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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2015 Ford Explorer gets a new Appearance package for the XLT trim, as well as some minor changes to standard and optional equipment.

  • Abundant high-tech features
  • Fuel-efficient turbocharged four-cylinder engine
  • Comfortable ride
  • Upscale cabin
  • Strong turbocharged V6.
  • Less rear-seat and cargo room than many rivals
  • Feels bigger than it is behind the wheel.

User Reviews:

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  • #explorergang - 2015 Ford Explorer
    By -

    I love my explorer! I love everything about it. It is definitely built Ford tough. The materials are superb and of good quality. The interior has a classy look to it and the seats are ridiculously comfortable. I do wish the entertainment screen was a big more interactive and big. Otherwise its the perfect car. Has lots of cargo/trunk space which is a bonus because I have young ones and need to carry a stroller and other goodies.

  • I'm LOVEN-IT - 2015 Ford Explorer
    By -

    It's a great car the ride is smooth comforable

  • Who Says it's an average SUV - 2015 Ford Explorer
    By -

    The Ford Explorer get mediocre ratings only because it's a domestic SUV and didn't cost us $75K to drive off the lot. It looks and acts like a Range Rover and the upgrade kit we ordered was worth the leather seating. I love the ride it's comfortable and the interior is quiet. The steering is extremely sensitive and braking is perfect. My only regret was not getting the supercharged version, otherwise this SUV competes with the more expensive models and frankly it's worth every penny. Buy one and no I don't work for Ford I traded my Chevy Blazer for the Explorer and have not regretted it.

  • Low Quality, Unreliable, get a Toyota - 2015 Ford Explorer
    By -

    2015 Explorer, 9K miles and been in dealer service five times for warranty issues. Aircoditioning out of service last visit!!!!!! Very cheap build and finish out, rattles, viberates and squeaks.....very irritating while driving or riding in vehicle. Leather seats are ok, ride is good, handling is spongy, V6 power is adequate, but sluggish. This will be the last FORD product I'll ever purchase due to cheap build and quality.

  • Unusable Parking Brake - 2015 Ford Explorer
    By -

    Bought a 2015 Ford Explorer for my wife. She is small 4'-10" age mid-fifties so we got the Limited model for its adjustable brake and gas pedals. Problem is the parking brake is so hard to push she cannot set it with her left foot. She pushed the brake so hard to set with her right foot that it has made her right knee sore. Local Ford dealer says he cannot fix the problem because the brake would not hold if it were made easier to push. I find it hard to believe that Ford engineers are so incompetent they cannot design a parking brake that is usable by a small lady. Local service manage says just do not use the parking brake. I wonder if he cleared that advice with the national highway safety Board?

  • ownership 2015 Ford Explorer - 2015 Ford Explorer
    By -

    I purchased new, a 2015 Ford Explorer Limited. This is my 18th Ford Vehicle, my second Ford SUV. Ford's just keep getting better. I'm a 6'4 male driver, and have no complaints with this SUV. Entry and exit is roomy and once inside, seat belted in, I'm very comfortable in the leather, air and heated individual seats with great visibility in front, side, and rear windows. Driving position is comfortable and all the limited features are very nice. Climate control, adjustable seat, steering wheel, foot pedals, window controls and center console covered storage bin are well placed and well thought of. The driver position of all controls can be set to three other drivers without having to readjust driver positions from one person to another person. When the engine is shut-off, the drivers seat automatically retracts for easier exiting. The voice activated controls is well received for driver control. The radius monitoring keeps a watch full "eye" of objects surrounding the vehicle. The adaptive cruise control keeps Explorer at a safe set distance between the other vehicle in front. Also, the cross traffic collision avoidance system is a great aid. Entertainment system with either stereo or surround sound is so appreciative of those that enjoy listening to music as music was intended to be heard. Surround sound is the way to go using the benefits of the 12 speakers placed strategy through-out the vehicle. The driver alertness monitoring signal sets off a tone to advise the driver to pull off and take a break when it detects less driver alertness. The new 2015 Ford Explorer is a well defined vehicle for driver and passenger enjoyment. The engineers at Ford have put the driver and safety to the top of the "list" of ownership and drivability of the 2015 family member of Ford. I forgot to mention how quiet the interior is on all types of road pavements. And the automatic windshield wipers adjusting to the amount of wetness and vehicle speed is also a great plus along with the automatic headlight dimming from high beam to low, then back to high beam. Thank-you Ford!!

  • What a ride! - 2015 Ford Explorer
    By -

    Bought this to replace 2012 Chrysler 300. Needed more room on road trips. The ride is excellent and as good as the Chrysler 300 which was great. Drove through driving rain on recent trip and this SUV was solid and no wind buffeting when you pass Tractor Trailers! For a mid size SUV, the ride and lack of wind noise is excellent. The Sync system works great and the Ac configuration is well thought out. The ac will freeze you out. I also own a 2002 Ford a Explorer which still runs great! The 2015 Explorer is a great SUV and will not disappoint you!

  • A very good SUV - 2015 Ford Explorer
    By -

    Traded my 2006 Trailblazer SS V8 for a 2015 Sport twin turbo V6. Both have equivalent 0-60 times. The twin turbo is refined in normal driving but pulls strong when you put the pedal to the metal. With 1400 miles and 18.6 combined MPG, it's averaging about 3-4 mpg better than the SS. I like the engine but wish the exhaust was more throaty, like the Mustang. I also wish it had a digital speedo incorporated into the analog gauge. I find a digital speedo easier to read. A heads-up display would also be nice. I was pleasantly surprised to find adaptive cruise control to be a very useful feature, as well as blind spot monitoring. Sony audio system is very good. Great interior and amenities.

  • So far so good. - 2015 Ford Explorer
    By -

    I have had this one for almost two months. The variable transmission lags for a second, but hold that steering wheel! The front wheel torque is decent. I love the power seat. Costs nearly an arm and a leg but.. meh. Nice and zippy but a little wide for a midsize. Interior design is fine. Nothing flashy, rugged, and not an eyesore. I love the look on the outside but I wish I could have gotten the appearance package. Feels solid. And of course I haven't had any issues seeing as how it only has 1700 miles on it. I use this for camping and hauling my dirtbike mainly. Gas mileage isn't great in the city, but that 6th gear really helps on the highway. It works for me!

  • Love my new car! - 2015 Ford Explorer
    By -

    I just traded in a 2010 Ford Expedition EL for a Explorer Sport. I loved my Expedition, but don't really need all the room. I am short and it was starting to really bother my knees and ankles getting in and out of it. So we traded it in and boy am I glad! I am loving the Explorer Sport. It drives like a dream. Very smooth and handles well. The ecoboost is fantastic. Very good gas mileage so far and the interior is very nice. I was worried I wouldn't like a smaller car but it feels big inside and I am very pleased with our purchase.

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