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  • 2008 Expediton EL Was Better - 2016 Ford Expedition
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    I've owned Fords from my first car. V-8 was Ford in my opinion. We moved up from a 2008 Expedition EL 5.4 V-8 with 130K miles, that was averaging 17.4 MPG. Despite the hype the EcoBoost is given regarding fuel economy, I've got just short of 8K logged on this vehicle. Driving down hill with a tail wind in neutral I'm averaging 16.2 MPG. Not what I expected. We are over 70 and have long past the "Roger Racer" phase of lead footing. Ford should have kept the 5.4 V-8 in this vehicle, put twin turbo's on it, then they would have had something to brag about. Or at least offered the 5.4 as an option. Secondly having to scroll through computer displays to find various gauges is annoying especially while driving. We looked at the GMC counter part and regret not purchasing that unit. V-8, better MPG, and gauges to look at. Radio reception on Serius keeps loosing connection as does Blue Tooth from my MPS iPhone. We have reset Serius once and hasn't improved the issues. Most Noticeably the problems occur when we are near cell towers it seems. This didn't happen with the 2008 and Serius.

  • Thinking about a new Expy? - 2016 Ford Expedition
    By -

    I replaced my 99 when it had 233k miles. It served us well, but it was time. I recommend you rent each car you are looking at. A day should be enough. Make sure you drive on the highway. I was almost sold on a Durango until I drove it on the highway in a cross wind. The newer Ford technology, independent rear, etc. is all good. Comfort is excellent. Gas mileage is 50% improved. Sometimes there is a little turbo-lag but when it sets in, it boogies pretty fast; much faster than the v8 (yes, believe it or not). Plenty of power. The voice recognition is pretty darn good. Making calls by voice command is pretty easy. The nav responds very fast & it's good. There is only 1 fairly major and unexpected complaint; wind noise. My 99 had this 16 beat. Once you pass 45mph, air entering the compartment or if there is a/c or heat on, pressurizes the cabin and pushes the driver and passenger doors out at the top. The end result is wind noise, and it's significant because otherwise this vehicle is like a quiet living room on 4 wheels. My 99 had weatherstrip on both the frame and the door. The 16 only has it on the frame. I am sure that is a factor. I made sure to get the XLT because the power floorboards are clearly a mistake that has gone on far beyond being recognized as such. The steering ratio is clearly different than my 99. It takes a little more turning to aim where you want to go, but you get used to it easily. The tilt-tele works well, but the wheel should go lower. It stops mechanically while still on quite an angle. My Chrysler 300 goes lower and that makes driving more comfortable. Dashboard visibility is excellent. The seats are not quite as comfortable as those in my 99, but I think that is because of all the mechanisms inside this one. Powerfold seats and mirrors get my vote. 4x2, 4awd, 4x4hl all shift well, quietly and solidly. Brakes are good but pumping them a bit makes them great. In rush hour stop and go, you need great brakes. Shifting and orchestration of lockout clutch are excellent. Control of gears is intuitive. Limit of up-shift can be set by buttons on shifter. Heat and cool operations work very, very well and I did notice that the reaction time of the system to respond to a change in the temperature setting is the fastest I've ever seen. Very responsive and cabin temps were very good; no swings beyond the high or low temperature thresholds for comfort. It zeroes-in on the temp you set very nicely. I did notice that water lodged on the roof after a rain and it was a significant amount. This is surprising because my driveway is sloped down, but each time after a rain, when I would back up or come to a stop, down came the river. The 99 didn't do that. So far, build quality is good and solid. Starts easily and idles quietly. Remote start enables the hvac to make if comfortable when I get in. I like that. The turn signal and warning/status chimes are a pleasing tone. Moonroof is solid, no rattles (unlike panoramic sunroofs - rattleboxes; stay away from those) The mechanism works nicely. Back side vent windows work nicely too. Entertainment system is pretty darn good, but lacks an SD card slot, which makes no sense in this day and age (I don't want to load my phone up with music). The wireless system works to contact passing open public wi-fi, but updates require that you permit it to blindly contact Ford for I/O. I can understand that it may need to download updates, etc., but there is a definite privacy issue. What other information goes back to Ford? Driving habits? Locations? Phone lists? Who knows??? I just left updates disabled for now. 110volt ac outlet was not sought after but turns out to be a nice feature which I used to charge a video camera battery on the way to my daughter's softball game. The addition of a driver's side grab handle seems like an obstruction at first but soon yields to function. It's great when standing in the doorway to get something on the roof or to clean the roof (and moonroof glass). Expect that many of the surfaces on the new one are squared-off whereas the older ones were rounded-out. There is no cargo net in these and no fasteners if you wanted to add one. My 99 had a nice net which worked great when carrying things that you don't want to roll around. The backup camera is excellent; day and night. The warning system is a bit nervous, but once you get used to it, it will help. Between the two, I can park the battleship within 4" of the curb, go back and forth and never touch a car ahead or behind. All in all, I'm happy but the wind noise thing really bugs me. There isn't any reason for that noise to be present in a vehicle like this. If you're coming from a trusted old Expy, you will like this but expect some changes; many, many good... some that are good but take time to adjust to, and a couple that are not so good. Overall, it's the kind of vehicle that you look forward to driving.

  • My new ford Expedition Platinum Series - 2016 Ford Expedition
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    Only owned this vehicle for 3 days....I rated as I see it. The new sync 3 at first glance seems very easy compared to the My ford touch, however very disappointed in the navigation. The music will not stop playing when navigation signals are given. Very disturbing and confusing if your relying on the navigation. Dealer was only able to set for navigation voice to be louder then the music, however listening to the music while driving and using navigation gives a very muffled sound for music. The only fix for this is DO not listen to music if you are needing the navigation signal.....(very sad) With this I had to give both navigation and entertainment a very low score. Actually like the My ford touch better. My second disappointment is they list cross traffic allert, but that is only for the back. No crash alert available for the front like in the Ford Edge(which I did own for almost 6 years.) I gave the purchase price a low score as instead of purchasing a new vehicle like I expected the vehicle had 488 miles on it, which the dealer did not give anything for the mile usage.....could say its my fault as I did not question the mileage at purchase time. Instead of ordering the vehicle the dealer just called and said they found one with the specks. I requested. So if this happens make sure you ask the milage of the one they found. As far as cargo space there is plenty, however really no place to store jumper cables, 1st aid kits, etc. I just had to put everything in a bag and let it sit in cargo space. Hope this helps if your looking to buy the new 2016 Ford Expedition in the platinum series.

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