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This Year's Model Updates:

Other than a few minor changes to equipment and options, the 2014 Ford F-150 carries over unchanged.

  • Largest selection of variations in this class
  • Numerous convenience features.
  • Compelling engine lineup, particularly the turbocharged V6
  • Frustrating electronics interface
  • Starting to show its age compared to newer rivals.
  • SuperCab's less convenient clamshell rear doors

User Reviews:

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  • Like the King of the Ranch - 2014 Ford F-150
    By -

    Quite high off the ground and driver side doesn't have a handle. Only the steering wheel to get in. Heated AND cooled seats a luxury demanded now!

  • My 2014 Ford Truck - 2014 Ford F-150
    By -

    I have had this Truck since 2/1/15. It is great in the snow. With the 4 wheel drive you can get through just about anything. With the 5.0 liter I range around 14 in the city and it will get 21 MPG on the highway at 70 MPH. It's comfortable and the back seat is huge especially with the seats up. The truck does many things right. It pulls my boat and trailer with ease which is probably around 4000 lbs. Even with the 5.5 ft bed, there is a ton of room since the sides are high. Here is a couple of annoyances.. In the STX model many times the rubber cup holder liner comes out attached to my coffee cup. I have never figured out how to retrieve a text when the blue tooth is on and I am a pretty techy guy. The manual does not explain the sync very well. Around 20,000 miles I started to get some vibration when braking. I assume it needs the rotors turned. I have driven a few new GM trucks my friends have and I still mine better than theirs. I don't know anything about the dodges as Chrysler as whole seems to have more reliability problems than Ford or GM.

  • Hell of a truck! - 2014 Ford F-150
    By -

    I purchased this truck brand new in November of 2014. It was a little spontaneous, but my finances were in order and dealerships were running Black Friday ads featuring very aggressive deals. I assume this was because the all new 2015 aluminum bodies were on their way. Ended up purchasing a $38k for a little over $27k, a deal I could not pass up. I opted for the 3.7L V6 (the non-ecoboost engine.) Honestly, just driving it I would swear there was a V8 under the hood if I didn't know any better. In terms of speed and horsepower, it matches the old 5.4 and outperforms the old 4.6, 302, or 351w. It does lag behind all of these engines in terms of torque, but I don't ever tow anything. If I did, it would be well under its 6,700lb rating. The 5.0 or 3.5 Ecoboost is for towing loads up to 11,000lbs. I have loaded up the bed with some heavy cargo (moving furniture, lumber, etc.) and didn't notice any difference in engine performance. This truck is more than capable. So the tradeoff for a little less towing capacity should be fuel economy. I have to be honest I was a little disappointed at first here. Initially, I was only getting 14mpg in mostly city driving, well under the EPA estimated 16mpg for city. However, I learned that brand new engines are programmed to burn more fuel during break in. After I crossed about the 8,000 mile mark, my city mileage has improved to about 15.5mpg, but would likely be better if my commute to work weren't so short. In actual trips across town I'm getting about 16.5 to 17mpg. I've taken a few trips with this truck as well, and my all highway trip from Omaha to Kansas City got me 21mpg. I think this is pretty good for such a large vehicle, but there's still much room for future improvement here. I absolutely love driving this truck! We got hit by a couple of snow storms this past winter and the 4x4 made that a non-issue. Acceleration is great for a V6 (I can usually keep the RPM's at or below 2,000 RPM for acceleration which should help with engine longevity) Transmission shifts great, doesn't jerk or do anything else annoying as sometimes happens with other cars. Again, this should help with reliability and longevity. Steering and braking are where they need to be. Really enjoy the SYNC system! Always have my iPod hooked up. Only frustration is that sometimes the voice command misunderstands what track I want played, but it's 90% effective. I rarely talk on the phone, but when I do its really convenient having the system automatically stop the music and let me talk hands-free. The sound system could use some improvement. It is weak, but I plan on making some aftermarket adjustments to fix this. Unless you need a truck for some serious towing over 7,000lbs, this truck will do everything you need it to and should be reliable for years to come!

  • I couldn't be happier. - 2014 Ford F-150
    By -

    I am a repeat Ford F150 customer. My previous F150 I had for 11+ years. That truck was the replacement for an F150 that I drove for 9+ years. My trucks haul firewood, lumber, gravel, building materials, etc. My new purchase is the '14 STX Supercrew 5.0L with the Sport Package, and Tow Package. I have about 500 miles on the truck and my avg mpg is 19.5. My home is on the top of a mountain and I travel over a lot of country roads during my day. My biggest surprises are the amount of room in the crew cab and the mileage. The 5L V8 has plenty of get up and go. I chose the 5L V8 because of my concerns about the longevity of the turbo charged V6. Because I keep my trucks long past any extended warrenty I could buy, I decided that the proven 5L V8 was my best option. The interior appears to be well done. The bucket seats are comfortable as is the rear bench seat. The truck handles like a truck should. If you are looking for a car like ride then look somewhere else. That being said the handling on this truck is miles head of my previous F150. I actually had planned to purchase a different make but ended up back at the Ford dealership. So far, I couldn't be happier.

  • Mushy suspension, mpg lacking - 2014 Ford F-150
    By -

    I have a light foot on the pedal but average only 14.5 mpg with 90% highway driving which is very disappointing considering the 3.5 turbo's claimed mpg of 21. Towing 7000 pounds at 65 mph however gives me 12 mpg: makes no sense. Ride should be stiffer. Seats very comfy. Should have more cabin storage. Incredible leg room in supercrew. Wish I bought an F-250.

  • Ford appears to have a winner - 2014 Ford F-150
    By -

    This is my third F-150 in seven years, as I lease. I use my truck as a combination farm vehicle and general transportation everything from towing a livestock trailer to picking up groceries to hauling my grandsons. I was pleased with my previous two F-150's and so far this one seems even better. It looks sharp (plenty of compliments), has plenty of power (2.7L turbo), rides like a car and handles very well. I am particularly impressed with the engine (see below)and the interior finish. So far the gas mileage has been disappointing - especially after all the hype - but I am hopeful it will get better over time. Overall a very good truck and one I would highly recommend.

  • Actually a SuperCab xlt, option not available - 2014 Ford F-150
    By -

    Wow, the 3.5 Ecoboost puts the fun back in the F150, pulls like a diesel, quiet as a mouse, smooth as silk, and the fuel mileage ain't bad either. Brought it home from the dealership this afternoon and might have to spend the night in it to. I pulled some mountains on the way home and with less than 50 miles on it and being as careful as I could, this baby wanted to pull. I can't wait to hook up a camper and meet the competition going over the passes and it's only a 6, must be something magically going on here, thanks Ford, had almost given up on you.

  • 2014 Raptor - 2014 Ford F-150
    By -

    Great truck and fun to drive!

  • Get deal for the $ - 2014 Ford F-150
    By -

    This truck is a great deal.

  • plans f150 - 2014 Ford F-150
    By -

    this is a very good truck without any problems . the only downside is 17MPG

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