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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2011 the Ford F-150 gets an all-new, all-powerful engine lineup, effectively addressing the one main weakness in this best-selling pickup. There's also a new Lariat Limited trim level, revised feature availability and the adoption of electric-assist power steering. The SVT Raptor variant is now available as a crew cab.

  • Refined and quiet ride
  • Handsome and functional cabin
  • Available special-edition models.
  • Powerful and efficient engine lineup
  • Useful tailgate step
  • Innovative electronics features
  • Extended cab's less convenient clamshell rear doors.

User Reviews:

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  • Perfection for Ford - 2011 Ford F-150
    By -

    I just pray my next truck is as good as this one has been for the past 5 years. I never had a vehicle that did not need constant maintenance trips to the dealership. I hate to trade it in but....

  • F150 wanna buy mine? - 2011 Ford F-150
    By -

    19 feet long , very wide, electric power steering takes getting use to. Everything in the cab is with-in easy reach. I didn't opt for the electronics, sync, nav, etc. I don't see the point, in a car. If you need stuff hauled this is the beast. Need to plow, get an F 350 or F 250, with 4wd.

  • Disappointed, Nightmare - 2011 Ford F-150
    By -

    I have a 2011 F-150 3.5 twin turbo Eco Boost, I bought it with 50,000 miles from Bob Maxey Ford dealer in Detroit Michigan in 2013. It cost $29,000 I thought I had something. It road good for the first 6 month. I mad sure I kept my oil change because my brother have the same vehicle and had problems with his Timing chain which was costly. In November of 2015 my Truck stopped and would not run in the middle of Southfield Rd, Southfield MI, so I had it towed to Avis Ford. They wanted $1945.00 to diagnosis the engine because they could not till me what was wrong from the initial survey. I called Ford customer service because my warranty was over after 60,000 mile. I only had a little over 100,000 mile on this Built Ford Tough Truck. Ms. Jane stated that Ford would have nothing to do with the tear down of this truck and they may help me if I took it to a ford dealership. I went to the Veteran Administration for monetary help, and tried to qualify for their trust funds, they recommended several auto shop but I did not qualify. They said that I could afford to pay for my repairs. I has this truck towed to AAMCO They gave me a good price of $2388.00 for labor and parts, there is a Technical Service Bulletin on the Truck TSB1 and TSB2. Ford is very aware of the problems with the Timing Chain on this make an model of this truck. AAMCO repaired the timing chain issue and did a pressure test only to find that the pressure on cylinder 2 3 6 was 65 70 70 and should be 130 in order to be in spec. Now the head has to be sent to a shop for repair and the 4 valves per cylinder replaced. at least another $1500.00. I am hurt. paying on a Ford truck that broken down on me and my 13 year old son and I must still pay the truck note. I am communicating with Ford customer services but will not receive and help because it is not a Ford dealership. I am pissed because Ford Motor Company knows about this timing chain issue, they have a TSB explaining this issue, and this may cost me $4000.00 that I don't have. Built Ford Tough!!!!

  • F 150 super truck - 2011 Ford F-150
    By -

    The first truck I have ever owned that rides like a luxury car.

  • Ford F-150 Supercrew review - 2011 Ford F-150
    By -

    The Ford F-150 is one of the most popular cars or trucks out on the road in the past few years. I was lucky enough to purchase one a few years ago. I am a proud owner of the Ford F-150 Super Crew. The Ford F-150 Super Crew is one of the best trucks I have ever had the chance to drive. The pure size of the truck makes it that much better to haul equipment or even supplies for the job that you are working on. It can hold a lot of equipment for any sport you want to play. When choosing a truck you always need to look at the durability. With the F-150 and its Steel frame it’s durability is top of the class in regards to trucks. Since purchasing this truck in 2011 we have had no issues with it. The only thing we have brought it in for was for its regular oil change. We have a cabin in the North Woods of Michigan and it takes a beating up there but has never failed on us or had anything break because of it. There are many uses for the Ford F-150. I mainly use it for moving around college and hauling my dirt bikes and ATV’s around when trying to find places to ride. My dad, his two brothers, and their uncle use it for hunting when I am not using it. It has done wonders for their hunting trips being able to carry all the decoys and guns that they have when they go. All five of them fit comfortably in the truck and they are all over 6’2”. When hauling a trailer behind it, it feels like there is nothing back there. When looking at the truck one of the bad things about it would be that the fake chrome on the handles is starting to peel off so it looks cheap when it does. Another would be the cost to fill up the massive 32-gallon tank. Some of the pros are that it is the most reliable truck/car I have ever owned. In conclusion the Ford F-150 would get 5/5 stars in my book. For the beating that my family and myself has put it through it has yet to have anything happen to it, which is exactly, what you want in a truck.

