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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2011, the Ford Expedition gains a new entry-level XL model and loses the long-running Eddie Bauer edition. The available rear-seat video system gets dual headrest-mounted screens, and models equipped with the hands-free Sync system get a complimentary three-year subscription to the new Traffic, Directions and Information service.

  • High towing capacity
  • Rides and handles better than you'd expect
  • Flexible interior with easy-to-fold rear seats.
  • Roomy third-row seat
  • Some low-quality interior plastics look cheap.
  • V8 engine feels overworked under heavy loads
  • Too many buttons make some controls confusing

User Reviews:

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  • Good car, but if you can buy a Navigator or go GM - 2011 Ford Expedition
    By -

    I bought my Expedition with high hopes, big engine, nice looks, and some high-end equipment, and for $56,000 I couldn't beat it. After dealing with the tedious process of negotiating I left the lot with my new car. Emidiatly I noticed that the steering felt quiet numb, I mean it's a truck, I didn't expect sporty, but I was hoping for some feel. My other major dislike about this car is that the interior quality isn't the greatest, uneven gaps, poor materials, and hard surfaces, some thing I wasn't expecting for almost 60k. Overal, I've put almost 90,000 miles on my Expedition, and the resale is looking good, and it still feels put together. If your in the market for a full-size SUV, I say look at it, but much more recommend the Lincoln Navigator, GMC Youkon, or the Chevy Tahoe or Suburban.

  • Awesome SUV built to handle the worst - 2011 Ford Expedition
    By -

    I bought the vehicle new and it now has 84000 miles on it after 26 months. I use it daily on construction sites and as a family vehicle. This vehicle sees extreme duty on the job site. There are days that I come home covered in mud and the engine has not shut off since I got in it that morning. No rattles, no creaks, no loose parts, no engine issues, tires never need alignment, getting about 65000 miles per set of tires and it handles great. If you are looking for a full size SUV give the Expedition a shot. I used to have a Tahoe and older Sequoia and the Expy is my favorite of the three.

  • Great Family Car - 2011 Ford Expedition
    By -

    I bought a 2011 Expedition in 2012. Searched for long time and found one that had been dealer car, got it with 13,500 miles for 13,000 dollars off new price. Front bucket cloth seats are the most comfortable I have ever had. Makes long trips with the family and short trips a pleasure. It handles extremly well and has plenty of power in town and on highway. It has enough power and handling for man, and makes women feel secure and riding higher than other cars. All 8 seats will fit average size adults very comfortably. With the third row down it seats 5 with HUGE cargo space. I do not often write reviews, but had to this time because this is one of, if not the best SUV I have ever owned.

  • Impressed! - 2011 Ford Expedition
    By -

    Thought I would never buy a Ford again but buying a travel trailer and needing the perfect tow vehicle made me check out the Expedition. Am I glad I did. Roomy, comfortable, great features, good ride, and drives like a big, solid hunk of metal on all road surfaces. Stable in wind, good on wet surfaces and in the mountains. Get the 3.73 rear end if you want to tow and get better acceleration with no mpg penalty. The nav system is quite good as is the sound system and flexibility of options. So far, I could not be more pleased. Oh yeah, folding power 3rd seat makes for easy loading and extra passenger space. Perfect tow vehicle.

  • 2nd Expedition - 2011 Ford Expedition
    By -

    Our 2001 Expedition bought new was such a difference from having all pickup trucks and lasted us 139,000 miles and was GREAT. This 2011 model is far and away a diffferent animal stronger, way more powerful and quiet combined some features of the old Eddie Bauer. We added and K&N air filter. The truck now has 9,000 miles on it, gets 15.5 around town and from our home in Vegas to Phoenix netted 22 MPG! Trailer towing...the 6-speed gets you going faster in 1-2-3, 4th gear is about the same and it seems to like 5th for towing 65 MPH nets 2,200 RPM's. Mileage is 10.5 overall, besting the 2001 truck by 1.5 MPG. DO NOT TOW with SRC engaged! In crosswinds it does strange things.

