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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2013, the Ford F-150 receives a minor styling update and the Harley-Davidson trim has been deleted, replaced by the new Limited trim. Additionally, xenon headlights, hill-descent control and the MyFord Touch infotainment interface debut in the lineup. Sync voice-activation controls are larger, too, and the system now is available across a wider range of trims.

  • Largest selection of variations
  • Innovative electronics features.
  • Compelling engine lineup, particularly the turbocharged V6
  • Starting to feel its age compared to newer rivals.
  • Frustrating electronics interfaces
  • SuperCab's less convenient clamshell rear doors

User Reviews:

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  • Ray's Review of the Red Raider - 2013 Ford F-150
    By -

    Always research the vehicle you are prospectively purchasing.

  • drive train sucks - 2013 Ford F-150
    By -

    This is my 3rd f150 super cab, I loved them all. Problem with this one is the drive train, the base 6cyl/6speed - HORRIBLE, constantly shifting, 50 mph could be in 6th or 4th depending on wind direction. I don't have a heavy foot, but still get hung up in 2nd when accelerating from a rolling stop. This is a company fleet truck, other guys with 6cyl ecoboost - all positive, 8cyl not so good - they bog down. Love the truck -hate the 6/6 drive train. Did I mention the drive train SUCKS.

  • Wow - 2013 Ford F-150
    By -

    The selector for this review didn't give the right option for my truck. I have a F-150 XLT Super Cab 2x4 eco boost engine, currently 36,000 miles, shorter cab and longer bed because I am using this truck to tow a light weight (7200 lb dry weight, 9500 lbs loaded) 34' fifth wheel RV. This truck pulls my RV with ease, so far I have towed about 9000 miles from the flat (and sometimes windy) lands of Kansas to the mountain passes of over 10 and 11,000 feet with absolutely no problems. I can tow as fast as I want 60-70 mph, even using cruise control. MPG highway 20-23, towing 8-11. This is working perfectly for our needs.

  • Engine Blew UP - 2013 Ford F-150
    By -

    I have about 86000 miles on my 2013 F-150 with Ecoboost. I was pretty happy with the truck, changed oil regularly, and always have properly serviced. Ford's warranty is no good, even with an extended warranty it would have only been for 60000 miles. I was driving down the road and the engine quit. The Ford service has told me that the #6 piston is missing and two other pistons are very damaged. The head has a whole in it from the damage. There was no indication that the engine was failing. It will cost me $9,000-$10,000 for a new engine and I am still paying on this truck.

    By -

    The truck is good but developed a shimmy when starting off up to 10 MPH. We asked the service department at the dealership to look at it over a year ago and at that time they did not acknowledge that there was a problem. We continued to note the problem every time we went to the dealership. Finally the dealership did acknowledge the issue in May but have been unable to fix the issue. We contacted FORD CUSTOMER SERVICE three weeks ago and have not spoken to anyone from their regional management group. We did receive 1 message on the 30th but have not been able to get anyone to call us back since. Also really low gas mileage compared to what was said on the sticker. Ongoing saga.

  • Upgraded from a Yaris - 2013 Ford F-150
    By -

    I had a Yaris and wanted something with more room and comfortable. I really wanted a new 2015 with the aluminum body but the price was going to be more than a house so a used lariat was my trade off in cost and feathers. The truck is near perfect. I wish it had come with Navigation but another trade off for price. The brakes are my main complaint. They make a humming noise when braking in a turn and while it is still under original warranty, I haven't had the time to bring the truck in for a look. I would have gotten a Tundra but they don't make many 4.6L engines anymore and I didn't want a 5.7. So overall, a great truck and mine for the next 10+ years.

  • Great truck - 2013 Ford F-150
    By -

    I did read all of the reviews. Some were good, some not so much. I bought my 2013 F-150 XLT Crew Cab Eco Boost 4x4 in October 2013. It is now late February 2015. The truck as been amazing. Power is incredible. Reliability is second to none. I have just shy of 25k on it, and it has been dealer maintained. The only drawbacks (my opinion) are 1. The driver seat - Wish it was more comfortable. 2. Steering wheel - Why not telescoping? Besides that, it is amazing. If I give it too much gas below 25 mph, tires burn out (early lesson learned). Fuel economy in pure city around 17mpg. Interstate long trips, 20/21mpg. Way more inside room (especially backseat leg room) than wife's

  • Buy a Tundra or RAM - 2013 Ford F-150
    By -

    My wife and I really like our Fusion and so I thought I give the F-150 a chance. I liked the way it drove and some of the options and decided to buy it. After my first two months of ownership, I've had one recall, a driveshaft vibration and the gas gauge is all over the place. The Ford's suspension absorbs bumps better than my old Tundra but the Ford tranny hunts more often than the bulletproof Tundra driveline and the 5.0L is no match for Toyota's 5.7L. It's these initial quality issues with Ford that drive buyers crazy. Ford's F-150 division still doesn't get the importance of initial quality. I'm forced to suck it up and keep this truck for a few years until I can buy another Tundra!

  • '13 XLT SuperCrew, 5.6' Bed, 3.5L turbo Ecoboost, OUTSTANDING - 2013 Ford F-150
    By -

    '13 XLT SuperCrew, 5.6' short bed, 3.5L Ecoboost, 3.55 axle, tow package (not Max Tow), 2WD Purchased new 3/13. 40k miles in 19 months. 18.6 Total mpg so far, including over 10K miles towing a trailer. 24.4 mpg Hwy 17-19 mpg City 16 mpg Towing 6x14 enclosed trailer with GCVW of 9,800# (From GA to and through CO and back, twice, 9000 miles), 12.5 mpg Towing 27' RV toy hauler camper GCVW of 12,900# Power is outstanding while towing. Lots of torque at low rpms, nice and quiet and comfy. Only repair was resurfacing front brake rotors. NO intercooler problems. I am on a 5K mile oil change interval with the Motorcraft Semi-Syn.

  • Ecoboost blues - 2013 Ford F-150
    By -

    Worst. Truck. Ever! I'm on my SECOND, Ford bought back my first F150 because of issues with the engine "misfire" and "stumble" They can't fix these things! Mine has had numerous updates, reflashes, parts changed, and yet it still suffers from hesitations. I'm also having problems with Sync, the A/C, and recently a driveline vibration and pulling to the right. Top it off with poor fuel economy nowhere near what Ford advertises! The final straw was results from a oil analysis, Other Ecoboost owners are having very high fuel dilution in their oil, mine is no different. I doubt these engines will live much past 100,000 miles.

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