  • 2011 ECOJUNK - 2011 Ford F-150
    By -

    1. Don't buy this truck. 2. The motor has issues and Ford does not know how to fix them. I have had mine in the shop at least 5 times for the same issues since the week I bought it. 3. The gas mileage estimates are not even close. If I drive 65 on a flat highway, I may get 17.5 MPG. On average, my truck get's 14.9 MPG. 4. The suspension is garbage and Ford does not know how to fix it. I was literally given a can of WD40 by the Ford Service Writer as the solution to the constant squeaking. He said just keep spraying the WD40 on the bushings to stop the noise. I sprayed daily for a week and no improvement. My neighbors think I drive a 60 year old truck.

  • Worst Purchase of my Adult Life - 2011 Ford F-150
    By -

    Coming from a Toyota/Honda - you WILL be disappointed in a Ford. Sure, it has more gadgets, flashy interior, updated styling, etc.. but the maintenance and expensive repairs will eat you alive. Compare either at 100K miles and the difference is clear. The Good: Big fuel tank, means less stops. Interior is nice, Color (Mine is Blue) is really nice. Big back seat area. Also, I was able to get 21-22mpg out of mine during road trips. The Mediocre: Handling and Suspension is just meh. Lackluster is the word. Also, the traction control is a joke compared to my old 2013 Tundra. In 2wd, I was getting stuck in the exact same places that my Tundra would just crawl through without any wheel spin. The Ford would dig a hole and then cut engine power. The 5.0 Engine seems weak for the size of the truck, it does the job, but struggles with a small trailer or load in the bed. The Bad: At 86K miles, this truck needs MAJOR work. It's sad. Rear main seal is leaking enough to leave spots in the driveway. Steering Rack needs replaced due to the "Service Advance Trac" light that is coming on almost daily, which leaves a dead spot in the steering and cuts off the turn signals as well. These are issues that most trucks had covered under the factory warranty, so known issues, but these issues didn't pop up until later. The driveline has a gnarly clunk when leaving from a light or during heavy acceleration. Was told it needed a new driveshaft and slip yoke. Power Steering lines are starting to leak around the fittings. Why this truck is a total turd: For the money, this thing just cant compete with a Tundra. I can get a 2015 Tundra Limited with many more features, a bullet proof driveline, and better warranty and service. The local ford dealer is kind enough, but acknowledge that these issues are known in these trucks, but can't do anything for us. Toyota has always taken care of it's customers, many times well after warranty if it's a known issue. Not finding that kind of support from Ford unfortunately. Resale - ugh... I'm looking at losing 6.5K in just 1/2 a year, in order to avoid all these costly repairs (totalling nearly 5K in just 6 months) from trade-in value. However, given that I simply don't have faith in either the Manufacturer or the product, it's a loss worth taking to get away from this vehicle.

  • Own up to your problems Ford or we won't own You! - 2011 Ford F-150
    By -

    Do Not buy a Ford Ecoboost. My husband & I bought a 2011 Ford F150 Ecoboost we loved it so fun to drive, but 70k miles in we started having engine issues. Took it in to the dealer for them to tell me the timing chain was shot and it was a $4k fix with no guarantee that it would fix the problem. A quick google search of this vehicle and I was shocked to see we were not the only one with this same exact issue. There are YouTube videos and forums galore about this engine issue and No recalls from Ford. We got rid of it yesterday before it left us broke and on the side of the road. I won't be returning to a Ford anytime soon after that bad taste in my mouth.

  • Air conditioning problem! - 2011 Ford F-150
    By -

    I purchased the 4x4 with Eco Boost, and its been a great truck. I get many compliments on the look, the royal blue color, and the chrome (plastic) grill. It has 40,000 miles, and just recently I experienced a problem with the air conditioning. When I turn it on, it starts rattling and making a lot of noise. I have to turn it off then back on again several times before it stops. One other minor complaint is when I wash it, drive off, and roll down the windows while it is still wet, a lot of water comes inside. I wish it had those lips above the windows to catch and divert the water running off, like in the older models. It is very likely I will purchase another one in the future.

  • Mediocre - 2011 Ford F-150
    By -

    I bought the 2011 XLT 4x4 ecoboost supercrew as I needed a larger truck for kiddos. Having driven a Tacoma, that I LOVED, for 13 years, the Ford was going to have to win me over. The acceleration was strong, and the tech features on the inside were pretty good, but that's where the positives ceased. The looks were bland. As others mentioned, the fuel economy was well below advertised - 14.5mpg in mixed driving in the winter. The turbo would flutter on and off under very light acceleration. I didn't want to be holding the bag when it fell apart so I sold it. I come from a Ford family, but if this is what the best selling truck is. No thanks. I'm driving another Tacoma(4D), and love it.

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