  • 2011 King Ranch EL ... 3rd Expy this year (2017) - 2011 Ford Expedition
    By -

    Purchasing a vehicle, any vehicle, involves the evaluation of a number of trade offs. An Expedition El is a very large vehicle, over 6000 lbs. Such a large vehicle brings a lot of benefits: room to carry 8, plus luggage with room to spare, the advantage of a truck frame, substantial towing capacity, carry stacks of 4x8 sheets completely in the interior and real 4WD. Of course a vehicle this large also carries a number of disadvantages, the gas mileage will never compare with a Prius, parking can be a challenge in tight quarters, and it will never handle like a Porsche. The real issue for a car buyer is what parameters are most important to you. Our 2011 King Ranch EL Expedition is our 3rd Expy (this year!), so Ford must have got something right in the Expedition. Our earlier 2005 (Eddie Bauer) went to our daughter, whose hubby enjoyed the 4WD which worked wonderfully in Sequoia National Park in a Christmas snow storm ... think 12" of snowfall and very steep grades at high altitude. We replaced the 2005 with a 2007 Eddie Bauer EL (purchased with 110K miles) and got 18.1 mpg driving from Monterey, Ca, back to the SF Bay Area. Unfortunately, our son thought so highly of the 2007 when we got it home, that he convinced us to sell it to him and do another upgrade ... which bring us to the 2011 King Ranch EL. the 2011 was purchased from AutoNation Katy in Texas and driven back to California. Best mileage thus far is 18.4 mpg, driving from Danville, Ca, to Palo Alto, Ca, as a commute vehicle, mainly freeway driving, which I'm fairly pleased with. Things I like about the 2011: (1) It's a big vehicle, other vehicles tend to stay away from me while on the freeway, (2) The ride is really comfortable on the SF Bay Area's pot holed freeways ... much better than my Mercedes E320, (3) Gas mileage is not great but it's not too bad. The cautionary tale here is: it's a 6000+ lb vehicle, engine has plenty of low rpm torque, abuse the gas pedal and your gas mileage will suffer, (4) 6 speed transmission has been very smooth, 65 mph at only 1700 rpm, (5) It's real quiet (6) No surprise here, the interior is really roomy with more leg room and comfortable 3rd row seats than a Chevy Suburban / GMC Yukon XL. We rented a 2017 GMC Yukon XL in Hawaii to accommodate 6 adults + 1 toddler, and neither son nor son-in-law (6'+) wanted to sit in the third row. Not an issue in the 2011 KR EL Expy, (7) Plenty of towing capacity for us, handles a 6 x 12 utility trailer like it's not there. (8) 4WD comes in handy when you unexpectedly need it (picking up 15 cubic yards of soil from a neighbor's muddy & slippery field), (9) For such a large vehicle, visibility is really excellent, due in part of the large windows. The GMC Yukon XL with its narrower windows comes in a poor second in visibility. Here are some of the things which are less positive: (1) It's been said before ... the interior of the 2011 looks dated and is plasticky. The looks weren't a big concern of mine, but I'll never rate the fit and finish of the interior as highly as my 2001 Mercedes E320. (2) Location of button to close rear hatch is poor (on inside of rear compartment). GMCs have their button located on the rear hatch and is more convenient. (3) Interior overhead lights are too dim, and there are no lights for the third row. In summary, we've enjoyed our three Expeditions as they've filled needs we considered important. In closing I would also say that the King Ranch interior is really nice with a better leather quality than in our earlier Eddie Bauers. And, we have the 2nd row Captains Chairs which ease getting into the third row. If there's someone who wants a lot of leg room, place him or her in the third row, middle seat. With no 2nd row seat in the middle, that individual can stretch out with almost 48" of leg room.

  • 2nd Best mom car! - 2011 Ford Expedition
    By -

    I am a Ford girl. My cars for the past 30+ years have been Ford SUV products with the exception of a Chevy Suburban, which did not last in our home long. My prior car to this was my favorite, the Ford Excursion. I went back to the Expedition as I had one before the Excursion. I have 3 very busy, active teens and college age kids. We are an outdoor family with horses and boats. The pulling capacity is definitely not that of the Excursion, but, it's not on the same frame, which is one of my biggest let downs. We pull 2 horses on long hauls and 3 on short and our boat with no issue. It is a smooth ride and I can get 12 - 14 mpg pulling. It holds 8 adults comfortably with easy in and out of the back seat and still has room in the rear cargo area. It is a King Ranch and has lots of extras, but, disappointed in the wear of the leather. As a horse person, the saddle leather interiors were a draw and I hoped for better wear on the seats. The blue tooth is not so hot, sounds like your in a wind tunnel to those on the other end. We bought it right after the Japan Tsunami, so we are without Navigation, it was not available, and our back up camera is not in the dash it is in the rear view mirror, still helpful, but, definitely not ideal. We have had no major engine or transmission issues and will be purchasing another, probably our last large SUV in the next year. It is a solid, reliable vehicle backed by a great company. You won't go wrong and probably will be back for another! Great job Ford, but, please bring us something a little heavier in the frame in an SUV! It will make pulling/towing a lot better and I won't have to fight my husband for his F250!

  • Great used truck for the money - 2011 Ford Expedition
    By -

    Great handling and smooth ride in town and on the road. All the features on this particular vehicle are great.

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