-150
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    when its cold out until it heats up my tailgate will not open. something is messed up with the lock. The truck in the snow sucks unless its in 4 wheel drive. it slides all over the place in light snow. I had a 2014 fx4 with old body and did just fine. that 1000 pounds makes it suck in the snow for basically 3 miles to gallon better. dont get a ding either. the Aluminum is not as tough as they say. it dents really easily. not impressed. I love ford but may be thinking about a chevy or gmc for my next one. they took away lots of the options for the fx4 as well on 2016. mine now has half the options. just like the folding mirrors. it absoutely sucks going to car wash. I have to get out of the freaking truck and fold mirrors in. Ford has missed the mark on the 2016!!!

  • White FTX - 2016 Ford F-150
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    Had a great buying experience as usual at my local Ford dealership (Ray Skillman). My wife fell in love with our 2016 White Lariat FTX as soon as she drove it and I am afraid she is going to drive the wheels off it before the first year. All the bells and whistles you could ever need and looks great. The leveling kit and 6 inch lift forced me to change the trim on the garage door to get it in. I have only found one car wash that is able to take it because of the tire width. There are a few things that keep it from being the best F150 I have ever had. The Home Link wont work no matter how many times I try to get it to work. The door seals seem a little noisier than I am use to even though they don't leak. The V8 5.0 MPG sticker not even close which I knew wasn't going to be but would be nice if they were more honest about it.

  • Love It - 2016 Ford F-150
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  • Long time coming!! - 2016 Ford F-150
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    You can buy ch

  • I love my F-150 SuperCrew - 2016 Ford F-150
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    This is my third F-150 SuperCrew. I have been happy with the first two, but the 2016 takes that up several notches. Other than the multitude of bells and whistles, the first thing i noticed was the quietness and smoothness of the ride. The instrument panel provides a lot of information in a very readable display. The loading ramps are a great design. If I have one disappointment, it is with the way the bed extender fence is mounted to the truck - the tail lights must be removed to access the nut that holds the mounting screw in place. I wasn't sure about the Eco-boost engine, but the sales guy recommended it, and I am not disappointed. It seems to have plenty of power and acceleration. I get a lot of ooh and ahs when I show my truck to my friends, and some say that a truck shouldn't be this luxurious.

  • Brand new purchase - 2016 Ford F-150
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  • so sad - 2016 Ford F-150
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    i have owned fords my whole driving life from ford mustangs to ford f150 trucks.. the 2016 is sad. i have owned it 6 months and its been it the shop 3 times. the latches freeze so when you open your door you can't get it shut and when you finally get it to close you might not get it back open. the other day my radio quit working for the day and the next day it started working again. the trim on the driver side rear door came messed up from factory. i emailed ford directly about the latches they are on back order with no eta date. i asked them to send me a hammer to break the window if i couldn't get the door open. they provide no rentals for this problem. unfortunately i am stuck in the lease for 3 years if i would have bought it outright it would be sitting with a "for sale" sign on it

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