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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2016 Ford Explorer gets revised exterior styling, a new engine option, updated safety features and a new top-end trim level.

  • Abundant high-tech features
  • Upscale cabin
  • Expected improvement in fuel economy from new turbo engine.
  • Less cargo room than many rivals
  • Third row only seats two passengers.
  • Current model feels big behind the wheel

User Reviews:

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  • Road Trip - 2016 Ford Explorer
    By -

    Lots of tech stuff to learn. Good road trip car. Would prefer a larger gas tank. turbo 6 cylinder the way to go for performance and still get acceptable gas milage.

  • Excellent Sport! - 2016 Ford Explorer
    By -

    Great buy! Comfy, stylish, great ride, get one.

  • The Thrill of Driving an Explorer Sport - 2016 Ford Explorer
    By -

    Wow, I love this car and I love working with my Ford dealership, Jim Burke Ford and Nicole Martinez, who helped me decide on the Sport over the rest of the Explorer lineup. This vehicle has passion for the road, even when there is no road because of the full time AWD and the off road settings, and it is better appointed than my previous Mercedes S class, and the cost of ownership is much lower. The Mercedes tuneup runs in the mid $450 range, the Explorer is $39.95 for its services and it is a lot more fun to drive. I tried out the Land Rover and the Lexus, but none of them have the styling and features this vehicle has, and the others are much more to maintain, and frankly, they are ugly in comparison to the new lines of my 2016.

  • Great family SUV....Horrible My Ford Touch system! - 2016 Ford Explorer
    By -

    We love everything about our Explorer Sport with the exception of the My Ford Touch Sync System. We originally gone one in Jan of 2016. Two weeks into having it, the the My Ford Touch system stopped working. We couldn't get the audio feature to turn on, including with pushing the power on/off button on the system. We calling the service dept, they had no idea what I was talking about and basically thought I was stupid because I didn't know how to turn the radio on. We needed to do three master resets of the My Ford Touch Sync System before it started working again. NOTE: when it's not working, voice recognition also doesn't work. Two weeks later it happened again. The audio feature generally turns on automatically. If you had the system turned off, you would just hit the power on/off button and the radio, bluetooth, etc would start playing. When it's acting up, nothing works and no buttons help except for doing the master reset multiple times. We brought it back to the dealership where we purchased it and they said they've never seen this happen. Ultimately they gave us a new Explorer replacement. We've just hit approx 850 miles and now this new Explorer is also experiencing the same exact My Ford Touch Sync System issues....sooooo frustrating. The next time it happens, I'm going to bring it back to the dealership while it's malfunctioning so that they can see the problem and hopefully find a resolution as I don't want to swap this one out again. VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH MY FORD TOUCH!!!

  • Exploring with the new Explorer - 2016 Ford Explorer
    By -

    Nice ride for a truck. Feels very comfortable and safe. Handles well. Took it to the snow and had no problems with the traction. Not happy with the location of the drink holder in the back seat. Easy to step on. Great navigation and wifi hook up. Good storage space and easy to navigate the seats. Good mileage for the size and weight, not happy with the size of the gas tank. The tank is too small.

  • Front Driver seat very Uncomfortable - 2016 Ford Explorer
    By -

    First Be ready to re-place the Throttle body Air intake Bet - 9,000- 13,000 mile mine went out in the middle of traffic at 10,000 mile I've read that several other owners parts went out also on the 2016 Explorer. I've had 6 other explorers over the years and my wife has had 3 and the driver seat on the 2016 is the most uncomfortable that we have every had, beside that we love the explorer .

  • almost had it!! - 2016 Ford Explorer
    By -

    just turned 1000 miles on 16 platinum btw I am a died in the wool ford customer !! this is my wifes new car wanted luxury and this is close acceleration,ride and handling are great seating comfort not so good leather is hard and seats are too short testing beforehand would have prevented this problem should have had more wood trim and platinum badging on the interior no storeage on the dash for any carryalong stuff. side pockets useless middle console inadequate leather on front bucket seat already wrinkling up overall a fun car to drive but shouldnt be bought as a luxury car but as a nice ford sport utility

  • My Back Hurts - 2016 Ford Explorer
    By -

    The "drivers seat is a nightmare" compared to sitting in my 2010 model. It is comparable to sitting on a wooden box and I am uncomfortable even on short drives. The adjustments do not help. The seat cushion is about 6 inches to short which leaves my legs in the air and puts pressure on my back. I feel discomfort almost immediately. What a shame that somebody thought it was a good idea to ruin the excitement of having a new car. I don't even care about the other options. I can't get past how uncomfortable it is. What a mistake.

  • $50k SUV worth $35K - 2016 Ford Explorer
    By -

    So the truck is 4 months old with 5700 miles. 2 weeks ago I took it for a long road trip up to Michigan's UP, I was actually pretty happy with the truck's performance and overall comfort of passengers and cargo space. However, there are a few things that are popping up and are annoying me. MPG is low but then again I didn't expect it to be great ( it is a big and heavy vehicle) I average 18MPG in combine driving and 21 on the HWY. Not too bad considering Chicago's traffic and me driving a bit on an aggressive side. Interior driver's side floor sill trim is coming loose at the corner. Leather steering wheel starts to peel at the top which is crazy considering the car is only 4 months old. Looks as others had similar complaints. SYNC crashed 3 times ( other then that it really isn't all that bad as people complained about) Front seats suck.... they are too narrow and with stupid bolster so close it digs into my leg driving me crazy. I'm 5'11 about 190lbs. At the end of the day $50k paid for something that really looks as it belongs on $35k cars. Wanted to go back to FORD but now I'm starting to regret it.

  • 2016 Ford Explorer Sport - 2016 Ford Explorer
    By -

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