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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2015 Ford F-150 has been fully redesigned.

  • Strong power and excellent fuel economy from turbocharged gasoline V6 engines
  • Long list of advanced comfort, convenience and safety technologies.
  • Impressive payload, towing and off-road capabilities
  • Stiffer ride than competitors when bed is empty.
  • Aluminum body panels are more expensive to repair than steel

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  • love my f-150 - 2015 Ford F-150
    By -

    well like many conscientious shoppers that do their research before they buy something that costs a lot of money. I have approximately 10k miles on it and so far not one problem! the 5.0 is very responsive and I am averaging 19mpg in mixed driving. on a long 600 mile trip I averaged 21mpg @70mph.i pull a 21ft camper that weighs about 5000 lbs. loaded and it pulls it with no problem averaging about 15mpg doing 65mph. the transmission shifts very smoothly a lot smoother than my previous Toyota Tacoma did. I recently had a test of the brakes when it was raining and a dog ran out in front of me and I slammed on the brakes. the abs worked wonderfully and I am happy to say that the dog will live to see another day because of that wonderful safety feature! the ride is pretty good for a truck maybe not lexus like but very good on a long trip. I love the backup camera and the parking sensors they have saved me a couple of times already. and hitching up my camper is nice once you get the hang of it. the a/c will run you out of it even when its 100 degrees outside. I love the oil monitoring system and even though the dealer wants me to come in every 5000 miles for an oil change I find that I can comfortably go 7500 miles using full synthetic oil. all in all I like my f-150 and plan on keeping it for many years. we will see about the long term reliability and hopefully this truck will last 200 or maybe even 300k miles? I have been noticing that I see far more older ford trucks on the road than I do of chevy or dodge. I recently saw an old guy driving what must have been a 1969 ford f-100 ranger it was a little rusty but it was still running great. says a lot about ford products. just my ho of course!

  • Pig with Lip Stick! - 2015 Ford F-150
    By -

    I bought a Lariat almost fully loaded FX4 package, 4x4, LED headlights, Heavy Tow Package, deployable running boards (love that feature), box side steps (handy), tail gate step, and all the LED lights around the perimeter of the truck (have helped me a great deal when working at night.) I came from a BMW 530i Sport, so I actually enjoy the stiffer suspension. The only reason I would say it's a little too stiff is the rear end can jump over large bumps. If you tow or load the bed then the suspension works perfect. I have towed 5500 lbs and the truck can pull like a train you won't even know you have a load being towed. I bought the truck because I am starting a new business and can't afford the time to go to a repair shop even if it's warrantied. In the first 2000 miles: the 1. Driver side mirror shakes above 45 MPH, the glass jiggles in the wind while the passenger side is firm. 2. Started hearing a bearing noise from the front end and getting vibrations. 3. Transmission slams into 1st gear, almost feels like the car behind bumped you. 4. Passenger side deployable running board makes a whining noise, driver side does not make the same noise. Took to the dealer. Dealer replaced driver hub bearing, and 4x4 actuator. LESS THAN 5000 miles. Re-program transmission computer, transmission shifts better, but still bumps intermittent. All other complaints were said to be normal, LOL, even when one side does not have a shaky mirror and one side the deployable running board is smooth quiet. This is what you will be dealing with if you buy one of these seducing trucks. Fuel mileage is poor, 16.3MPG driving like a gentle giant. Highway mileage is 25MPG cruising steady below 60MPH, if you drive above 65MPH you will average 16-18 MPG, at least I do in my truck. I do not have confidence in reliability long term. I am also tired of lazy warranty techs saying everything is OK, when it is not OK. If you love pigs with lipstick then this is the truck for you!

  • This is by far the worst work truck I have ever ow - 2015 Ford F-150
    By -

    Where do I start. Truck started out brand new and the heat and ac didn't work. 3 weeks later waiting for the part to come from China, it worked. Second the doors don't close right. Don't try to slam it shut it won't close. Third the seat doesn't adjust up or down and being 6ft 1 my knees hit the steering wheel. Fourth the truck comes with 2 ac plug outlets. Well they are useless unless you want to charge your phone. They won't charge my drill batteries at all. It over loads it and just blinks yellow. Why do I have 2 plugs if one cannot handle a 12v 3 amp battery. 5th the truck take 20-25 minutes to actually put out hot air in 20 degree temps, really? 6th the radio signal is week, the radio stations I listen to in my personal vechile which is a chevy work fine. The range on this pos is short. All in all this truck if you want to call it that... Ford went real real real cheap on this heap of junk. If your not delivering flowers this truck is not for you.

  • This truck is well blended for comfort and utility - 2015 Ford F-150
    By -

    It has a lot of torque and it goes when you put your foot down. I am still learning a lot of tech options. The first few fill ups have been averaging 17-18 mpg which I think is great for a 5 liter V8. The supercab is comfortable for four people. We have had five for short trips without an issue. We went for the supercab so the truck would fit in the garage with a 6.5' box. So far I am very happy with our decision to buy this truck.

  • 2015 f150 xl sport 4x4 - 2015 Ford F-150
    By -

  • Best "car" I've ever owned - 2015 Ford F-150
    By -

    Traded a 2013 Toyota Highlander. First full size pickup I've owned. The F150 has a smoother ride, is quieter on the road, is much peppier and gets better gas mileage than the Highlander. It's a solid, well built truck with plenty of interior room. Puts SUV's to shame.

  • Tundra no more - 2015 Ford F-150
    By -

    I have been driving Toyotas for years, four Tundras,the last a 13 platinum great trucks terrible gas mileage, also briefly owned a 2016 limited tacoma terrible truck to drive,comfort,power,drive train,ect..I took a leap of faith and looked at other brands, I test drove a Ram Laramie great truck but was concerned about reliability,drove the new chevy high country with the 6.2 8spd great truck also but a little to square for my taste,and the ride was a little stiff,then I test drove the 15 f150 platinum with the 5.0 the ride was as good as the ram I believed,and maybe even more quite it was getting better mpg than tha 16 tacoma averaged 21.7 driving a 300 mile round trip at 71 mph 6-7 miles per better than the tundra,and a little better than the tacoma I really like everything about this truck if it is as dependable as the Tundras have been then I guess the 16 tacoma could be my last toyota purchase

  • DAVE05777 - 2015 Ford F-150
    By -

  • Very happy after 4,000 miles - 2015 Ford F-150
    By -

    I grew up driving a Chevy heavy-half ton and used to tease Ford owners. But I'm an adult and decided to buy the best truck regardless of it's badge. I have never seen a pickup truck amaze people like this does. I'm averaging 21 mpg, my best tank was 23 so far. I do drive it easy, maybe 70% highway but I get into traffic and live in hilly Western PA. The fuel economy is impressive, but this thing has a lot of power, especially out of the gate. My friend was not happy when I bested his GMC v8 two weeks ago. If the aluminium, turbos and auto-start/stop don't impact reliability too much, then this truck has made all the others obsolete. Only time will tell, though I trusted that Ford engineers would do their homework cause their betting the company on it.

  • My 4th Ford , the BEST one yet - 2015 Ford F-150
    By -

    I bought a month ago, 3.5 L twin turbo Ecoboost engine is a beast. We bought with alot of dealer incentives, and walked out with almost 12k in discounts. I am inpressed so far and will come back and write a longevity review when I have put her through the tests and trials of real life. I only have 800 miles now, so not a super true review of longevity. I will return in a couple years to give an update.

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